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rosekun25  asked:

Hello! Excuse me, I dont mean to be a pest but is season two out yet? I keep seeing new screenshots in my groups But I cant find any new episodes! Thanks in advance!!!!!!! :)


Season 2 is planned to have an international release date for Autumn 2017, as confirmed by Jeremy Zag on Instagram

Ezray replied to a comment on June 3rd saying a provisional recording plan has been emailed to him. This outlines as to when recording will start for the English dub.

Check out the Miraculous Ladybug Wikia for more information, but I hope this helps!


We love #EZRAY !!!

What Did Maya Know?

Wanted DeAd or Alive was about Aria struggling to accept Ezra’s marriage proposal because she just killed/buried Rollins. 

Of course it made me think of what Mona said in Radley, “Miss Aria you’re a killer not Ezra’s wife.” Which we all know is an anagram for “Maya Knew.”

I always thought it was important that Aria & Ezra were mentioned in that sentence. Mona chose her words carefully. My #1 choice for A has always been Ezra, and I firmly believe Mona is still working for him. 

Maybe this meant that Maya knew A’s identity…Ezra

I have never believed that Maya was murdered by Nate. A killed her because she knew too much. She did live in Ali’s house for awhile, and could have stumbled upon something she shouldn’t have. 

Mona LET the girls figure out she was A, it was set up. She was supposed to take the fall so Uber A could keep torturing them in the shadows. This couldn’t have been CeCe because Mona had supposedly never met her until she was admitted to Radley. 

The sentence “Don’t they know that’s what we want?” always stood out to me. WHO IS WE


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Rules: Bold all the things that apply to you!

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If anyone wants to do it, go for it! :) xxx

Mini Theories Based on I’m a Good Girl, I am.

A Few Mini Theories based on Tonight’s Episode

Aria & Ezra

I know Aria might not be A but that girl is so sketch it’s ridiculous! I know she wants to protect Mike. But those crazy eyes and the way she is freaking out leads me to believe that if everyone finds out who A is, they might also find out about her involvement in the whole A thing. I also noticed how much Ezra also didn’t want Mike to testify. And personally I didn’t think it was just because he cares about Aria. I think they both have a lot at stake if everyone discovers who A is. Remember when Tanner says that she thought Aria was a part of the complication? Well I think she and Ezra really are slowing down the process of finding out who A is. In monariaisa‘s theory about Aria slowing coming apart (found here) she talks about how if you watch the show backwards, you can see Aria actually getting better and more stable instead of slowly breaking down like she has been since season 3. I definitely saw that so much in this episode. 

Ella Montgomery

A part of me really felt like Ella Montgomery has been more involved with everything in Rosewood. More than we think. Maybe I’ll do a theory on it. The fact that she really doesn’t want to help Alison and seemed to be against Aria, seemed so weird because she has always been on her kids’ sides. And that dig she made at Aria about confiding in her favorite teacher was super harsh and downright aggressive. I think it’s interesting that Aria mentions she can’t find a quote and Ella suggests Hamlet. See in Hamlet, Hamlet returns home after a summer in school in a different country to his father’s funeral and that his mother has betrayed him and his father’s memory by getting together with her husband’s brother. Aka his uncle. The story line is actually very similar to the Montgomery’s story. Coming back from Iceland. Ali is dead. Ella separates from Byron. So could it be a hint as to the fact that Ella, like Hamlet’s mom, is not to be trusted? It wouldn’t surprise me if Ella wasn’t drunk on wine “that night” and she had more to do with everything that happened. Plus that mostly black outfit screamed A material to me. The whole Montgomery family is f’ed up. 

[Side Note: Is it weird that they make Ella’s hair look exactly like Aria’s all the time? It’s a little weird. I noticed it a lot this episode. In one moment Ella was looking to the side and you couldn’t see her face and honestly it creeped me out how much she looked like Aria. I read a theory by rosewoodspy about how similar Aria and Ella look. So I’m excited to see if there’s a reason why they do this.]

Caleb and Ezra

I am so sure that Caleb and Ezra used to work together: where Caleb used to do work for Ezra. In my theory about Ezra’s research (linked here), we see that Ezra jots down that Caleb is good at hacking and computer stuff and that it might come in handy. So maybe it’s just me, but in the scene in tonights episode where Caleb says “otherwise I will,” it means that Caleb has something to say or knows something that he has sworn not to tell from when he was working with Ezra. I can definitely see that as a possibility. Rewatch the scene and let me know what you think.

Arrows and Pepper Spray 

I think it’s possible A was shooting the arrows. While Andrew was the one who pepper sprayed and tied up Mike to get back at Aria for talking to Ezra instead of him. It’s obvious that he has obsessive tendencies and he really plays the role of creepy to the ‘t.’ There is also the possibility that he was doing both. Shooting the arrows because he wanted to kill/hurt Mike and also hurt Ezra because he’s extremely jealous. 

Ali’s Verdict

Seeing Ali get charged as guilty literally BROKE MY HEART. I never thought I would feel bad for Ali and in that moment my heart broke for her because I truly believe that she didn’t kill Mona. And the fact that she won that archery diploma because of a lie killed me inside. 

I loved the comparison to the To Kill A Mocking Bird trial where Atticus proves that Tom Robinson couldn’t have raped Mayella because of his handedness. Now I know Aria, Spencer, and Emily are being put in jail for the whole Ice Cream Factory incidence. 

Final Thoughts:

Tanner was a complete ass. I wanted to hurl her over a cliff. “THIS TOWN HAS IT SO ASS BACKWARDS.” I want to know why A only put Spencer’s doll in the Dollhouse and not all the other girls. So psyched about the Finale! What about you guys? Let me know your thoughts on my mini theories!