Tonight we will be one episode closer to the finale, I am officially f*cking scared. Gather your belongings, it’s code red, I REPEAT, code red. Yeah, you heard me right, a reveAl, once again, but this is not a drill people. C`mon move, move, we have to get ready, everything you can’t carry you leave behind, like high expectations or hope for answers. You know how it works, cry your eyes out and feel disappointed, this is not our first rodeo people. 

Ever since Marlene gave us the clue about the new character “Reese” who looks a lot like Jason.. We all assumed that he was being played by Justin Fix. Then, today the Canadian Promo was released and we saw that “Reese” is actually spelt “Rhys” and it isn’t Justin Fix!

At first I couldn’t recognize who the actor was. Then I remembered that a while ago Marlene had posted the pictures above (I can’t remember if it was one of them or both but for some reason I remember seeing both pictures). I tried to find the tweet but couldn’t find it cuz it was a while ago, so I don’t remember what the caption was. But “Rhys Matthews” is actually played by Patrick Schwarzenegger (yes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son lol), and he really does look EXACTLY like Jason!! The picture on the right literally could be Jason.. It’s actually kinda creepy lol.

Anyway, now that we know this, we’re left with even more questions.. Like, Who the hell is this Rhys Matthews character? How and why is he important to the story? Does he own The Carissimi Group? Why did he sign that check? Who is Justin Fix really playing? All we know about his character is that he’ll be in 6x09, was that him dressed as The Beast at the prom talking to Ali, or was it Rhys? WTF IS GOING ON?!!? Lol I can’t deal 🙈

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Summer of Answers? More like summer of side plots no one wants and wasting time chasing after people who clearly are not Charles, with the smallest hope that the final episode will actually answer all the questions and plot holes from every single episode in 40 freaking minutes or less.


Fitzgerald connection to Sanitariums?

So I was research on how sanitariums treat their patients (not much there besides a disturbing Pinterest) and I got to this homepage talking about sanitariums and when I scrolled down to the related posts you get “F. Scott Fitzgerald” and when you read it, it talks about his wife Zelda Montgomery developing schizophrenia and staying in Asheville before dieing in a fire in the hospital eight years after Fitzgerald died.

This article was written in 2010

  • Me:So do you watch Pretty Little Liars?
  • My date:Yeah, but I only watch it because the girls on the show are so hot-
  • Me, shoving breadsticks in my purse:I'm terribly sorry. I have to get going-
  • My date:But as I was watching it, I noticed something odd in the mid-season 5 finale...
  • Me, taking the breadsticks out of my purse along with a laptop:Okay, *dusts off laptop and opens it* so do you want to compare notes because I think I'm on the verge of a breakthough