“The first two days that we were shooting in groups, I was bursting out loud, laughing all the time. One moment I’m being super serious and I have the sword and the shield, and everyone is dressed so beautifully and everyone looks so strong, just like in the comic books. And then they cut, and I look to my sides and I’m like ‘what? what are we doing!’ It’s like costumes, it’s like Halloween. It was really really funny.” - Gal Gadot on Justice League

Barry: hey, wanna watch a movie?

Diana: sure, which one?

Barry: I don’t know, lemme see… Oh, I got Captain America?

Diana: What’s it about?

Barry: oh, it’s so good! It’s about a pilot named Steve, he fights in the WW and he dies in a plane crash but the catch is-


Barry: are you ok-