GUYS!! Sudden realization. but didn’t Marlene make a tweet about BY + AM being members of the same family? and at first it didn’t make since to me but.. Bethany and Aria. what if they were twins? it would explain why Eddie from Radley recognized Aria. or thought he did. because he knew Bethany! It would explain the mirrors? honestly idk where I’m going with this but what do yall think??

Shana was working with Charles in New York? PLEASE READ AND TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS!!!

In Season 4 Shana says she knew Alison from Georgia and that they grew up together. She also says Alison got in touch with her and wanted her help in figuring out who A is so Shana moves to Rosewood and gets close with all the people Alison told her to get close to and in the process fell in love with Jenna.

In episode 5x01 at the hospital in New York, someone in a black hoodie who we assume was A, sent someone else a text telling them it was happening and to follow their lead. Is it possible that Charles and Shana were working together the entire time and knew each other from when they lived in Georgia? Could Charles be a reason Shana decided to turn her back on Alison?

Thoughts on 6x08

- Loved sneaky Ali
- and Hanna speaking her mind
- and A’s photos at the gallery, I was shocked af
- and Spanna following clues
- Ali and Tanner’s conversation was tense
- RED COAT, missed her
- at least we know what side she’s on now
- what’s up with Clark?
- Rhys????
- don’t like Nicole
- really don’t like Mr. D

I really thought this was a nice episode. At the beginning I was afraid it would be boring but it wasn’t. I’m really looking forward to prom and I do ship Charcoat.