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Ezra’s 32nd Birthday Project

Hello everyone! So Ezra’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to do something special for him! holmesandwhatson made this lovely header which everyone voted would be best to tweet at Ezra for him to make his twitter header!

  •   On this Friday, April 8th, please tweet at Ezra (@arze) the hashtag #HAPPYBDAYFLOWERBOYEZ along with the image below and tell him we made this header for him! (You can add any other bday message you want to your tweet if you wish)

 It’s honestly the least we can do for Ezra’s birthday and hopefully we can get it trending and make this his header!! If you don’t want to tweet the image just make sure you use the hashtag!! Please spread the word and get as many people on board!! If anybody on twitter could also spread the message to twitter please help (Just make sure you dont @ ezra on twitter cuz I sorta want it to be surprise)! 

Ezria Wedding Clues (Updated)

Note: These are clues pointing to an Ezria wedding and Ezria proposal, NOT the fact that Ezria are together. We’ve had more clues about Ezria getting back together, but this does not focus on that.

  1. At Paley Fest 2015, Marlene told Patrick J. Adams that he might need to come on the show to be someone’s best man. He played Hardy, Ezra’s best friend. Marlene later tweeted me and once again hinted that Hardy will be back.
  2. Marlene DMed me last year promising that Ezria will have a happy ending.
  3. Marlene tweeted a fan last year saying that “I would never have an Ezria wedding off-screen,” meaning she wouldn’t have them get married NOT on TV.
  4. Lucy has hinted many times recently in interviews. “I can say something very special and romantic happens for my character that a lot of the fans of the show will appreciate.” Later, she said, “Something pretty special happens in their lives” about Ezria. She also said they have a lot of “impactful scenes” and she’s filmed a lot with him. (Yes, I know, ‘impactful’ is not a word.)
  5. Ian said that season is very romantic, “at least to him.”
  6. Executive producer, Charlie Craig, said that there are a lot of exciting developments for Ezria’s relationship this season, in the first half and second half. Then Marlene said that the proposal is in the summer season and the wedding is in the winter season. Hmm?
  7. Troian hinted that Spoby aren’t endgame. Tyler personally doesn’t think that Haleb have developed enough in time for the wedding. They mentioned Emison when talking about the wedding, kinda making it a little too obvious for it to be them. (Not that it would be them anyway.)

Clues Suggesting That the Proposal Already Happened!!

  1. Ian described the season as “joy is suspicious.” This means that they’re likely very happy until something happens later on. This would make more sense to have the engagement first, and then, for example, Nicole comes back and they’re engaged.
  2. Marlene said this while they were filming 7x09. “But it’s going to be very, very romantic. All of the Liars are getting epic romance this season. They’re having a lot of fun with it. At the table read, when the proposal was read out loud, a lot of people were crying, especially the Liars, because it’s so romantic.” This means the table read has already happened for the proposal.
  3. Lucy has been wearing the same ring on her ring finger for a couple episodes, at least that we can see of it.
  4. Assuming Ian is talking about the proposal when talking about Ezria romance, and Lucy is talking about the proposal when talking about Ezria romance, it already would’ve been filmed several episodes ago.
  5. Shay posted a snap of Lucy and immediately deleted it. I never saw it, but perhaps you could see the ring in the video? (This is a less obvious clue.)

This is the picture Lisa posted where you can see Aria wearing a large ring on her ring finger. 

And, later on, she took this picture for a sponsored post. Notice she took the ring off. Why would she take it off? 

There’s also a video on Snapchat of Lucy wearing it. You can find it here. (It’s easier to see as a video.)