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dead dash

kpop following spree! (day 2, sorry this is annoying I know)

I’ve declared my dash officially dead: help end this drought on my dashboard.

I post/queue regularly most of the groups listed below (I’ve been doing edits too) so I’m doing a follow-for-follow!

If you consistently queue/reblog, post or edit:

  • EXO (I need someone to fangirl over el dorado with)
  • BTS
  • SHINee
  • VIXX
  • Block B
  • BAP
  • &/or GOT7, SuJu, 4minute, F(x), Red Velvet, 2NE1, Epik High, AKMU, Big Bang, & other YG artists

…then let me know. Reblog/like (or pm me) this post, so it can spread (you can delete it afterwards). I’m sure I’ll love all your blogs (hopefully you’ll like mine too!). I’ll follow/PM you from my main blog, since this is a side blog. 

Please do follow back! Comeback season is near…the more mutuals to handle all the feels, the better!



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