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submitted by Cole Hall

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As a student, this is what I carry everyday in just my pockets. I could carry more but I try to leave the room in my bag for school items only.


Oh you Ladrien Sinners you…

I looked at the Marichat picture all the way for this… (Honestly I read the question as ‘can you draw Ladrien in the same exact pose as Marichat) And then after I was done I saw the whole ‘just like the Marichat’ I was like oh… so… hm…. too late, it’ll be good for the Ladrien sinners anyway they won’t complain.

Tools: Printer Paper not stolen from work
Pen: Zebra F-301 Fine ball Point

Submitted by Mahrezza F

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I carry most of this stuff in a small messenger bag, or in my 5.11 Rush 12, and carry some on my pocket. Leatherman sure is handy for multiple things. Been carrying the Kershaw as my primary cutting tool. I’ve been in a hairy situation few times, a blackout and waist-deep flood during night when I need to get home, that explain those flashlights and the 550 Cord. It’s useful for many other unexpected things. With all kind of unexpected natural and man-made disaster happening, I’d rather have this with me every single day. Well, Nunquam non Paratus, I guess.

http://everydaycarry.com/posts/6014/Automatic-Essentials?utm_source=tumblr&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_campaign=tumblr Submitted by Jorge Cabrera

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Compulsively check 14 things stuffed in my pockets before walking out every morning- that if you were to shoot it with close-ups and smash cuts, it would look like George Clooney’s Batman suiting up scene (nipples included).

Submitted by Dylan V

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My ABQ backpack dump.