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Ezra’s 32nd Birthday Project

Hello everyone! So Ezra’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to do something special for him! holmesandwhatson made this lovely header which everyone voted would be best to tweet at Ezra for him to make his twitter header!

  •   On this Friday, April 8th, please tweet at Ezra (@arze) the hashtag #HAPPYBDAYFLOWERBOYEZ along with the image below and tell him we made this header for him! (You can add any other bday message you want to your tweet if you wish)

 It’s honestly the least we can do for Ezra’s birthday and hopefully we can get it trending and make this his header!! If you don’t want to tweet the image just make sure you use the hashtag!! Please spread the word and get as many people on board!! If anybody on twitter could also spread the message to twitter please help (Just make sure you dont @ ezra on twitter cuz I sorta want it to be surprise)!