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10 ‘Huge’ Spoilers from US Weekly
  1. That baby is definitely coming. “We will see a baby” King said. “That story line is really one of the most out there story lines we’ve done”
  2. But also: The baby story line will blow your freakin’ mind. ‘Remember how King said in the paragraph above that the story line is “out there”? Let’s just say you should take her word on that.’
  3.  Toby is dead — or is he? Keegan Allen assured Us that Toby dies in that car crash at the end of the first half of season 7. But we’re going to go out on a limb and assume he’s pulling our leg.
  4. However, two major characters will indeed kick the bucket. King might have dreaded the idea of calling Allen to tell him his character is dead, but she did have to make that call to at least two — and possibly three! — cast members who play popular characters that get killed off in 7B. 
  5. A.D. is definitely not who you think it is. Tyler Blackburn claims about A.D., “You’ve never met them.” Say what?! He then clarifies, “You kind of have. When you see it, you’ll understand what I’m saying.”
  6. Wedding bells for Haleb? There will definitely be two weddings in 7B — one happens earlier in the season, and the other takes place during the finale. Benson says that Haleb will “100 percent” have a happy ending at the end of the series.
  7. Emison forever — right? Shay Mitchell (Emily) admits that it “would be satisfying” for Em and Alison to end up together, but she also thinks it would be fine if her character remained single.
  8. Say goodbye to Ms. Nice Mona. “She will definitely be in the thick of things — she’s going to try to help the Liars figure out what’s going on and solve the puzzle of who is A.D.,“ the actress says of her character. "You might see a little of darker Mona come back.”
  9. Ezria will always be Ezria. Ian Harding (Ezra) says that the pair will have a “rocky road” in 7B, but he also reveals that his character and Aria (Lucy Hale) will be getting quite hot and bothered at some point. He says of one upcoming 7B scene, “It will be the sexiest in history. I read it, and I was like, ‘Are we on HBO?’ But no, we’re on Freeform, also known as Freebase.” He adds that the same episode has a particularly gory scene, and when he read it, he thought, “There’s no way that’ll pass because it’s so bloody.”
  10. That finale will give you what you want. Except when it doesn’t. King is confident that the finale will give you what you want — but not necessarily what you think you want. “I’ve realized with the Mona reveal and the Toby surprise and the Charlotte reveal, there’s this fine line — hopefully I’ve learned from all of those — but there’s a fine line of people wanting to be surprised, yet not totally, completely surprised,” the producer tells Us.“They want to be a little bit right,” King continues about the show’s fans. “Somebody said recently, 'You always do the twist on the twist — that’s what makes your show different.’ This one has, I think, the biggest twist-on-the-twist we’ve ever done.”
The Phone Call

The first time Ezra’s phone rang and the unknown phone number flashed across his screen, he didn’t answer.

The second time it rang, he thought about answering, but let it go to voicemail.

When it rang a third time, in rapid succession, he excused himself from the queue at the coffee shop. Reaching out for Nicole’s arm with an apologetic look on his face, he handed her his wallet, then ducked into a quieter space down the hall. It was extremely early in the morning, and though it seemed like the airport terminal should have been deserted, there were plenty of people walking around. The phone was still buzzing in his hand, and as he lifted it to his ear, sliding his thumb across the lock screen, he kept an eye on Nicole through the glass storefront.

“Hello?” he said, his voice rough, detached, and a little bit irritated. He was sure that whoever was calling had to have the wrong number.


From the other side of the glass, Ezra watched Nicole turn in search for him; she was almost to the counter, but it didn’t look like she wanted to continue to stand in line alone. He raised a hand to her and she nodded back, still hesitant.

“Yes,” Ezra said, his attitude changing just slightly. The voice was familiar, but paired with the unknown number, he was having trouble placing it. “Who is this?”

“It’s Byron Montgomery.”

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  • Hanna: Give up!
  • Alison: I already have given up.
  • Me: *cries*
It Was Always You

Aria returned to her apartment to find Ezra home already, unpacking his suitcase in their bedroom. He had texted her when he was in a cab and on his way back, so she had left her friends to see him. She wasn’t sure if she was going to bring up what she saw during the news coverage, but the closer she got to greeting him, the more nervous she became. She had no idea what he wanted anymore. She had no idea if he wanted to reconsider their engagement.

“Hey,” she said, stepping into the bedroom. “How was your flight?”

“It was good,” he said, turning around to look at her. “A lot more relaxing than the first flight.”

“Where’s Nicole?” she asked casually, leaning against the doorframe. “Are you going back to New York with her?”

“She’s staying in a room at the Radley, and I don’t think so,” he replied. In all honesty, he hadn’t had a real plan beyond getting back to Rosewood. “Why?”

“You were so happy to see her, I wasn’t sure if you’d want to continue where you two left off.” Just saying these words was enough to break her heart into two. A lone salty tear slipped down her cheek, and she quickly wiped it away.

“I’m engaged, Aria.”

“But only because you thought she was dead,” she reminded him, dropping the truth that neither of them wanted to admit. “I couldn’t blame you if you were conflicted, or if you wanted to go back to her.” She couldn’t blame him, and she’d understand, but that isn’t to say she’d be okay with it, or that she wouldn’t want to hibernate for years to escape the pain she’d be left with. She thought she had her happy ending with the guy she was meant to be with, but now she could only imagine Ezra creating a future with Nicole. A wedding, a cute house, children…


“Did you think about your fiancée at all when you were there?” she interjected, needing to get out her feelings. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going back to find her?” The tears steadily began to fall, and she couldn’t keep up with them. She was devastated. As much as she tried to forget what she had seen on the live news coverage, and as much as she tried to deny that her fiancé was in love during the years she yearned to reunite with him again, she felt an immense loneliness that she couldn’t ignore.

Ezra was at a loss for words, so she kept talking.

“When you didn’t come home, I thought you were lying dead in a ditch somewhere. I thought I had lost you forever,” she admitted. She had been so understanding of the situation from the moment she returned to Rosewood. She wasn’t expecting anything in return. She supported him because she loved him. She held his hand while he cried about Nicole because she loved him. She cashed in their tickets to Italy so he could see Nicole because she loved him. But now, it started to feel like Ezra had taken advantage of her unconditional support. Did he love her the way she loved him? “I’m so glad that Nicole is safe, I am, but what about me? I feels like I don’t matter to you anymore.” She used her left hand to wipe the wetness around her eyes.

“It was always you,” he blurted out during the only opportunity he could. He grabbed a tissue from the nightstand, then handed it to her. He gently grabbed her hand and pulled her into the room until they were both sitting on the edge of the bed.

“What?” she asked, now using the tissue to blot her tears.

“It was always you I wanted to call when I had writer’s block. It was always you I wanted to watch old movies with. It was always you I wanted to share my pie with. It was always you I remembered when I saw the scar on my stomach.”

“You did all of that in Colombia but didn’t have a chance to call me?”

“No, Aria,” he said. “It was always you, during the five years we were living separate lives. When I was feeling down, or really happy, or when I published my first book…it was always you I wanted to share it with.”

With red eyes and wet cheeks, Aria’s lips turned ever so slightly into a small smile. She hadn’t expected to hear this.

“It was always you I wanted to share my life with,” he promised her. “You mean the world to me and I’m so sorry that I made you question that.”

Aria rested her head on his shoulder and he pulled her close into a comforting embrace. 

Lets talk about Ezria, shall we?

I openly ship Spoby and Emison and I’m still crying inside because Toby’s getting married and Sabrina is still here, but, I have always shipped Ezria and Haleb too, (PSA: I ship every one so don’t start that ship wars shit with me) so, let me tell you why the Ezria proposal was romantic, beautiful, and the right choice.

Reason 1: They’ve literally been together since day one.

I mean, granted Ezra knew who Aria was when they met, but their chemistry in a bad bar bathroom makes up for it.

Reason 2: They fought for each other for so long.

These two sacrificed everything just to have each other. Ezra risked his career, his entire life just to stay with Aria, Aria snuck around, kept him a secret from everyone, just so she wouldn’t ever lose him.

Reason 3: Aria gave herself to him, full and completely.

Aria chose to show Ezra how much she loved him, She didn’t have to, Ezra wouldn’t have made her, but she let him, she let him take her, she gave him her innocence and virginity.

Reason 4: Their first date is everything.

Ezra took Aria out for the first time and wasn’t going to let anything ruin the magic, He did it for her, someone may have recognized him, but he risked it because he loves her.

Reason 5: He was there for her after Shauna was killed. 

He could have gone to the police about Shauna because he knows she’s dead, but he didn’t he stayed for Aria, he knew Aria needed him and he stayed. And, speaking of New York….

Reason 6: He almost died for her

He literally took a bullet for her. He lost her, but he wasn’t going to let her walk away, he followed her to NYC and chased down the creep who was hurting her and her friends. He risked his life to save hers.

Reason 7: He never expected to fall in love with her

At the time he wrote that book, he never once considered the possibility that he might actually fall for Aria, but he did and proved it by destroying the book.

Reason 8: She saved his ass. (Again)

When Aria saw that Ezra’s future was in danger, she flung herself head first into the project without thinking about the potential consequences, like losing her job or her (Gag) Boyfriend Liam. All she saw was the love her life, and that she had to help him.

Reason 9: He always knew that she was one.

I couldn’t find the exact screencap for this but that’s not the point, the point is, ever since he saw her for the first time in years in 6x11 he’s known that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Reason 10: Ezra’s Proposal was so emotional.

Enough said.

I think the writers made the best choice with this one, Ezria has the most chemistry so far in the season and an Ezria wedding would never happen off screen, as Marlene said. I just want to know if she says yes though, damn.

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I take solace in reminding myself that, even though Spoby was royally screwed, they still proved to have the most mature relationship out of all of the fucked up ships on this damn show. Ezra and Aria were a joke from start to finish and nothing will ever justify what Ezra did. Caleb and Hanna have been and always will be the epitome of a reckless highschool relationship, riddled with toxic banter. And Emison was the biggest example of fan service, forced down our throats and rushed entirely.

Yeah, I feel that. As disgusted as I am with what they did to Spoby, it’s not like the endings for the other ships were appealing to me either (even with all the engagement, wedding, baby shit. Marlene has a strange idea of romance). Ezria was always going to be a joke to me no matter what - there was just no coming back from that. Emison is tricky because I feel like they could have had a satisfactory ending if they’d gone about it the right way, but we all know how that went. As for Haleb? They’re the ones that maybe stand out to me the most because of how these writers managed to turn a perfectly reasonable ship into something so gross that literally only the hardcore Haleb fans still tolerate them. Sure, we’ve had to deal with Spencer’s finickiness, Yvonne’s death and Toby freaking getting raped - again - by no other than Spencer’s identical twin, but then I look at Haleb and I’m oddly grateful they didn’t turn Spoby into that.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Season 1, Episode 9
“The Gang Broke Dee

Charlie: We’re actually gonna support you, Dee!
Mac: And now that you don’t care anymore, you’re not gonna gag on stage.
Charlie: You know, you’re right in that sweet spot between, like, suicidal and actually dead, where most comedians, they thrive there!

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This bitch played the spoby fandom! I am not even pissed at the fact they aren't definite endgame I'm pissed that what was given to us was not even spencer like, all the parallels to previous Spoby scenes! Ugh sorry I'm ranting I am just soooo done right now! But ezria will always get their happy ending, ugh so frustrated!

Everybody here knows I don’t like Sp*by but listen

They did that ship soooo fucking dirty at the end. Considering Toby is IMK’s fave character….like………………. wow… so y'all have my apologies for that shit

I Loved to Hate You PLL: A Farewell Letter

When I started PLL I was 16 or 17 years old and now I am 24. I watched the show cause I loved the books and although the books are waaaay better I still loved this fucking annoying ass show. Through countless A reveals and me rolling my eyes here are some last words I have to say.

-I’m team Ezria I’ve always been they deserve to be happy OK
-I HATE EMILY she was so annoying for a couple seasons that now when she speaks I just roll my eyes
-can I talk about how different the characters are from the book? Hanna is brunette, Aria is the same basically, Spencer is blonde, Emily IS A GINGER, and Ali… Sasha is exactly how I pictured Alison to look like but book Ali is NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH GUYS
-Marlene King should never be in charge of a show with a murder mystery plot ever fucking again
-I used to hate Spencer but honestly she’s the best one speaking of let me rank the liars REAL QUICK
5. Emily
4. Aria
3. Alison
2. Hanna
1. Spencer
Fight me if you want
-I know y'all love him but I fucking can’t stand Caleb he’s so annoying like if you’re so tech savvy why can’t you stop A?!?!
- if Melissa or Wren is A.D. I’m SUEING
- I really hope it’s someone shocking
1. Twincer
2. Melissa
3. Spencer’s Twin
4. Caleb
5. Lucas
-Mona was the best character on this fucking show sorry
-I really wished they made Ali more like book Ali that would’ve been amazing
-this show is the reason curling your hair came back
-imagine if Maya came back….
-pour it out for all the homies we lost on this show (but in retrospect did I like anyone that’s dead?)
-also the finale needs Jason’s hot ass
-im still attracted to Ezra and idc
-Shay Mitchell has the best hair I’ve seen on television don’t @ me

I’m gonna miss this dumb show. One of my best friends and I are only friends because we bonded over this show. In high school me and my friend wrote two harmless A notes and put them on the bathroom doors lol. This show has not only been a wild ride but has taught me that patience is a virtue. Fuck you Marlene and I love the cast and especially the liars. Y'all will always have an A shaped hole in my heart.

Saying goodbye to PLL and My Final Theories

Honestly, I’m so glad Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end. Although I’ve been so invested in this show for seven years and it was one of the reasons I made this blog in the first place, it is so time for it to be over.

My final theory on the identity of A.D. is… Ezra Fitz. I’ve always had my suspicions about him, I mean obviously he was a teacher who went for a sixteen year old girl, and don’t get me wrong I love Ezria and always have but that’s totally wrong and sketchy but this is a show so it’s really whatever. Ever since I read a theory posted by a PLL Facebook page, I was convinced Ezra was A. This theory was posted 7 years ago. So, I’ve really been on the whole Ezra is A train since then but strayed away after his “fake” reveal. I think he made up the book to cover up being A, like who needs all those pictures of the girls and other creepy things for a book? I think he had this plan in case they ever found out before he was done playing the game. In this theory, Wren and Melissa were also involved and I still believe that as well.

Really, I’ll be happy if it’s any of the three: Ezra, Wren, or Melissa. Or maybe all three? I don’t know.

I also wouldn’t mind if it were Alison, although I really don’t see that being possible now, but still.

Thank you PLL for a (pretty) great seven years. It’s been such a wild ride and I’m so glad I was on it. It’s one of those shows that really has impacted my life in a way I never thought possible.

Okay, I’m done rambling. Please respect my opinions and thoughts and please message me your final theories and thoughts! I’d love to hear them!


Super late but: Happy New Year to my PLL SQUAD♡

I know I haven’t been so active lately and I haven’t talked in a while with of you guys but I wanna you know that I remember you and I consider you an important part of the PLL fandom. I wish you a pretty good year for you and your loved ones! I send you a pretty big hug from Mexico City! And remember that in 4 months we’ll got the last of PLL! OMG! ♡ 

-Love, @ezrafrootgerald

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To the lovely ezria squad:

Guys, 2k17 is the year where ezria get married! yay! ♡

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also i literally physically g a g g e d when i heard emily’s line about always loving ezria together like was that Marlene, Part Time Wedding Photographer Full Time Life Waster, King’s way of taunting everyone that hates the ship one last time bc it felt like it n that’s exactly why i said she can eat my ass like a cupcake then rot
i used up the last of my time, patience, and vodka in two hours so thanks i guess