So…. This is Zalgaroth.. or haha you can call him Spencer. 

I’m kinda really nervous about posting him. infact I’m like super scared but…. yeah here’s one of my err… characters. :l…. idk.  he’s like a Water Dragon Demon thing magic dude or whatever the heck but. yeah like. :l. 

(he doesn’t have eye make-up by the way, it just kinda looks that way cuz his iris is dark blue and his pupil is gold)

His design is still up in the air, especially the dragon. like. idk. but yeah. idk. he’s like a male version of my character Ezra, who is also a dragon demon magic person or whatever the heck. 

idk maybe I can make them related or something who knows haha 

but yeah. idk. :l 


Okay, I don’t know what it is, but I never liked Ezra & I still don’t like Ezra to this day. Something about him way always so off and creepy to me and the more we find out about his character the creepier he gets.

First of all, if you think back to when he “found out” that Aria was a high school student, he literally lost his shit on Aria. Then in season 4, we find out that, oh wait, you already knew that my friend. Not only that, but he knowingly used Aria and hooked up with an under aged girl that he was fully aware went to the school he was going to be teaching at, IN A BAR BATHROOM. Like I’m sorry, but that’s a little terrifying and creepy. Like Aria was sixteen in the pilot, and he would have to have been at least twenty two. Which not only is illegal, but is a weirdly large age gap.

Second, we spend an entire season focusing on Ezra is A, only to be told the most bullshit excuse on the entire planet, it was for a book. YOU DONT SET UP SECURITY CAMERAS ON THE ENTIRE TOWN AND PAY PEOPLE TO SPY ON OTHERS FOR YOU AND CREATE A LAIR JUST FOR A BOOK! You don’t move to a city and apply at a job and start sleeping with the under aged best friend of the girl you’re “writing a novel about.” That is absolutely terrifying. He knew all of the girls before he even applied to teach at rosewood and got involved with Aria knowing exactly who she was and how old she was and that she was a student. YOU DONT DO ALL OF THAT TO “WRITE A TRUE CRIME NOVEL.” You do that if you’re a sociopath stalking and tormenting them. Not only that, but are we forgetting about the gas mask costume Ezra was wearing when spencer sliced his hand in the house in ravenswood? Not only that, but he was monitoring the fucking police scanners. HOW DOES AN ENGLISH TEACHER KNOW HOW TO HACK SECURITY CAMERAS. Also, are we forgetting about the giant mass of cash in his bedroom drawer after Alison’s body was stolen and Jason offered a reward for information?

On top of all of this, what do we really know about Ezra? We know he has a brother. We know his mother, and we know he had a crazy ex girlfriend who pretended her child was his. Other than that, what do we really know? He was creepy and hit on Alison before Aria? What about when he creepily showed up on the ghost train when he wasn’t even on it? Or the sketch behaviour when he sent Aria to get chickpeas and then went to his sketchy perv cellar. Why the fuckity fuck did his lair have giant blown up pictures of Alison hung on the walls in order to research a book. WHY IS THAT NECESSARY??? We know very little about his parents or his home life. He always said he didn’t feel like a Fitzgerald.

Maybe it’s just the fact that Ian is so much better at being a bad guy than a good guy, but something about him just seemed so weird and off to me. And I know the chances of Marlene making him A or making him involved are very little because of Ezria but I find him very very creepy. Honestly I never liked Ezria from the beginning. That relationship right from the beginning is the billboard for what not to do in a relationship. It has never, nor do I think it ever will be a healthy relationship. It was fucked from the beginning. All of the boys mysteriously disappeared in the episode where Tanner was looking for the dollhouse way back when. I don’t know what it is, but he’s sketch.

also: side comment, HANNA IS AN IDIOT. On what fucking planet does she think she can outsmart anyone involved with the A team. Honestly. Did she really think that she could just effortlessly drug Noel, no problem, and torture answers out of him? What was she planning on doing? Dragging his unconscious body out of the bar through the bar customers and out the front doors? Is she even strong enough to do that? And hitting him in the head with a fucking metal bar? REALLY? That’s great, let’s just hit him in the fucking head in front of his cabin where video cameras have been set up and give A more things to show the police. Like what was she planning on doing? Showing up to the police station with an unconscious Noel and saying “hey so I have this unconscious tormentor with me that I beat with a metal rod but I have literally no evidence whatsoever that he was involved in tormenting me 5 years ago.” BITCH REALLY?

also: Ezra can go live in the Colombian forests with Nicole & leave Jaria because LOOOOVEEEE. The way Jason looks at Aria is just the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Like she is literally a queen to him and she deserves someone like that not her high school English teacher that spent months stalking her and her friends for “a novel.”


Ezra at the premiere of Suicide Squad