f 250

FRUIT - STILL LIFE, Shot 2017-01-15 in our living room; subject sitting on a glass top end table

Nikon D7100, AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6

175mm focal length, 1/250 sec, f/18, ISO 100, Flashpoint Streaklight 360 in Glow rectangular softbox, silver 5 in 1 reflector for fill light

The relatively high f-stop value was chosen to increase the depth of field to get as much of the scene in sharp focus as possible.  This means you need to crank up the light source though.  Fortunately the Streaklight has some cojones so it was up to the task at ½ power :)

Very minor edits in Photoshop CC


This was a fun and educational challenge.  The avocado is a good subject because of the varying textures.  The flesh is soft and smooth.  The seed has more interest and texture.  The skin has a lot of detail and texture.  All of this serves to present a pleasing still life image.  I shot a few natural light images earlier in the day that came out nice as well.  Had those in the bag but decided to geek out a little with a flash setup.  I wanted a reflective image and started shooting with our 35mm prime lens.  They looked great on the back of the camera but once displayed on a big monitor, we noticed a problem.  The glass top surface is about ¼" thick.  This caused a ghost or halo around the reflected image because of the light bouncing off the bottom side of the glass as well.  The only solution to this problem was a shallower shooting angle.  This meant using a longer lens and getting farther away from the subject.  Packed everything up and moved to a bigger room.  Setup farther away, we could shoot at a very shallow angle and this (mostly) eliminated the ghosting in the reflected image.

Thanks to my partner @theshyxibitionista for suggestions, help with the setup and skillful avocado cutting. ;)   

1. I love avocado and you stole my fruit idea.

2. Great way to use the reflection off the table!

3. Depth of Field - Remember this peeps.

4. I love that you explored both natural lighting and using your Streaklight!

5. I hope you made something amazing with that avocado.

Loving the detail to attention to this one @rkcustom1! Great job!