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Ahh Im obsessed with how sketchy Aria was this episode. Like that complicated computer and phone hacking is not stuff that you learn in one morning. Especially when she was pretty distracted with the Nicole news on the TV while she was with Hanna and Caleb. Plus Im loving the bitchy side of Aria finally coming out that stood up to Sidney, it was great 

Also am I the only one hoping that Nicole was at Ezra’s apartment because Ezra hasn’t been with her this entire time but was rather doing sketchy A.D business, either as a helper or the mastermind behind the planning of it all, and this will tie in with the dark side of Aria that Lucy hinted towards!!!

 This is the first episode in a long time that had me this excited at the end. 

Aria killed Cece

I haven’t watched the whole of 7x17 yet but I saw the musical clip on YouTube and have just started watching the episode.

In the opening scene, AD says “you either deliver that gift or you’re getting hitched in CELL BLOCK SEVENTEEN”.

Aria’s dream is a musical sequence, that is very much like a scene from Chicago, The Musical, ‘Cell Block Tango’.

These are the lyrics Velma (a lead character):

‘My sister, VERONICA (she’s in Aria’s dream) and I had this double act and my husband, Charlie, traveled around with us.
Now, for the last number in our act, we did 20 acrobatic tricks in a row.
One two three four, five…splits, spread eagles, back flips,flip flops, one right after the other.
Well, this one night we were in the HOTEL CICERO (The Radley Hotel and Cicero College - looking for Mrs Grunwald - Aria was the only liar that wasn’t there), the three of us, sittin up in the hotel room boozin’ and havin’ a few laughs (the liars were drinking in the Radley Hotel, the night Cece was killed) and WE RUN OUT OF ICE (Hanna went to get ice and saw Aria). SO I GO OUT TO GET SOME. I come back, open the door and there’s Veronica and Charlie doing Number SEVENTEEN (AD says “Cell Block 17”) - the spread EAGLE (a type of bird - Drake/Wren).

Aria could have killed Cece but may not remember.

When Caleb asked Ezra to help him locate the game???
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Caleb:</b> Hey Ezra want to help me find this thing you don't know about?<p/><b>Ezra:</b> Sure thing, ex-student! I'll get Aria.<p/><b>Caleb:</b> *coughs* No, sorry... We all hate Aria now. Can YOU just come and help US?<p/><b>Ezra:</b> Oh, okay. Sounds good!<p/></p><p/></p>
Can I just point out this parallel?

In Season 3, Episode 18:

Spencer had just found out about Toby being a part of the A team. She hired a P.I. to follow him so she could track where he went and what he’s doing… Using the key that he had dropped when he attacked Hanna at her fake intern interview. The P.I. tracked the key back to a single apartment, and when she told the P.I. this:

So basically, in case anyone misunderstood this, she means that she knows Toby is A, and he has tabs on her. He knows what she’s up to, so he knows she is trying to track down that Apartment. So if she got to the Apartment and opened the door, and the A lair was there, then she would still have hope in their relationship, because it meant that Toby was LETTING her see it. Almost like he led her there… which would mean he still cared about her. But if she got there and it wasn’t the A lair, then she would know that there was no hope, and that he really was on the A team for real.

So later, She goes the the Apartment and what does she see?

NOTHING. She see’s nothing, besides some ripped pieces of what appears to have been pictures that are stuck to the walls.

And she realizes that he took everything out so she COULDN’T see it.

Then, skip forward to Season 4, Episode 20:

Aria begins to suspect Ezra, especially after Spencer blurted out that he was A, and then when he made a suspicious comment about how Toby’s “dead body” in the woods had a tattoo and a helmet.. And she realized that he should have never known that detail.

And to Remind You: Ezra was JUST seen in his lair at the cabin in 4x18 when Aria spent the weekend with him there… But by the time we get to 4x20, only about a day has passed since then.


4x18: FRIDAY/SATURDAY. Aria and Ezra spend their weekend at the cabin together. Ezra sends Aria on a chickpea run, and he goes down to his lair. This is what we see:

4x19: SUNDAY. The girls go to the school on a Sunday (while Ezra and Aria are still away) and retrieve the diary from Ezra’s desk. Spencer has her big long film noir dream. Aria and Ezra return Sunday night from their weekend at the cabin.

4x20: MONDAY/TUESDAY. The girls are trying to avoid Aria because of what they know, and they haven’t talked to her all weekend. Ezra tells Aria about Spencer’s addiction, and she tells Emily and Hanna. They give her an intervention at Spencer’s house that night. The next day, Aria goes to Ezra’s apartment and tells him about how defensive Spencer was. Ezra slips up and says something suspicious that makes Aria curious, so she drives out to the cabin and snoops. When she get’s there, she finds the floor hatch and opens it, then proceeds to enter into the basement. This is what she finds:

NOW, I know that… to Aria… this means absolutely nothing. But that’s because she has no idea that there was once a Lair there. WE have seen that, but none of the girls have. So Aria didn’t really know what she was supposed to be looking for. She probably was just thinking, “oh, a basement I haven’t seen before.” Nbd, right?

But to me, I think this is supposed to be a parallel to 3x18, and all of us viewers are supposed to make this connection. When Toby moved the A lair so that Spencer couldn’t see it, that was Spencer’s way of knowing that it was real, and that Toby truly betrayed her. Now we see that Ezra did the same thing…


They were there on Sunday together, and she came back to snoop on Tuesday. He must have made sure that the lair had been cleared out in just that small amount of time. 

AND, It just so happens that a carnivore book is sitting right out in the open, and hiding his story? Of course that would look suspicious to Aria… to just see a carnivore book hanging around Ezra’s cabin when she is vegan, and he typically eats vegan food along with her. Especially since she was just there with him on Sunday, and that book definitely wasn’t there when she was there.

And another IMPORTANT thing to think about, if he felt the need to clear out his lair in the basement… then it’s because he knew that Aria was hot on his tail. And he knew he needed to act fast and clear it out. JUST LIKE Toby did in 3x18

So if he knew that Aria was coming, and he knew he needed to move the lair… Then why the hell would he just leave a carnivore book hanging around for Aria to see? WITH his crime book about Ali hiding in it?

Because he WANTED her to find it. 

I feel like that is the only logical explanation at this point.

Now I’m not saying he isn’t writing a true crime book about Ali… because he very obviously is. We can’t deny that at this point. But I don’t think his secrets end there. I think if he is really that “reporter who would do anything to get the story,” then he most likely also got involved with the A team in order to gain more information. 

He obviously knew that Spencer was onto him, and that she figured out he was somehow involved. So he needed to throw out some bait for Aria to take, so that they wouldn’t find out the whole truth. I think he told Aria about the novel so that the girls wouldn’t suspect him of anything else.

Not to mention, I have found PROOF that we have seen A in his lair. (click here for that theory/proof). So sure, A could have simply broken in… but with the parallel that this episode had to 3x18, I’m guessing Ezra really just has more to hide. 

Why show Aria the book but not the lair? Probably because they are two separate things.

Definitely something to think about.

And I know a lot of you are going to disagree with this because all the Writers have been confirming that Ezra isn’t A. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t involved with A somehow. And why would they come right out and say that he was A anyways? They wouldn’t. They would want to keep something like that a secret, obviously.

And have we forgotten that they told us for a long time in season 1 and 2 that A was NOT who it was in the books? And then it ended up being Mona, just like the books? Let’s not forget that!

So what do you guys think?? Thoughts??

Spencer and wren

After watching the scene with Spencer and Wren, the Spencer twin theory seemed more convincing. First Spencer was dressed completely different wheres her coat? and it wasn’t even on her chair.

Secondly why did she seem scared that Ezra would tell someone she was with Wren? maybe because it would reveal her identity.


I read a lot of books, mostly criminal mysteries. I have a bachelors degree in psychology. I’ve always loved to try to get into the mind of the killer, to understand from a psychological stand point why they do the things they do.

There are many different types of killers. One type that always interests me is the sociopathic serial killer who continuously kills the same person over and over again. Let me explain- a boy was sexually/physically/verbally abused by his mother as a child. His mother eventually dies. When this boy grows up he begins to kill women who remind him of his mother. Every time he rapes and kills a woman, in his mind he is killing his mother over and over again.

It’s been said that A’s motive lies in a tragic love story. 

The finale is called Til Death Do Us Part. 

  •  Ezra is A.
  • He has severe mental illness. 
  • He is a sociopath. 
  •  He was in love with a girl. 
  •  She went missing. 
  •  He searched for her. 
  •  He couldn’t find her. 
  •  She was dead. 
  •  He never got over it, it consumed him. 

  • Ezra now seeks his dead lover out in other women who in some way remind him of her. 
  • He falls in love with a new woman, but in his head it’s his dead lover. 
  • He orchestrates a plan to make her go missing. 
  • So that he can search for her and find her. 
  • So that he can finally get what he always wanted- he can find his lover. 
  • This time he would find her. 
  • This time she wouldn’t be dead. 

Ezra has done this multiple times. 

  1. He meets Alison and falls in love with her. 
  2. He sends her A texts to scare her into running away. 
  3. He dedicates his entire existence in trying to find her; including stalking her best friends
  4. He writes a book about it. 

He gets side tracked when he believes Alison may be dead. 

  1. He meets Aria and falls in love with her. 
  2. He builds the dollhouse and locks her up inside.
  3. He helps the cops find the dollhouse. 
  4. He finds and saves her. 

 Things don’t work out.

  1. He meets Nicole and falls in love with her. 
  2. He orchestrates a plan to get her captured overseas.
  3. He relentlessly searches for her 
  4. He finds her and does everything he can to help her, including blowing Aria off and not telling her he is engaged to someone else.
  5. He writes a book about it.

He continuously lives out this sequence of events. 

He has an overwhelming need to finally find the woman he loved, the woman who he searched for but couldn’t find, the woman who died. 

Til Death Do They Part

This was a subtle clue that Ezra is A, black hoodie, and his helper has been Red Coat. Together they are AD.