ezria break up

i don’t see how anyone is surprised that marlene killed yvonne so spoby could happen. it was pretty fucking obvious that she wasn’t going to stick around from the start. it’s rushed, it’s shitty writing, it’s problematic as hell, and yvonne and spoby both deserved a far better resolution. 

But come on, this is the writing team that decided romance was having caleb and spencer fall in love for half a season only for caleb to cheat on her with hanna and then claim he’s loved hanna all along, who are still romanticizing a teacher/student relationship that, even looking past all it’s other transgressions, continues to be boring af, who think the best way to put emily and alison together, the slowburn ship to end all slowburn ships who would have had no trouble being brought together naturally, is to introduce two other girls for emily and then inject emily’s eggs into alison in a complete and utter violation of both girls bodies. 

like, did you expect better from the writers? really? if you didn’t see this coming i don’t know what to tell you. 

#PLLENDGAME finale predictions

Please dont let marlene and friends “confirmations” keep u closed minded.

So they confirmed a time jump btwn 719 and 720.. bullshit
They also confirmed toby was “pure evil, bad intentions” and no they wont go the transgender route

They cant make a year later and the girls dont know who A is and Ezria still arent married.
It will most likely be after the reveal and answers then we get a time jump and see where the girls end up.

Mona is seriously ill. She ends up back in an institution face 2 face with A. Im so afraid she will die

Aria finds out something devastating about Ezra. Clearly she is the most distraught from all the girls. Even goes as far as to say they cant marry.
Too obvious to make him A. Could he be the sperm donor? Ie. Emisons baby daddy. He had a sick obsession with Alison, the book, the lair (with the creepy ass blown up photos), dating her. Mona was on track to find baby daddy and we know Ezra is tech savvy. Is this his sick way of fulfilling an even sicker Alison fantasy. After all his masters degree in American literature will help him with dead bodies (wtf was that about)

Melissa and Wren are back.

Wren.. sweet baby wren. I stand by my theory that he is Bethanys brother. He could know mona hit his sister and shoot mona. We know he plays a big part in the end. After all isnt bethany the basis of everything? It was her dead season 1 after all. Perhaps he knew about her drawings, jessica, mary, spencer, melissas involvement in ultimately killing her (dirt in lungs)

Melissa is here to please fans. Did she know about Mary? Spencer? ABSOLUTELY.
“I did this to protect u spencer, since before it started.”
Even garrett mentioned protecting Spencer on the train.

Jenna can see. We see that in the promo. But the question is, for how long?

Im all for a TWINCER storyline but how much more unrealistic can we get. There was already a hidden sibling (charles) a hidden  twin (mary) they cant do that again. Spencers moodswings addictions and odd behaviour could just be genetics. Her lineage has a history of mental illness. Take Ali for example, remember when she had a bloody lip? Crying and opening up then BAM back to bitchy Ali! Doesnt mean much except they have some issues.

If there is a twin i am all for it! I love Spencers character and Troians acting so i will take it… but i highly doubt it.

I feel like they went big, outside the box with charles… cece… charlotte. This reveal needs to be simple, clear, devastating.

Paige- no way. People will be pissed
Lucas- accused too many times. Cant be him
Melissa- already a killer and made to look like A too much already. Too obvi
Wren- will be involved in something but isnt A
Parents- is nothing sacred
Toby- we need spoby for endgame
Caleb- we need haleb for endgame
Ezra- too obvious from the promos
Charlotte- cant bring another person back from the dead
Bethany- same as charlotte
Who is left guys???


My sweet, gorgeous Jason. He is the center of all things major on pll.

- he is a dilaurentis (raised)
- he is a hastings
- NAT club
- odd scar possibly from Halloween train never explained.
- always travelling
- has the money to be A
- slept with Ashley Marin yet A never told Hanna that yet?
p.s. he slept with pastor teds girlfriend.. charlottes birth father, was it revenge??
- dated charlotte
- really close to charles.
- Jenna was almost killed in his house
- gave Spencer a bag he found of alis things (even though mayas family owned the house alis shit was still around)
- he likes Arias pink hair. In the dollhouse she was forced to dye it.
- liked aria. Notice A always tried to break Ezria up and Aria was not physically harmed by A (wilden and meredith hurt her)
- NAT was his idea.

- cece and jasons breakup was complicated… ya learning your girlfriend is your long lost brother/cousin is complicated. - he paid lucas to find out who stole the body and acted shady ever since that day. Possibly when he joined Charlottes game.

In the vault there were 2 ppl. One was watching Ali on screen the other stood there and looked at Emily when the girls burnt down the vault.
The prom scene?? Why the hell would a transgender female dress like a man??? Spencer even said something seemed familiar like a cousin. Lmfao jason is her brother and her cousin.

Think about it. AD wanted to know who killed Charlotte. Why? Archer loved her, Mary was her mom, why would AD care? Another family member

Cast members said fans from day 1 will be pleased, it answers a lot of questions, you can go back to thr beginning and see hiw it happenned. Even if he joined Charlottes game. He has always been shady from day 1! If i had to guess right now. It would be Jason . Just putting him in the hoodie answers so many questions without actually answering them. Did he learn something back in his NAT days to fuel this? He started having people film for him watching these girls… over the years it escalated to this sick game of life or death with people working for him… watching and playing with these girls

“I never would’ve guessed it was you”

I would be very happy with this. Tell me what you guys think!!


let’s review the events that take place in this time period…
ezra discovers he has a son
toby is a
spencer is a
wilden dies
ashley gets arrested
ashley gets out of jail
ezra is a
ezra starts teaching again
ezria breaks up
aria gets with jake
ezria gets back together
ali is alive???
ali is alive!!!!
hanna gets with travis
haleb breaks up
caleb goes to ravenswood
ezra gets shot
ezra makes a full recovery
ezria gets together again (wow! three separate relationships in a month’s time)
spencer is addicted to adderall
spencer recovers from her addiction
ali’s mom dies
ali gets a dog
ali’s dog disappears
shana dies
haleb gets back together

ezra discovers it’s not his son (and makes a full emotional recovery) ali’s body is dug up garrett dies

feel free to add anything I may have missed. there’s definitely more….

this is also extremely out of order you can probably tell

Marlene tweeted a few weeks ago that ¾ of the original couples would be endgame and everyone assumed that the one that wouldn’t be together would be Spoby but what if Ezria is the one that isn’t endgame?

Haleb: Together
Emison: Ali is pregnant using Emily’s eggs and this brings them closer together
Spoby: They both survive but Toby’s fiancé doesn’t and he goes back to Spencer
Ezria: They break up because Ezra chooses Nicole so Aria starts a relationship with Jason.

So the couples that are endgame are Haleb, Emison, Jaria and Spoby.

Oh my god. Imagine if Mona and Aria were secretly dating the entire time. It would explain why Mona was always so comfortable talking to Aria in the hallways, why she, as -A, tried to break up Ezria, and why Mona chose Aria as her last phone call before her death. Also, that movie theatre scene where Aria whispers something in Mona’s ear that makes her cry, she could have said something mean out of jealousy of Mona and Mike’s relationship. Finally, it would explain why in last week’s episode, Aria used Mona (the whistle) as  a shield against Ali. Why would using Mona as her shield make her feel safe? Why would she ever value Mona’s protection? Maybe they were closer than we thought…

All of these couples CANNOT stay together until the very end of the series

It’s so unrealistic. That’s probably why Marlene tweeted what she tweeted because they won’t be together for 6B. She’s giving us a warning.

5-6 years is a long ass time. The girls are probably going to leave Rosewood within the 6 year time period and go separate ways. They’re still in high school right now.. most high school sweethearts don’t last..  You don’t know who you’re going to become when you’re in high school. Times change and people change. (Hence the time jump, the dismantling of the old set, character developments and changes, etc)

….. and Ezria will break up anyway when the creep finally decides to publish his book

Alright guys so I just had a really bad thought.

Now, I’m more or less new to this, so I need all you PLL'ers to bear with my unorganized flow of ideas and try to hear me out, because I really think I’m on to something.
*This post contains some spoilers of last night’s episode “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me,” as well as some curses triggered by my seriously disgruntled state of mind towards Marlene King.*

So, it seems pretty apparent that Melissa’s the one they’re gonna kill off next episode, the evidence with the most merit being Marlene’s gratitude post thanking Torrey DeVitto & all that, pointing out how working with her has been a gift, as if saying goodbye.Now, we all know that she has a knack for making us think one thing & then going a completely different direction with it, so what if this “goodbye” post doesn’t necessarily mean her character gets killed off? What if it means, now that Melissa’s partaking of that night is out there in the open, and is going to wind up in the hands of Tanner or A, Melissa’s character just won’t be as stable & free to return to Rosewood as she pleases? She is obviously going to end up wanted for the murder of Bethany Young, and her father knew that. That’s why, from the second she told him the secret at the police station, he urged her to leave the country. And if this is applied to the storyline, all it means is that Torrey DeVitto won’t be a full-cast member & will only appear in cameos, but I mean, what else is new?

*One other thing I remembered is this picture circling around of Police Tape across Spencer’s room. I now assume that this has to do with the confiscation of Melissa’s confession DVD 

Now, while she has been going to England, I never quite understood why. The only connection out there tying her to that place is Wren. However, what if Melissa didn’t go back there this time, despite all her claims?
My theory is that her father, a knowledgeable man in the field of law, would know to send her to a place with no extradition. I’ve been reading up the laws, and found that England seems more or less cooperative with the U.S. on the concept.

Then I’ve tried to think of where else Melissa could possibly flee to avoid extradition, & I remembered that Paris, France has been one of the motifs in the show, starting with Emison’s early development. After some research, I’ve discovered that France is more strict & careful with their extradition and is rarely known to cooperate with the U.S. Now, this doesn’t seem very far-fetched, provided that Peter Hastings has always looked out for his family, even if it meant being a secretive douchebag. He would make sure Melissa would get to a safe place, far from where extradition could get her. And far from A’s grasp, as we all know how much A hates to travel.

Now, assuming all the above is true, I’ve got to thinking: At this point, even the minor characters like Sydney seem to all have a prominent role in pushing the liars to their breaking point. Additionally, Marlene King claimed in an interview that the character to meet their fate in the Season 5 finale will be a MAJOR character, further ruling out Melissa. So If not Melissa, who can they possibly kill off? And after the firefly bullshit from last night’s episode, I got my answer.

It has to be Caleb.

I know, I know. I apologize if your heart stopped for a bit, but Marlene King has spit on the Haleb shippers before {especially for her Ravenswood storyline}, and I'm just trying to throw this possibility out there, as I believe it is very possible and I don’t want to see Halebers suffer the way they did during & after Ravenswood. So as much as you may hate the idea, please hear me out.

We all know, very well, that Marlene does not give two shits about Haleb, So why try & waste her precious production time, especially the last few minutes, trying to show a promising recovery/future for Hanna and Caleb, both individually and in their relationship? 

Reading into any classic novel or play shown in the background of this show, you can put together the idea that Marlene loves almost nothing more than an unforseen, ironic tragedy.

She’s portrayed this through




And now all we have left is Haleb. 

The fall of Haleb- and the death of Caleb, is something you won’t see coming. It’s something that feels almost wrong and impossible after the finale of this week’s episode, but have we not learned anything from Marlene’s patterns? She’s playing us, Halebers.

Another element Marlene loves to add is foreshadowing, and that can be seen last night after Caleb tells her the truth about Ravenswood, when Hanna says


Now we all know the little “A” clips that occur at nearly the end of every episode. What was last night’s? Miranda in the form of a fucking firefly. Are supernatural forces helping “A” now, or is Miranda the Ghost still in denial of the fact that her & Caleb will never be together? The pattern with the A clips seems to be that they show what A will be up to in the next or in upcoming episodes, and while the POV was the same as it would be, something made me think that we were watching through the eyes of Miranda, creeping on Caleb and possibly coming to him in his sleep. Hanna, seeing the fireflies, got really anxious, and even started to dial someone. I feel like at the last few seconds Hanna understands that something is wrong & she won’t be able to wake Caleb up or something

*Also, to wrap up, let me just carefully urge you guys to rewatch the finale of Ravenswood, as the understood interpretation of it was that Caleb died with the others.. but don’t watch too much, you don’t want to give Marlene those extra views she’s trying to get through this twisted plan. The way I see it, after Caleb is killed off next week, she’s going to manipulate everyone into understanding what really hapenned by watching Ravenswood, that haunted, idiotic spinoff. It seriously pisses me off how she won’t accept the fact that this stupid spinoff is cancelled and over with, and now she’s trying to shove it in the PLL storyline.

So there’s my really bad thought, as much as I hope I’m wrong, I see this coming and I just want to warn the Haleb shippers out there to be prepared. Thanks for sticking around through and for hearing me out but

Seriously AriA?


Full disclosure: I have an Aria is Uber A personal bias. If AriA theories/observations aren’t your thing then turn back now.

Right after Aria takes maybe one minute of her life to dump Liam, she keeps saying sorry. He tells her to stop saying sorry and sighs. (actions speak louder than words ARIA). After Liam sighs, she sighs, bites her lip, and rolls her eyes hardcore. 

Is she mad? Annoyed with Liam’s break up reaction? She is exhibiting zero empathy for someone she supposedly loved… Poor Liam. 

Not to mention, once Liam tells Aria he will be editing her and Ezra’s book…

Liam gets the last laugh in this break up because he is controlling Aria’s literary future…

Um… yeah I think it’s safe to say AriA is mad, furious even. Just look at that glare. She looks so evil. 

If Aria is Uber A, she must already be thinking of plan B and is probably annoyed that she underestimated Liam. 

What do you think? Stay tuned and follow me for more AriA season 7 clues and analysis! 

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