May The 4th Be With You!!
I don’t have the time for color because when I want to color it, I look for reference and I open one episode of Rebels and I start watching and never stop again…That’s must be the force in this show.

Here is one of my AU head canon.

If Anakin never turned to dark side, If Emperor is killed in EP03, if order 66 is never happened, if the jedi order won the clown wars. 

Then, kanan - or he would only have the name Caleb - would still be a padawan until he became a jedi knight. And Ezra would go to Jedi Temple when he was very young and be friend with little Luke and Leia(They have the same birthday, don’t they?). Then the force let them met and became master and padawan as the same. They’d be the most funny and noisy duo and have the most questions together which made Master Windu headache and Master Depa cannot help smile. And even master Skywalker would admit they are more annoying then him and Ahsoka…maybe…maybe we should ask Obi-wan…

And maybe later when they have a mission on Ryloth and met Captain Hera from Ryloth Army and Sabine, Zeb, Chopper as her crew. They’d form a happy team and guard the peace and save the day forever.

Well that’s an AU never happened. But I can have my imagination!!


SUPER goofy selfies per request of languageandperspectives, ezrakoenigsscarf and countedflaws (thanks for the tag in this 20 beautiful women challenge ily :’))

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Ezra ‘Aladdin had a baby with Jim Hawkins’ Bridger, Space-DILF… and I don’t know, Princess Kida?

Kidding kidding, I know who Ahsoka is. 

Story time! Back when Lucasfilm first set up an animation studio in my home country, Clone Wars was kind of a point of national pride for us. It used to be on every staurday - the big selling point was ‘look at it! we made this!!’ - and I’d watch it with my family.

I didn’t watch anything else but Clone Wars (and I only got into ‘rebels’ because they promised us Ahsoka) so you can imagine I barely understand ANYTHING about Star Wars…

…It took five years before I realized precious boyband-haired buttoned nosed babychild Anakin and Darth Vader were the same guy. ;;;;

Happy may 4th!

TG: That’s a great question, and it definitely pertains to season 2 and hopefully further. Ezra definitely shows signs of maybe a propensity to go that way, to the Dark Side. Because of how he grew up, he feels so jaded towards everybody. He was on his own, and he hates the Empire, but he also didn’t really like anyone to start out with; it’s the perfect recipe for someone strong in the Force to go to the Dark Side. Luckily, he has Kanan and the Rebels, and Kanan definitely recognizes that he could possibly go that way.

Taylor Gray on Ezra and the dark side

The blueberry continues to teeter between the sides of the force



Best Tv series + best theme song. Looking forward to season 2…



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