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somewhere in Paris by joopy


somewhere in Kyoto by joopy

[request] [scenario] home

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((was this… accomodating OTL i am so drained from studying ;; i luv u cheese anon))

Title: home

Member: seungkwan

Genre: fluff fluff fluff // domestic au + established relationship 

Word Count: 1007

Seungkwan feels like he’s finally gone insane after being in the practice room for six hours straight, perfecting Soonyoung’s choreography for Highlight, which, by the way, is the most exhausting song he’s ever danced to. His feet ache, his thighs hurt, and his lungs burn.

He swears if he hears Soonyoung call him out for not bending his knees low enough, he’s going to bend Soonyoung in half.

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GV by joopy


somewhere in Kanazawa by joopy

Mungkin aku akan lebih memilih menjadi “teman"mu saja karena bagimu tanpa teman kau tidak bisa hidup, bisa tertawa bahagia, bisa bersenang-senang setiap hari. Tidak seperti ketika kau bersamaku hari ini. Kau berbeda atau aku yang siapa?


06 Mei 2017

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to.
Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping!~

tagged by: @kiimgyu (thanksss heh)

01. 유행가 hit song- svt
02. rain- bts
03. ready or not- monsta x
04. 같이 걷는 길 the way with you- sandeul
05. no f.u.n- svt
06. tell me what to do- shinee
07. angel- nct
08. eyez eyez- victon 
09. crazy in love- svt
10. rush- monsta x

tagging- @goldaest @hobifulstudies @kimtqtae

—top 10 biases tag

i was tagged by @jineshin thank you, my love!! 💘

i’m tagging @jesterof98 // @winelatte // @8twenty1 // @cozychim // @ilujoy // @1kihyun // @elreyhoseok // @yoongisnugget // @truemyrtle // @sugasboy

01. kim namjoon // rap monster | bts
02. matthew kim // bm | k.a.r.d
03. jung ilhoon | btob
04. jung yerin | gfriend
05. amber liu | f(x)
06. kim jonghyun // jr | nu'est
07. park sooyoung // joy | red velvet
08. mark tuan | got7
09. sohn hyunwoo // shownu | monsta x
10. hyuna