f cat and o cat

Idk why but I feel like the roles are gonna change next season like 

By the way things have been hinted, I feel like Chat might became more serious and make less jokes and stuff. Like he’d still joke and stuff but he’d get that what they’re dealing with is really important now and treat it that way. Kinda like how he reacted in “Simon Says”. All business and stuff

And Ladybug would still be the “leader” but Marinette typically cracks under pressure due to her overthinking and panicking when situations go wrong or doesn’t know how to control them. so she might be less sure of her role I think. or just kinda gets discouraged. She’s really responsible with her duties and has the confidence to take them on but the new threats might shake her a bit especially since she’s never dealt with things like this. i think Adrien would be able to handle these situations better due to the tragedies he’s endured and matured from. dealing with new threats and unexpected situations would be easier for him is what im trying to say.

And idk since the duo would get a bit unstable with the new dangers and what not I can see Fu sending in a new teammate to help them and balance everything again. maybe that’s why. why things start to falter a bit but Fu manages to maintain the balance. maybe he sends in two just to be sure. maybe. But idk

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“He tied me to the bed, told me to call him daddy, and next thing I know, he’s face down between my legs, snoring.” [screams-ofthe-siren]

{Awkward Valentines Day Starters // Closed.}


“And to think,” Kat cringes. “I was going to have sex with Jack before I discovered I was a lesbian. I’m so glad I didn’t make that mistake.”