pll’s otps cute sayings (pt 2)

spoby: you look like crap

ezria: pies

haleb: are you stalking me 

emison: who sharpened your tongue, little girl?

hannily: shut up, hanna

sparia: taste this, its disgusting


spanna: why were you smelling the door knob

spemily: the sluttier the better

The whole Travis Winfrey scandal is not about Emison, it’s not about us being pissed that Emily and Alison aren’t together. Its about Sasha and it’s about all the women and teenagers who watch the show and are offended by his disgusting comments. If he stays on the show, it means he won, and that his degrading and offensive comments about women are okay. That’s why he should get fired. If he had apologized after fans asked him too, maybe it would have been okay, if he apologized and deleted the post after both her best friend and her boyfriend confronted him then it would’ve been okay. But he didn’t, instead he posted a pic stating that he doesn’t care about Sasha and our feelings. This is not okay, and an apology is not going to cut it now. He needs to get fired because he’s disrespectful to women and a main cast member.