so I was talking to a friend about our drama club and now we’re writing our own musical and he’s already outlined 3 scenes and I’m just like how did all dis happen???

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Femslash Meme: 2, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15? :)?

Hottest femslash ship

Mostly because I broke my own rule about reading wips to stay up way past my bedtime reading a modern AU where they have an outrageous amount of really hot sex, I’m going to say Abby Griffin/Raven Reyes

Saddest femslash ship

When I was about 15 I imprinted on the Deep Space Nine episode Rejoined and Jadzia Dax’s one episode female love interest Lenara Kahn. What, I was a teenager, and it was the nineties, there wasn’t a hell of a lot of representation about. To this day I occasionally think about writing an AU where Lenara stayed on the station. Then I remember that they would have spent most of their relationship apart on account of the Dominion War, how Jadzia would have died two seasons later anyway, how the Dax symbiont would never have been joined to Ezri, and how Lenara would never have been able to go home again and I make myself sad

A fandom where I have so many femslash ships

A Song of Ice and Fire. Margaery is a lesbian, Sansa should really be with ladies rather than men for her own safety, and Dany’s taste in men is so, so awful that she should be with ladies for everybody else’s safety.

Plus, it’s a universe where women are so often marriage pawns and mothers that it makes me want to go: nope, lesbians everywhere. 

Works from the January Trek Femslash challenge

No Rainy Day Better Come This Way by Mychelle_Wilmot (fic, DS9, Mirror Ezri/Mirror Leeta.)

Love me love you by @gracesartdump​ (art, AOS, fem!spirk)

The Probability is Low by  assininecreator (fic, TOS, T’Pring/Uhura)

Attachments by @roguesquadrcn​ (TNG/Star Wars, Deanna/Tasha)

Overworked, Underbathed by @spencerspider​ (fic, DS9, Jadzia/Kira)

Untitled by @spencerspider​ (gifset, Enterprise, Hoshi/T’Pol)

If you aren’t on here but you’ve made something for the challenge please send me an ask with a link to your work, and include the pairings, series, and type of work it is. (e.g. startrekfemslash.tumblr.com/post/example-post, jadzia/kira, deep space nine, artwork)

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♋ -Rebelbajoran

Send ♋ for our muses to swap bodies

Ezri knew something was wrong when she woke up. She didn’t have the symbiont in her and when she opened her eyes her skin was darker, she raised her hand to her face and she felt ridges that explained  what she was. “No-No don’t tell me I’m a Bajoran now!” She exclaimed jumping out of the bed before hearing a knock at her door.