f e e l s

{ X - @typenullandvoid​ - PART 2}

A few days had passed since the initial experiment on the Ex-Enforcer. He’d been kept in one of the small cells across the room containing the Laboratories, given basic food and brought to use the bathroom a couple of times a day. Moon hadn’t seen him since the first experiment, resigning herself to their her mansion in order to collect herself. What could she do to make him see that this was beneficial? Already he had become so perfect in such a short amount of time, whilst she remained at the same level of mutation. They’d been fairly brutal in forcing the splicing, more violent than they had been with her.

She snapped her fingers together. That was it. Summoning one of the scientists to her bedroom, she asked them to prepare the Laboratory for testing, bring her ‘pet’ out to watch in his new attire, and to rouse Lunala from her temporary stasis. She’d force the fusion on herself. It was the only way.

It was some time later when she finally reached the Secret Lab, having added clothes in order to prepare for the temperature change in her mutation. Atop her ivory dress, she now wore a large translucent cape, swirls of blue and purple mixed in with splotches of white resemblling stars, coming together at the front in the form of an eclipsed moon clasp. Fitting.

She didn’t bother to look at Gladion as she entered the Lab, heading straight for the tube as the scientists gathered around her. They quickly prepped her for the splicing, inserting the various tubes and IV’s in the places that they needed to go along with the injections she needed to stay stable. Throughout it all, she barely moved an inch, her face a blank slate. 

The Aether girl gathered her cape up around her as the glass enclosed her off, then letting it fall around her. It was only then that she turned to look at the other.

❝ You’re here to witness how you should behave when you are being subjected to experimentation, Gladion. You do not vomit on yourself, nor do you scream like a child. You act like a fusion should, and you take what is given to you.❞

Nobody really knows how the alphabetical order came to be. Some speculate it was adapted from a series of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, but while linguists know certain sections of it (including a,b,c,d,e,f) have stayed the same since at least the 8th century BCE, why they originally ended up in that order is still a mystery. Source