“Will Aria & Ezra Have A Baby In Time-Jump?“

“Aria, Ezra To Have A Baby?“

“Lucy Hale Teases Aria-Ezra Baby“

These headlines on articles though. Knowing this was just Lucy being her Ezria shipping self and not actually giving a spoiler messes with my heart.

But just…. imagine. 

I need to see a Daisy Fitz before PLL ends. I just… ugh. *cries*


“Uuhhh,” Aria groaned as Daisy’s cries filled the room.

“I’ll go,” Ezra sighed pulling the covers down to enable him to get out of bed.

It was 3:30am and the 8 month old was teething which was resulting in several sleepless nights.

“Thank you,” Aria mumbled back sleepily even though she wouldn’t fall back to sleep until Ezra returned and she knew Daisy was okay.

Daisy was completely unexpected. Aria had gone back to Rosewood for the Christmas Holidays during her junior year of college and she had met up with Ezra at The Brew. The former couple had spent several hours talking before tumbling into Ezra’s bed.

Two months later Aria had sat in the small bathroom that she shared with two other girls clutching three positive pregnancy tests in her hand (she’d been sure that the first two were faulty).

She’d jumped on the first available flight back to Pennsylvania and was knocking on Ezra’s door at 1am in the morning.

The moment Ezra opened the door Aria had burst into tears, Ezra had wrapped his arms around her and guided her inside.

For about twenty minutes the only sounds in Ezra’s apartment had been Aria’s sobs and Ezra whispering soothingly to her.

Eventually Aria had lifted her head up from its position on Ezra’s shoulder, wiped her eyes and quietly whispered, “I’m pregnant.”

Aria had told Ezra how scared she was and he’d assured her that he would be there to support her 100%.

Several hours later they were curled up under a blanket on Ezra’s couch when Aria said, “I want this.”

“You’re sure?” Ezra asked.

“Yeah,” Aria smiled and wrapped her arms around Ezra’s neck.

“We’re going to be parents.”

Ezra had hired a manager to oversee the day to day running of The Brew, he’d rented out his apartment and moved to Savannah to be with Aria.

Seven months later they’d welcomed their beautiful 7lb 3oz baby daughter Daisy Grace into the world.

Ten minutes after he’d gone to check on their daughter Ezra walked back into their bedroom carrying Daisy in his arms.

“She won’t settle,” he told Aria. “And I figured that since we’ll both be awake until she goes back to sleep I might as well bring her into our bed.”

Aria sat up and Ezra placed the baby into her arms before sitting down next to her.

Daisy eventually fell into a peaceful slumber, Aria rested her head on Ezra’s shoulder and smiled. 

Sure they were a little unconventional, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

(Ezra goes into the class, writes his name on the board, turns around and it turns out that he is the man that met Aria in the bar. He sees her)
Ezra: Holy crap.
(Everyone looks at Aria who sees him, her phone rings & she is embarrassed)
Aria: Sorry.
Ezra: Uh, I’m Mr. Fitz, your new English teacher.