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Today is the day we say goodbye to our liars (our lives too).Watching this show was the best decision i have ever made. I’ve never been so involved with a show as PLL or fictional couple as Ezria. I’m gonna miss the cast, Marlene’s plotholes and stupid storylines. And i’m gonna miss all of youu, so i decided to do a follow forever with all of my favorite PLL blogs.

Here are my favorite blogs that I follow and can never stop obsessing overr.

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I can’t believe it’s ending tonight 😭

Leave Ezria alone.

I’m so disappointed that a lot of people are focused on the fact that Ezra and aria ended up getting married. Calling it “creepy that he married his student”
She’s not his student anymore, it’s been like 6 years since they were in high school and they broke up and FOUND their way back together.
Their both adults. Idk. I’m not even bothered by it.
Then again when the relationship first initially started all those years ago I was still a young senior high sxhool and Ezra was hot, so I was like hayy hot teacher and I never thought twice about it.


I was rewatching season 4 and look what I found.
Do you notice something strange and that we just saw in 7x19?

Ezra was pressuring Aria to choose him over her friends back in season 4, when he seemed A.

And in 7x19 he did the same!

First, he tells her “I’m not interested in you making anymore sacrifices for your friends”.

Then Aria says that she can’t leave her friends and he answers “ I think they gave up the right to be your friends”

I know he is angry at the girls, but WHY are they making him so shady… again???

There are so many clues pointing towards him, but they already made him bad once…they won’t destroy Ezria again.

A part of me is happy with that because I’m an Ezria fan, but I also love bad EzrA.
I’m concerned…what do you think?

I’m such Ezria trash that I would be really upset if Ezra turned out to be a bad guy and Aria was heartbroken again. I firmly believe that he was supposed to be A until the show was renewed. We had the Ezra reveal in the season 4 finale, back when we thought season 5 was the last one. Then suddenly it’s renewed for two more seasons, so they gotta do something, and come up with the book plot.

The whole idea that he was writing a book just doesn’t make sense. He had too much stuff in that room. If he knew who Aria was, then what was with the classroom scene where he’s like “oh crap” and everyone turns to look at her? I know there are a lot of people who think he’s still A because of his “lair” but I don’t like that idea. I want to pretend like that never happened.

Why do I love a character who’s so problematic? lol

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most of those clues you were sent already came true. Rollins and Yvone died, that's the two deaths. one of the liars has another sister, that would be Spencer, because she discovers Charlotte is her half-sister, so she has a new sister she didn't know of, and i think her and toby aren't endgame but i'm hoping ezria crashes and burns.

…………….now i really have no hope for this finale lmao

I Loved to Hate You PLL: A Farewell Letter

When I started PLL I was 16 or 17 years old and now I am 24. I watched the show cause I loved the books and although the books are waaaay better I still loved this fucking annoying ass show. Through countless A reveals and me rolling my eyes here are some last words I have to say.

-I’m team Ezria I’ve always been they deserve to be happy OK
-I HATE EMILY she was so annoying for a couple seasons that now when she speaks I just roll my eyes
-can I talk about how different the characters are from the book? Hanna is brunette, Aria is the same basically, Spencer is blonde, Emily IS A GINGER, and Ali… Sasha is exactly how I pictured Alison to look like but book Ali is NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH GUYS
-Marlene King should never be in charge of a show with a murder mystery plot ever fucking again
-I used to hate Spencer but honestly she’s the best one speaking of let me rank the liars REAL QUICK
5. Emily
4. Aria
3. Alison
2. Hanna
1. Spencer
Fight me if you want
-I know y'all love him but I fucking can’t stand Caleb he’s so annoying like if you’re so tech savvy why can’t you stop A?!?!
- if Melissa or Wren is A.D. I’m SUEING
- I really hope it’s someone shocking
1. Twincer
2. Melissa
3. Spencer’s Twin
4. Caleb
5. Lucas
-Mona was the best character on this fucking show sorry
-I really wished they made Ali more like book Ali that would’ve been amazing
-this show is the reason curling your hair came back
-imagine if Maya came back….
-pour it out for all the homies we lost on this show (but in retrospect did I like anyone that’s dead?)
-also the finale needs Jason’s hot ass
-im still attracted to Ezra and idc
-Shay Mitchell has the best hair I’ve seen on television don’t @ me

I’m gonna miss this dumb show. One of my best friends and I are only friends because we bonded over this show. In high school me and my friend wrote two harmless A notes and put them on the bathroom doors lol. This show has not only been a wild ride but has taught me that patience is a virtue. Fuck you Marlene and I love the cast and especially the liars. Y'all will always have an A shaped hole in my heart.

I don't really understand why Haleb are the ones having a small intimate ceremony with just two of them though? I always thought Hanna was the kind of character who would want a big wedding and to wear a lovely dress :/ especially as she's into fashion? It doesn't make sense for her character really... but it's still cute.

Plus the writers always preferred Ezria so I’m not surprised that they’ll be getting the big wedding at the end even though they would be more likely to enjoy an intimate one.

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I was tagged by @malec-akucintakamu , thanks for tagging me, sweetness!

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Last song I listened to:  Fort Lean - Quiet Day
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Top three characters:  Magnus Bane, Chevalier De Lorraine, and Aria Montgomery
Top three ships:  Malec, Monchevy, and Ezria 

I’m tagging: @star-crossed-book-lover @dontblinkamelia @becca0girl @tusdaymorning @deancasisendgame @aceogymru

Have fun!!

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Who is your least favorite PLL couple?

this might be an unpopular opinion, i’m not sure.

as of late, i’ve hated aria/ezra. it’s honestly just dawned on me that he pursued her KNOWING she was a high school student. factor in that he knew everything about her prior to meeting her, how she prioritizes him, and how he lied to her for years…yeah, not so big on ezria anymore

and i’m not going to lie, if the police report was filed, i wouldn’t be mad.

Guys so I just watched like 4 Pll episodes straight lmao(Tomorrow I’ll watch 7x17 I didn’t see it today) and all i have to say its that it’s getting pretty interesting and intense! I still have no idea why Ted or Lucas are involved but wathever, Im living for The Shady Dark Aria moments and the tension between Spencer and Marco!

If I speak about ships, to be honest, I only care about Ezria and I’m not happy about Aria not showing up to Ezra’s book thing because she needed to do “A stuff” by destroying Emison’s baby room 😣😥😑 Like how was she capable of doing something like that!

Anyways, tomorrow I’ll watch 7x17, right now this is all I know!

Send me thoughts and theories on the episodes! Okay bye Pll Family!😘😍

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But here's the thing, Spencer was protecting her boyfriend that everyone loves and adores, Ezra is a predator that has Aria wrapped around his finger.

Yeah I totally agree I don’t even like Ezria I’m just saying that it’s funny that they all seem to be hypocritical a lot of the time!

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I'm sorry for sending you so many asks (you can tell me to stop if it's annoying) but I can't believe anti's hypocritical responses to your posts. "YOU'RE CROSSTAGGING POSITIVITY POSTS WAAAAH" The pydia tag is nearly dead because if you ship that anti's immediately condemn you. Yesterday I tried to look up something in the ezria tag and I had to scroll through dozens of anti ezria posts. I'm aware both of them have (big) issues, I still fucking ship it. Anti's can suck up your positivity or gtfo


also nah you’re not bothering me <3