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What I want for kpop in 2017

• For girl groups to be recognized for their hard work, especially smaller or newer groups like berry good, laboum, gugudan, and bulldock
• Sistar to renew their contracts and not disband
• Mamamoo to come to kcon, then have a cool (gay) summer comeback
• Somi debuts or joins a jyp girl group
• T-ara, brown eyed girls, wonder girls, girls day, and girls generation all stay alive and thriving
• f(x) gets another group comeback, a reality show, a non edm OFFICIAL lunber subunit, and maybe a Krystal solo and/or a Amber or Luna solo comeback
• Red Velvet comeback with another velvety concept like one of these nights
• Pledis girls debut and slay
• For solji to get well soon from being in the hospital and for exid to have a great year hopefully a full album and solo activities
• blackpink, twice, and g friend keep doing well and slaying
• more promotion and maybe a reality show or variety show appearances from black pink
• sadly I’m pretty sure miss a and nine muses will disband but I hope the members have success in their solo activities at least…
• oh and for less talked about members get attention and more parts because they deserve it they work just as hard as the popular members 🙃
There are a ton others I hope have a successful year let me know who I missed in the tags I read those

Head of the Young Bacchus


c. A.D. 1 - 50

On view at The Getty Villa in Malibu

“The final secrets of existence and non-existence transfix mankind with monstrous eyes… Here there is nothing but encounter, from which there is no withdrawal… Because it is the god’s nature to appear suddenly and with overwhelming might before mankind, the mask serves as his symbol and his incarnation in cult. The mask has no reverse side. ‘Spirits have no backs’, people say. It has nothing which might transcend the mighty moment of confrontation. It is the symbol and the manifestation of that which is simultaneously there and not there: that which is excruciatingly near, that which is completely absent – both in one reality.”

- Walter F. Otto, “Dionysus: Myth and Cult”


HBW: Frozen (in Space-Time) [Explored] by Don Price
Via Flickr:

Dessert study.