Real quick, for the end of KOTOR anniversary day, here is my Revan. My definitive Revan. I have played others and I know there are hundreds more, but this is mine. Orange Ribbon Revan. Snarky, jerk with a heart of gold Revan. Who gave to the poor at first just because Carth kind of guilted her into it, but then gave a LOT just to peeve him. And sort of became a good jedi with that same method.

It’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played. You get so into the story. I remember talking about it for weeks. My husband saw through the plot twist immediately, but luckily never let on. But I think that’s what makes it such a good one. And it felt so very Star Wars, in a time of prequels.

star wars books i want to exist:

  • bail novel
  • breha novel
  • leia backstory
    • (all of these as three separate books, mind)
  • sabine novel
  • ketsu novel
  • hera novel
  • mon mothma novel
  • rex novel
  • and just a whole lot more canon stuff set during and pre-tcw
  • for that matter, give us some canon old republic stuff
  • (with f!revan, naturally)
  • and have sinjir pop up at least in the background of more stuff now that aftermath is done, please

star wars books we’ll end up getting first just to spite me:

  • maul in between tcw and rebels (okay i wouldn’t hate this? but i don’t care either)
  • hux: the novel
  • a fucking 1st person palpatine novel, probably
You Will Forever Stand Alone

Fandom: Knights of the Old Republic
Pairing: F!Revan/Carth Onasi
Warning: character death 

 Title comes from something Malak says to Revan: “You belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.” I wrote this, as one does, in a text message at around midnight because I wanted to give @letmetellyouaboutmyfeels some feels to tell people about. It comes from two things: an exploration of Revan choosing the dark side ending without being wholly evil (inspired by something Kreia says about Revan becoming dark lord out of necessity) and the cut dark side ending with the Carth romance. 

I would say enjoy, but, well. 

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Queering Star Wars II: Prompts Masterpost

Last year we kicked off this blog in August with a headcanon and fanworks week. Much of the feedback we received was that people wanted the event to be longer, so this year we’ll be hosting Queering Star Wars II for the entire month of June with a new prompt for each day. We don’t expect anyone to respond to all of these prompts, just pick the ones that resonate with you.

Headcanon Week: June 1st-5th

  • Wednesday June 1st: Gay & Lesbian Headcanons
  • Thursday: Bi and Pan Headcanons
  • Friday: Trans and Intersex Headcanons
  • Saturday: Aromantic and Asexual Spectrum Headcanons
  • Sunday: Any other Queer Headcanons (i.e. characters you headcanon simply as queer without any other labels, or characters you headcanon as having multiple queer identities that you’d like to discuss together, etc.)

Meta Questions & Prompts Week: June 6th-12th

These prompts are worded very broadly, feel free to make your responses as specific as you’d like to particular orientations/genders or groups within the Star Wars galaxy (i.e. the Jedi/Mandalorians/Empire/Rebellion/Etc.)

  • Monday June 6th: What are pride events like in the Star Wars galaxy?
  • Tuesday: What is queer culture like in the Star Wars galaxy?
  • Wednesday: What is queer acceptance like in the Star Wars galaxy?
  • Thursday: What is queer history like in the Star Wars galaxy? Who are the historical figures?
  • Friday: How does the advanced medical technology in the Star Wars galaxy help the queer characters? Is it easier for trans characters to transition if they choose to do so? Are there ways for queer couples who would not be able to have biological children with our current technology to do so in the SW galaxy?
  • Saturday: Headcanons you have about characters discovering their queer identities.
  • Sunday: Headcanons you have about characters being accepted by their friends and family.

Canon Week: June 13th-19th

Fanworks Week: June 20th-26th

  • Monday June 20th: Post pictures of your crafts (patches, collages, embroidery, buttons, etc.) relating to your Star Wars queer headcanons or canonically queer characters.
  • Tuesday: Post your digital edits (GIFs, collages, color warp, playlists, etc.)
  • Wednesday: Post pictures of clothes you’ve made or decorated (shirts, hats, costumes, etc.) 
  • Thursday & Friday: Post your fanfic
  • Saturday & Sunday: Post your fanart (traditional or digital)

Shipping Week: June 27th-30th
(If you’re looking for inspiration check out our relationships tag page)

  • Monday June 27th: Post about the canon “ships” (Ferus/Roan, Esmelle/Shirene, Goran/Medrit, Juhani/F!Revan, Sana/Aphra, SWTOR ships [Lord Cytharat, Theron Shan, Koth Vortena, Lana Beniko, and Lemda Avesta in relationships with same/similar gendered player characters], Aleksin/Pavol, Delian/Murra Mors)
  • Tuesday: Post about characters you headcanon in f/f ships.
  • Wednesday: Post about characters you headcanon in m/m ships.
  • Thursday: Post about characters you headcanon in asexual relationships or QPRs.

Blog Policies and FAQ

We’re all super excited to see your posts! Please use the tags #queeringstarwars#QSW, #QSW II, or @ us in your posts.