ezra x wren

  • Luke: Sabine's carrying a Grudge
  • Ezra: She'll get over it. How about you, carrying anything?
  • Luke: What, Mara? We're cool. Giving each other our space.
  • Ezra: ...
  • Luke: I'm seeing Castila now.
  • Ezra: ...
  • Luke: ...I'm very happy.
  • Ezra: ...Uh huh?
  • Luke: anyway, why are we always talking about my love life? What's going on between you and Sabine?
  • Ezra: Nothing! She's a respected colleague!
  • Luke: ...Uh huh?
  • Ezra: I don't have time to pursue a relationship, my work's too important for distractions. Sabine's a remarkable woman, she's a valued friend, she's.... standing right behind me, isn't she?
  • Sabine: Don't let that stop you, keep digging!

Ezra & Wren - If You Were Gay (by B25Revi)

Star Wars Rebels Headcanon

Sabine ships Kanan and Hera and is always trying to get them together. Like, for example, last Christmas she put mistletoe up everywhere they went, but it backfired when Ezra thought she was doing it for him.


the ship is strong with this clip perhaps sabine can save ezra from the darkside 


So here, we have Ezra from 4x18 “Hot for teacher” and Charles and Red Coat in the latest episode. A lot of people have been connecting Ezra and the chairs (they’re the same) to the scene of Charles and Red Coat. However in the 4x18 screenshot Ezra is in the Cabin he was “looking after for a friend”. So, that has me questioning, should we be questioning Ezra or the fact that Ezra was in the cabin he was looking after for a friend?, the owner of that cabin and where that chair is probably still located? The Cabin could be the new A lair?

The Cabin screams Wren to me, for these main reasons:

this picture is in the cabin ^ similar to Wren’s colouring in of the drawing he showed Mona and asks of her emotional response in radley (below) - It also slightly resembles the flashback barn video.

The rowing oars that Aria and Spencer grab as defense weapons

Wren mentions he rowed for Oxford in the Pilot.

Also > (although this isn’t a huge clue) the fact that tea (stereo-typically British), and the making of, is mentioned a few times whilst they’re there.
> Ezra mentions the friend lets him use the cabin when he is “out of the country”. Being in England is definitely “out of the country”.
>  A few episodes earlier we were confirmed Wren was in England after we saw Shana shipping something off to their British address.
Also can I add that Shana could have been working for Wren, AKA Charles, which is why we see her shipping stuff to him, and also explains why Aria was never grilled or blackmailed into anything, for killing Shana? He could have taken it as a convenience, seeing as she had her own agenda in avenging Jenna?

okie that is all.