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network members !!

Can  just start off with a massive thank you to everyone whose showed this network support I ended up having 30+ entries but sadly I can only take 20 of yo u so here are the members


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 I F  C H O S E N

  • follow the other members !!
  • send me an ask with your kik username and your name and a small quote for the members page :)
  • start tagging your creations with #theordernet
And that’s it congratulations to those who made it and I’m really sorry to those who didn’t but I will mostly likely be reopening entries soon !

harry is the light of my life 

some fun facts!

as some of you know, my friend recently met tyler joseph and jenna joseph IN THE FLESH. i’m still hella jealous, but i was lucky enough to get some insights of what they’re actually like.

~ apparently tyler smells like pine trees? like real pine trees. not that car air freshener stuff. my friend described it as if he walked through a forest before heading to church. (F O R E S T F I C T R I G G E R)
~ he says jenna smells like cocoa butter and strawberries ???
~ tyler drives this cross of a jeep and a mini van thing that my friend describes as “girly” and “fitting for tyler” which i think is hilarious because it’s tyler what more can we expect from the bean boy™
~ HE CONFIRMS 100% THAT TYLER IS A TOP/DOMINATE because he had that “dominance” in him when they spoke
~ both my friend and jenna talked about bribing children with goldfish crackers (not really a fact but i think it’s something to note)
~ AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, play that x-files theme because joshua william dun’s height has been confirmed at 5'8


at his side, as if you’ve always been there and always will.