ezria like what

you know that ship, that one ship, that if you even hear the name you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this one ship brings you so much joy as well as pain and you god damn love it, yeah that ship


“we’ve known each other since preschool.” 

Fresh Pair of Eyes
Brooke Waggoner
Fresh Pair of Eyes

1x02 “The Jenna Thing”

scene: Aria gets caught in the rain. Ezra pulls up and she gets in the car with him. They kiss.

What do I do on Saturday past midnight when I’m a loser with boring friends?

Photoshop this scene

To make it look like Aria’s in labor and Ezra’s being a great husband and bringing her gummy bears (the food that she obvs had been craving during her pregnancy.)

Or…at least I tried my best. 

I really don’t get why people are getting so worked up and upset about Ezra loving Nicole so much? just because he loved her, doesn’t make his love for Aria any less? would you really all want him to be completely alone and love-less for the 5 years? don’t you feel good knowing that he can love someone else? that if Aria ever died or something, eventually Ezra could love again? that he would be okay?