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Oh my god no, please no dont name 'us' fans. I mean in a way, we are fans of your art, but really we're all in one fandom together, in a kpop fandom. We're still normal people, not 'public' people like idols or youtubers lol. Having a 'name' as a follower would just make me feel really weird and kind of low? LOL like I said you're not a public person, neither am i, neither are any of us, we're all fans of a group doing art, gifs, fictions etc you know? :(

tbh it would make me feel kinda weird too zeijoiefj bc i really see everyone as my friend so idk

we can be a squad tho, man that would be nice

A Court of Hopes and Dreams - Chapter 20


Synopsis: Modern AU/AH. Feyre is conviced to attend the Prythian University by a beautiful stranger in a bar and now she has to deal with the aftermath of her decision. While hoping to find her escape from her previous life, she soon discovers there are worst things to face than her past. * Follow Feyre’s and ACOTAR series characters’ adventure through college. *

Main ship will be: Feysand (slowburn)

UPDATE: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5,  Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19 etc.

Chapter 20
“The One With The Nap Partners”

Wednesday Morning

“What happened?!!” Nesta asked panicked as she jumped off the couch, or more precisely as she jumped off Cassian’s body - where she had been lying. On top of him. Sleeping.

“Well, I don’t know!” Cassian replied, matching her tone, standing now in front of her - at a respectable distance, scratching his head while thinking of how they had ended up there.

They were on Rhys’ couch. And it was morning.

They were both full clothed - which was a good sign and the tv was on.

They had watched a movie with Azriel and Feyre last night and both of them left before it ended, which explained why no one was there.

“We fell asleep! That is all,” she said, desperate to brush it off as something normal, ordinary.

“Yeah. Yep. Yeah. All right, well uh, I’d better go,” Cassian mumbled flustered as he avoided looking directly at her. Reaction which he would never admit to anyone.

“I think that would be best.”

“Yeah. All right, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay, But not about this!” Nesta snapped, still a little disoriented.

“No! Never! Never! Bye,” Cassian stumbled over his words, extending his hand to shake hers.

Nesta raised both her arms and took a step back, defensively. “No touch! No touch!”

Cassian nodded energetically and rushed out the door.

“You leave town for the summer and find that you missed all the spicy stories.”

Feyre lifted her head in order to put a face to the voice that interrupted her reading during lunch break. The first thing that caught her attention was the writing on the flimsy t-shirt: I don’t repeat gossip, so listen carefully and Feyre knew immediately who she was dealing with. The t-shirt fell off her shoulder, this time she exchanged her usual hippy skirts for a simple pair of leggings but her usual bracelets dressed her hands. Her nails were a multitude of colors and the gleam in her eyes looked like it could set a whole house on fire. Suriel.

“So imagine my surprise when I find out that our sweet little freshmen dumped the High Lord of the Spring Court on his sorry ass and did it for none other than the High Lord of the Night Court. Things only get more spicy when I heard there was a proposal with a sad ending involved! Really Feyre, I’m offended I had to hear it all from other people. Friends tell each other these kind of things.”

“Ok, first off - I didn’t leave Tamlin for Rhys. Me and Rhys are just friends and speaking of friends, don’t take this the wrong way but we spoke like 4 times last year. I didn’t know we were friends…” Feyre replied, still a little puzzled by the interruption.

“Sweetie, have you ever seen my table at lunch break?” Suriel asked her.

“Ugh…I wasn’t aware you had a lunch break table,” Feyre cringed at her own ignorance.

“Exactly. I don’t. Because I don’t spend that much time with people in this place to have a gang. The only people I hang out with are my sisters and a couple of my cousins and the only people at PU I spent more time with than you are those with whom I share my classes, so not by choice. The fact that we spoke as much as we did, should have told you something..”

“I’m sorry?” Feyre still had no idea how she was supposed to approach Suriel, she seemed to be a walking enigma. As far as she knew, she was one of the most popular girls on campus, how she had no friends here, was a mystery in itself.

“You’re forgiven. Now, what do you mean you’re not with Rhysand?” Her new friend asked, clearly surprised by the admission.

“We’re just friends. He offered to help me and it was not like my doorway was filled with people willing to do that.”

“But you two are living together…”

“Yeah, well…giving my stupid role as a mascot for the NC basketball team he said I had housing right at the Night Court House.”

“Yeah, at NC House. That’s his own place you’re staying at.”

Feyre was about to open her mouth and contradict her when she realized Suriel was indeed right. She hadn’t even seen the Night Court House.

“We’re not together anyway.”

“I come bearing good news. Guess who transferred to Yale Law School for the semester?” Rhysand interrupted them, setting his trail down on their table.

“Tamlin, that’s old news lovebird number 2,” Suriel replied

“Wait what? Why didn’t I know about this?” Feyre asked at the same time as Rysand: “Lovebird number 2?”

“Yeah, well it’s obviously Feyre is number 1.”

“Rhysand, please tell her we’re not dating!” Feyre said exasperated.

He turned and looked at her with the most serious expression she had ever seen and there was even a trace of hurt in his violet eyes: “So we’re not telling people? Are you that ashamed of me?”

In response Feyre punched him in the arm. “I mean it, apparently everyone thinks so because I’m staying at your place.”

“We’re not together, Suriel. Feyre is just my sex slave and- Ouch!”

“Will you stop!”

“Me? You’re the one who keeps hurting me. What was that?” Rhysand asked, rubbing the side of his head.

“It was my phone.”

“Your phone?! You know, you need to stop throwing things at my head, first your heels now your phone? It’s turning into a strange obsession.”

“Well if you’d stop saying stupid stuff maybe I would refrain from retorting to violence,” Feyre shot back.

“So if not for Rhysand, why did you leave Tamlin?” Suriel interrupted their bickering.

“We grew apart. We didn’t want the same things anymore,” Feyre said and she had to admit, it was a very nice of putting it. Because they had clearly been seeing things differently lately and there was no way continuing their relationship would be healthy for either of them.

“Oh, look! It seems that the High Lords of the Spring Court keep the tradition of going after the new Archeron sister!” Suriel exclaimed, wishing to change the subject to something more entertaining.

Both Rhysand and Feyre turned towards the door, where Suriel’s eyes were glued to the two figures entering the canteen.

“What the-”

“Cass is going to lose another bet,” Rhysand laughed at the same time as Feyre swore as they watched Lucien Renard, the current High Lord of the Spring Court and Elain Archeron walking, together.

“They’re not dating!” Feyre said with vehemence.

“Maybe not yet but guess who found a sudden interest in Mrs. Weaver’s Botanic Class? After 3 full years of applied sciences?” Suriel asked with a feline smile.

“That doesn’t mean anything.”

Rhysand laughed, genuinely amused at Feyre’s retort. At her questioning gaze, he offered an explanation: “It’s Mrs Weaver. No one goes to her class unless they absolutely have to or if they have a crazy passion for the subject. I know people who dropped college just because they were forced to take her class. Lucien must really want to screw your sister..”

“Elain is not like that! She doesn’t do flings, she’s a serious-long-term-relationship kind of girl. And Lucien will rot in hell before I let him anywhere near my sister!”

“So I take it you didn’t mend your friendship?” Rhys asked before taking a fry from her plate.

“No, he didn’t even attempt to apologize. We talked like 2 times since my break up with Tamlin and both times he tried to convince me to get back with his best friend. I told him to fuck himself and he left me alone after that.” Feyre explained as she started dipping her fries into his bbq souse.

Suriel just shook her head as she watched the two of them fall into easy banter.

Nesta rushed into Cassian’s apartment after receiving a text that stated there was an emergency related to one of her sisters. She hadn’t lost time asking questions, realizing the most efficient thing to do would be to hurry down to his place.

She had never been in his apartment but didn’t have time to marvel at how clean and put together it looked because Cass said the last thing she wanted to hear from him.

“Uh hey, look uh Nesta, look. I think we need to talk about before,” Cassian stuttered, clearly a little embarrassed to be the one to bring up the subject.

“No! No, we don’t!” she replied, ready to dismiss his attempt at conversation once she realized it had been a fake emergency.

“Yes, we do! Now look, that was the best nap I ever had!!” he pleaded, forgetting all previous reasons to feel ashamed by his admission.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Nesta denied walking further into the living room.

“Come on! Admit it! That was the best nap you ever had!” Cass continued to push, following her around the apartment.

“I’ve had better,” she snapped, but they both knew she hadn’t meant it.

“Okay! When?”

“All right! All right! It was the best nap ever!” Nesta finally gave in, looking defeated.


“I’ve said it, okay? But it’s over, Cassian!” Nesta growled.

“I want to do it again.”

“We can’t do it again.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s weird!” She said exasperated.

“Fine! Do you want something to drink?” he asked, heading towards the kitchen.

“Sure what do you got?” Nesta agreed, happy that he decided to drop the subject.

“Warm milk and Excederin P.M.,” Cass said with an innocent face.

Nesta left.

“I’m going to fail and then I’m going to be forced to live in the woods. I’ll eat the wrong barriers because I was incapable of learning anything right about vegetation and then I’m going to die. I will die, Lucien!!” Elain screamed in exasperation, not caring that people started looking strangely at her in the bar.

If someone would have told her three days ago that she would casually hang out with Lucien in a bar called Calanmai, Elain would have laughed in their faces and probably turn as red as a tomato. But after finding out that they would be classmates for a whole semester, Elain decided it would be for the best if she put behind her what had happened between them during Spring Break. Cauldron knew she needed some friends at PU and Lucien was the only one trying.

And once she could see past her embarrassment, she realized he was a pretty decent guy. Too bad she couldn’t get the image of his six pack out of her head, that would have made their friendship a lot easier for her to endure.

“You’re not going to die. This is typically Mrs. Weaver. You’ll be fine,” Lucien reassured her.

“Please promise me you’ll find my corpse and burry it. And plant Bird of Paradise, Gladiolus and Liliac near my headstone.”

“Why do you know what flowers you want at your grave?”

“You know! Bird of Paradise to symbolize joyfulness, Gladiolus for strength of character, faithfulness and honor and Liliac for youthful innocence and confidence. I want to be remember as I was before attending Mrs. Weaver’s class.” Elain took another sip of her cocktail ignoring the sincere smile on Lucien’s lips. It made her attention stick to his mouth for too long and that lead to indecent and frustrating thoughts.

Lucien continued to listen to her ramble on an on about everything from flowers to global warming and how many kittens died every year because of food poisoning. He’d tried to trick her and change her cocktails for non-alcoholic drinks after her 4th glass but to no use. The woman knew her alcohol and wouldn’t take anything but it.

Ever since Spring Break Lucien had been kicking himself for not sleeping with her when he had the chance because after all she had been sober and had clearly wanted it as much as he did. Or at least half as much as he did. There had been something pulling him towards Elain ever since the first time he saw her at that bar on the beach but he had been afraid that a quick hook-up would only ruin their chances - especially once he had found out she was a virgin. He didn’t want to be that guy in Miami to whom she lost her virginity and never called. He had genuinely liked her. Who was he kidding? He still liked her. And as his eyes fell on the swell of her breasts, Lucien remembered how good they looked in that black laced bra and suddenly the word like didn’t seem to cover what he was feeling.

Nor would his pants if he kept thinking back to that night.

He’d try looking for her the next day but she was good as dead. He remembered falling asleep by her side and the next morning the bed was cold. Imagine his delight when he found her knocking on his door a couple months later. And not only that, she had decided to transfer at PU to be closer to her sister. Fate was smiling on him and Lucien wasn’t going to waste his second chance with her.

Looking at her disheveled state, Lucien wondered if asking her out for drinks had been such a good idea after all. He’d wanted her to relax after another stressful school day but getting drunk in the middle of the week wasn’t a very bright idea, especially for a student who cared about her grades as much as Elain did.

“You’re really handsome, you know that? I mean annoyingly handsome! Even with that scar on your face! You’re still incredibly hot.” Elain started, clearly a little bit past tipsy as her hungry eyes took him in.

Lucien averted his eyes from hers. It was stupid really, he was the High Lord of the Spring Court and a straight A student. But having Elain fucking Archeron telling him she found him attractive with that daring innocence made him all kinds of uncomfortable. In all kinds of different places.

Which again could be due to her generous cleavege.

He had to stop thinking about that bra.

“Oh, Loo Loo bear, don’t be shy!” Elain said, leaning over the table and lifting his head up to meet hears - her hands resting on both his cheeks, caressing him softly.

“You’re wasted. Let’s get you home,” he brushed off her touch but didn’t bring himself to break off all human contact with her as he took her hand in his and headed out. There was no way he could maintain the good guy trope with her in that state.

As he caught one of the smiles she was throwing him, Lucien realized fate was about to test him thoroughly that night.

Thursday morning

“Great nap,” Nesta mumbles sleepily, pressing her head into his chest.

“It really was,” Cassian replies before yawning.

Amren cleared her throat and both of them snapped their eyes open and looked at the people standing before the couch. Rhysand, Azriel and Mor were grinning like idiots while Feyre and Elain were trying to contain their laughter. They could even spot a small amused smile on Amren’s lips.

Cassian, despite being the one on the bottom, was the first to jump off the couch and exclaim: “Dude!! What the hell are you doing? God!”

But before anyone could say something else he just left the room.

“Excuse me,” Nesta added and ran out the door, not offering any additional explanation.

“Az, you can pay me in steak and cheesecake,” Mor winked cheekily at him and made her exit before he could contradict her.

When Amren caught the shy smile on Azriel’s face she decided it wasn’t possible for her not to mess with him: “You know, most likely - they didn’t actually hook up. Which means you didn’t lose the bet. And I find it interesting that you didn’t correct her, after all - you always make sure to correct Cass when he assumes he won a bet.”

His pink cheeks at her retort told Amren she had hit her target.

French form of REYNARD. Because of the medieval character Reynard the Fox, renard became a French word meaning “fox”.

Lessons learned while drawing Jojos:

  • If you can’t draw Jolyne’s hand, just turn it into a decorative string to fill in negative space.
  • Jotaro’s face doesn’t have to be symmetrical if you hide half of it behind his hat brim.
  • Giorno is too pretty and illegal to draw.
  • Joseph’s hair swoop is stupid and I hate it.
  • I have not been studying the right anatomy to draw Jonathan beef.
  • How the fuck does a pompadour work
  • Johnny is impossible to pose if I can’t leave him on the floor.
  • Gappy is just happy to be there.
A veces me gustaría que cada uno de nosotros dijéramos lo que tanto nos ha dado miedo decir, tal vez "Oye, realmente no me gusta cuando haces eso" o "Hey, yo realmente estoy enamorado de usted" o incluso, "Hola, yo te extraño y pienso en ti todo el tiempo" sin sonar desesperado. ¿Por qué todo el mundo no puede ser dolorosamente honesto?

     Y o u    s h o u l d    b e    d e a d.
          You’re lucky. Don’t forget.