• cece:im not a bad person, ali
  • alison:you killed wilden!
  • cece:okay, but did he die??
  • alison:
  • cece:
  • alison:
  • cece:wait a sec
  • alison:
  • cece:
  • alison:
  • cece:fuck

does anyone else notice how emily is supposed to be the sweet cinnamon roll yet she’s always the one making the most graphic comments?

exhibit A

exhibit B

exhibit C

exhibit D

and my favorite, exhibit E

oh, my emily fields


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anonymous asked:

What do you think that "we did it, we really did it" means


So. many. possibilities.

So, most of us think it revolves around three different scenarios:

  1. They had sex
  2. They joined together to finish Ezra’s book (look at details in my spoilers if you don’t know what I mean)
  3. Or they got married

Now, this quote was from Marlene. Typically she only gives spoilers from her episodes. She only wrote 620 (the finale). So, sex? Crossing that off. I still think they’ll hook up, but that won’t revolve around the quote.

That leaves the book or they get married. I’m leaning more towards them finishing a book together, because it’s so hard for me to imagine the writers giving us something as amazing as them getting married. But it’s still a thought that’s in my head.

It still could be something completely different, those are just my theories. What about you guys?