ezraye of buxton

hey, i’m looking to buy some mushrooms. *giggle*

really though, I’m doing a landscaping project that requires a zillion mushrooms. so if you are just selling yours to Re-Tail for profit, please sell them to me instead! I’ll pay more! and also I’ll take your picture and talk about you on my blog and you’ll be famous. 

so. you got some mushrooms?
1. add my friend code 1693-2502-9887
2. send me an ASK with your FC, mayor/town info. tell me your time zone and when you are usually available. (I am EST usa and usually available very late at night.)
3. bring mushrooms, get paid! bags of bells! yay bells!

p.s. this post is queued. I am expecting my son Oliver to be born ANY DAY NOW. so if you write me like “hey ezraye, i have some sweet mushrooms, lets hang out and play some hide-n-seek tonight” and you get no response, it’s probably because I AM HOLDING MY GORGEOUS SON. Or sleeping. or hanging out with my mother in law. or changing diapers. or cleaning up puke. or eating Oliver’s tiny little baby feet. or laying in bed next to Oliver and Sprout and watching as he breast feeds and falls asleep on her chest. and rubbing his back ever so lightly with my fingertips, just the way I have rubbed Sprout’s belly all through her pregnancy.

SIGNAL BOOST WOULD BE LOVELY since a doubt very few people have more than like 5 mushrooms to sell me. and I want like a hundred.