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Ahh Im obsessed with how sketchy Aria was this episode. Like that complicated computer and phone hacking is not stuff that you learn in one morning. Especially when she was pretty distracted with the Nicole news on the TV while she was with Hanna and Caleb. Plus Im loving the bitchy side of Aria finally coming out that stood up to Sidney, it was great 

Also am I the only one hoping that Nicole was at Ezra’s apartment because Ezra hasn’t been with her this entire time but was rather doing sketchy A.D business, either as a helper or the mastermind behind the planning of it all, and this will tie in with the dark side of Aria that Lucy hinted towards!!!

 This is the first episode in a long time that had me this excited at the end. 

People keep saying that Ezra & Aria’s high school relationship when she was a minor is what is in Aria’s file and what would put Ezra in jail.

That makes NO sense.

AD says the following:

Ezra cant “find out” something he already knows. Ezra already knows about this, he was in the relationship with Aria when she was his student. Its not a secret she kept from him.

AD isnt blackmailing Aria with info that Ezra KNOWS. 

AD is blackmailing Aria with something Ezra DOESNT KNOW about her, that would lead to Ezra being incriminated and not loving Aria anymore (which would lead to him choosing Nicole).

ALSO, the girls all know about Ezra and Arias relationship in high school, they have known since almost the very beginning. Why would Aria turn against her best friends and work with AD because of something almost everyone already knows?

This doesnt make sense. This is NOT whats in Arias file.

Also I have seen that a lot of people are speculating that Aria got an abortion in HS. First of all, if Marlene pursues this story line it would be the STUPIDEST thing on the planet. Second of all, Aria having an abortion wouldn’t put Ezra in jail. There would be no way to prove that the unborn embryo was even Ezra’s. 

Wait hold up, stop. The things that alison teased the girls about in the beginning: Emily’s sexuality, arias dads affair, Spencer kissing Ian, Hanna’s weight. Guys, guys! Alison wasn’t evil! Even in the beginning!

Emily’s sexuality: she was pushing her to figure it out and the “maybe a little too much em.” Could be taken as “bitch don’t look at pretty women, I am the only woman in your life”.

Arias dads affair: she was pushing Aria to tell her mom! To be open and honest, and fair to her mom!

Spencer kissing Ian: same thing as arias dad! She was trying to keep Spencer close with her sister!

Hannas weight: she knew that Hanna wouldn’t be bullied if she lost weight, and would be happier in her body.

Listen, I’m not saying Alison went about any of these things in the right way, she manipulated, lied, threatened, and blackmailed her best friends. But shit guys. She was trying to help them! And maybe she didn’t quite understand any love other than tough love cause that’s all she’d ever been shown!

“God ali, why do we keep having to prove that we love you!” As shown in this statement Emily said, she doesn’t know what soft love is.

Do you know what all this reminds me of?

ADs board game…

Alison not knowing how to talk to her friends is giving them some tough love. What has she done wrong? She took Emily’s exam for her, she gave Spencer a letter (she could’ve stolen that from her mom) and pushed her to talk to Toby, she gave Emily the blackmail she needed, GUYS SERIOUSLY WHAT HAS AD DONE WRONG SOMEONE TELL ME

Once all the dust settles Hanna and Caleb will be together, Aria and Ezra, Spencer and Toby, and Emily and Alison. Even is she does get revealed it’ll be sorta a Much Ado About Nothing situation.

(I mean Paige might die but I don’t give two fucks)

My favorite thing

Is how Ezra Fitz keeps leaving his novel manuscripts laying around for girlfriends to find and have their hearts broken by.

Not weird or suspicious at all.

Just like it’s not at all weird that after his teenage girlfriend went missing, a few years later so did his immediate next girlfriend.

And it’s also not even slightly strange that the book each of those girlfriends found turned out to be about them.

Also, hey not strange that not one, but 2 of Ezra’s ex girlfriends have super heavily implied that they were a bit scared of Ezra.

It’s super great how Ezra just keeps recreating the same circumstances with new girls.

I think I’ve figured out Ezra’s ‘pyjamas’

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As many of you know, the mid-season trailer starts with Ezra wearing a set of ‘Pyjamas’, but later is the same trailer Ezra is trying to escape from an exploding Gravity Well.

What if what he’s wearing aren’t pyjamas.

The picture above is of Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker while they are recovering from an attempted assassination. Take note of what they’re wearing, they look like pyjamas. What if at some point during the upcoming episodes Ezra is hurt and he’s been suspended from duty until he fully recovers. Which could explain the absence of Zeb and Kanan, as they would still be on duty, meaning that Ezra would be the only one to hear the Holocron and act on it, it would also explain why Chopper is the only one with him, as Chopper would probably be under orders from Hera to keep an eye on Ezra.

The Mirror Has Three Faces, Part Deux.

In 4x10 (or 4x11 on my Netflix) “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” the three reflections are:

CeCe (in an Ali mask) in the music box mirror at 27 minutes.

Ezra’s reflection in his bookcase glass after calling Aria at 29 minutes.

Spencer in Ali’s vanity mirror at 32 minutes.

Now that we know Mary is Jessica’s identical (mirror) twin, does this mean the mirror (Mary) has three faces (children) Charlotte, Ezra, and Spencer?

I wouldn’t have read into this but in 7x14 we were told that was Mary behind Spencer in 4B. I also know Ezra being a Drake is problematic with him dating Ali, but his obsession with her (his lair, book, etc.) leads me to believe there was a greater connection.

Charles was either in Radley or Teds camp for troubled boys - not both!

I think Cece lied about being Charles. Charles is the real A.D. Charles was in the dollhouse. Cece took the fall. Cece and Charles could be fraternal twins. So who is Charles ?

Ezra, Wilden, or Wren are my favorite contenders for the real Charles.

First of all - aria was in radley not Iceland, that’s what’s in the folder. She’s gonna team up with AD because she’s being blackmailed. That’s why Eddie lamb recognized her. She’s gonna betray the girls.

Second - it’s not alison, I’m throwing out my previous theory because alison and Hanna are friends now so alison would never do that to her. Unless it would’ve helped? Honestly I doubt it… AD isn’t alison

Third - Paige, Aria, Ezra(honey he ain’t in ny), Lucas, Wren, and maybe Mona and Caleb are helping AD, one of them is AD, maybe Lucas, maybe Paige. Maybe Bethany young. Idk. I think it’s a girl because Ian Harding let that slip once so we can throw out Lucas and as much as I wish it, it’s not Ezra.

The End Of The Line

Part one of two.

In this theory I’m going to try and unravel the notorious Mary Drake and her family. Since she has been a very big part of 7A and is likely to remain relative to our endgame, I wanted to try and dig deeper. 

Who is Mary Drake, who are her children, who is Bethany Young, and who is A.D.?


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Mary Drake had at least three or four children while she was in Radley and they were all adopted through closed adoptions conducted by Steven Kahn and Jessica DiLaurentis, Mary’s twin sister and POA. 

  1. Charles Drake
  2. Melissa Hastings 
  3. Bethany Young (?)
  4. Spencer Hastings

(In part two I will discuss further why I put these names on the list)

Since Dr. Cochran says, “I dealt with two of her babies” instead of “I delivered her two babies” I’m lead to believe that Mary had more than those two, possibly three or four in total if she had a set of twins. Especially since in the files that the Liars discovered they found the birth information of the second born child, and on that file it states “no complications due to prior birth”. But Dr. Cochran tells Spencer and Aria that the second child he delivered was a fighter, implying that the birth may have been difficult. This means that the second baby born and the second baby he delivered are two different babies.

Spencer is the youngest. 

7x08 vs. 7x07

The Drake family is the family from the Dollhouse. 

Mary Drake, unknown Mr. Drake (looks like Peter Hastings, no?), Charles, Melissa and baby-in-the-womb Spencer. (Notice the hand on the mothers stomach, like she is pregnant)


Bethany Young stole her childhood best friends story - Charles Drake / DiLaurentis. She didn’t want to get caught by the Liars so she created the perfect web of lies that would be nearly impossible to dissect.

Bethany suffered from Intermittent Explosive Disorder and with that she also created many different personalities, one of them being “Cece Drake”. Cece and Bethany Young had the same diagnosis, and that is mighty convenient, eh? Dr. Jekyll and Hyde?

Intermittent Explosive Disorder:  “A behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand.”

“The discovery of Bethany Young’s body brings up more questions than it answers. While details are scarce on Bethany Young, we know that she was a highly troubled teenager who likely suffered from severe behavioral episodes that may have been violent.”

Bethany Young = Cece Drake.

Bethany met Charles when they were kids in Radley Sanitarium and they became quick friends, allies. Together they wanted to create an escape from Radley and start new lives, all with the perfect plan and story.Charles was going to help Bethany fake her death using Alison’s body and together they were going to run away and start over. Be new people.  

This is where I believe they came up with the idea to switch places. To literally assume one another identities to confuse the doctors and everyone they know, as some type of game. 

(Like Bethany literally switched lives with Charles and became Cece Drake, which is why Charles was thought to have been transgender. And Charles switched with Bethany and became whom I would call ‘A.D’)

Bethany liked to “switch places” or adopt the personalities of multiple people, in fact. First Charles and then Alison. A pattern. 

Remember when Bethany as Cece Drake and Ali switched places, and she went back to Radley disguised as Alison DiLaurentis just to scare Jessica? We hear about this in 4x11 in a flashback.

Then Jessica tells Spencer and Hanna about Cece Drake pretending to be Alison at Radley once, where she met Dr. Palmer who was a psychiatrist there.

This makes a connection between Cece and Dr. Palmer. And Dr. Palmer told Toby Cavanaugh to be careful of the toxic blonde girl, which was declared as Bethany Young.  

- The 4x11 flashback -

(Notice how Mrs. DiLaurentis says that Cece Drake is not her daughter. Because Cece Drake is Bethany not Charles, and Bethany is not Jessica’s daughter, but more than likely her niece since “Auntie Jessie”) 

I feel as if Jessica would have said something different if Cece was the little girl she was buying yellow dresses for all along. Jessica saw Charles as her own child, and she even says this to her sister Mary Drake in a flashback scene in 7x07 that was set back in season four.

Jessica: “Come on Mary, pull yourself together.”

Mary: “How could you be so cruel? I just found out that my child is dead. I left him in your care.”

Jessica: “And I gave Charles the best life that I could, Mary. I loved him with all of my heart.”

Mary: “How did it happen? I need to know. I need answers. Please, tell me.”

Jessica: “It wasn’t my fault. I gave him everything that I could.” 

And then she says, “You are not the victim here. You gave birth, but he was my son. Don’t ever forget that.”


Charles Drake DiLaurentis is A.D. Whomever they are, they are without a doubt in my mind our big bad. The ultimate play-caller. In my opinion the identity of Charles remains a mystery and will more than likely be the final twist coming in 7B. Charles is a man - and is not Cece Drake. 

Troian Bellisario who plays Spencer is 5′7″ and Vanessa Ray who played Cece Drake is only 5′4″ so this cannot be her as Charles. 

(Julian Morris who plays Wren is 5′11″ and so is Ian Harding who plays Ezra.  I understand that this could be literally any actor or staff member in this costume acting as ‘A’ but… I felt the significance and the familiarity that Spencer did in this scene, too. This was Charles.)

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Now, given what I said earlier about how it is possible that Bethany and Charles switched lives when they were children…. 

Did Bethany somehow weasel her way out of Radley by pretending to be Charles? According to the Radley files Charles was taken out of Radley when he was sixteen, but was that actually Bethany? Did she “transform” into Cece Drake and go back to High School?

Is that why Charles was seeking revenge? And is that why he kidnapped the Liars and threw the dungeon prom, which was recreating the prom he would have had? Was he somehow connected to the N.A.T videos or did he just watch them all of the time, leaving him to feel like he knew the Liars?  (Just like us? Just like EzrA?)

Could Ezra be Charles?

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What do we really know about Ezra Fitz, other than the fact that he comes from a rich family named the Fitzgerald’s? 

Is it possible that he was at some point adopted again by them? Is he Charles? 

Hint #1 : The Painting 

3x18 vs.5x03

Lyle and Frances Springer - Alison and Charles’ grandparents? (Plot hole?)

Hint #2 : Mrs. Grumwald

This is right before we learn that Ezra was the “Board Shorts” Alison wrote about in her diary, and that he is the one who she was dating the summer. We know Ezra is Board Shorts because Ali describes him in her story and states that he is eating boysenberry pie and “Board Shorts Ale” beer. 

In 4x18 Spencer goes to the bar she thinks Alison is talking about in that same story which is called The Hart and the Huntsman. To her surprise, she finds Ezra sitting there eating a piece of boysenberry pie.

Was Ezra also the same boy Ali was afraid of, the one that would kill her if he knew she were possibly pregnant?

Hint #3 : Aria Montgomery

5x03 vs. 7x07

In the “A” closer we see A.D. save Aria’s file, and burn Noel’s….

I’m not saying Ezra is 100% Charles or A.D., I’m just saying that he is still a very strong candidate. 

The writers can go two directions in my eyes - EzrA or Doctor Wren and Melissa. One of them HAS to be A.D. or working for/with them. 

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There we have it. Part one of my last Pretty Little Liars theory ever. 

7 years and 4 “A” suspects later….. who is it going to be?

Stay tuned for part two! xx

Ezra Fitz is either a very accomplished liar or the world’s worst researcher. 

Spent years watching these girls every move, hired people to spy for him, had multiple lairs, cameras everywhere, spent an astronomical amount of money … STILL has no useful information that could even slightly hint towards Uber A’s identity. 

Obviously, I think he’s a a giant FrAud. ‘A’ all the way. But if they tell me he’s not, then it’s just the greatest waste of a character ever. 

Wren and Ezra.

So most of you would have seen the Sneak Peek for 7x15 “In the Eye Abides the Heart” with Spencer, Wren and Ezra. It was super sketchy and suspicious, so here’s our rundown and thoughts! (watch the sneak peek here)

Spencer introduces Ezra to Wren, who both act so shady and from the moment they see each other, you just know that this isn’t the first time they have met. Spencer asks Ezra to have a drink with them and he refuses. Ezra ends up saying bye and leaving in a hurry. There’s this weird tension throughout the scene and you can just tell Ezra is uncomfortable. It’s super shady and both Wren and Ezra are so bad at playing as if it’s there first time meeting. 

Now there’s two interviews relating to Wren and his return that give us some major insight on his character:

What can you reveal about how Wren returns and his role now that he’s not with Melissa and he’s his own agent coming back to Rosewood? 

He comes back in a very surprising way; in a way that I don’t think the character Wren was expecting to come back. Thus, his presence is a mystery to us. It’s really not going to be until the final episode of the series that an explanation for what he’s doing here is revealed and it will be a whopper. It will not be what you see coming. He doesn’t really have a lot of screen time. We see him just once or twice in the second half of the season, and then we see him in a very surprising exchange in the final episode, which will be the moment that really causes people’s heads to explode in a positive way! He’s part of the ultimate final twist in the final episode. 

This pretty much confirms that after this scene we won’t see him again until the final episode, but who is his surprising exchange with? Will it be with Ezra?

Then there’s an interview with Marlene we found on Hollywood Life where she practically spoiled a scene we hadn’t seen yet (the interview was around the time 7x11 or 7x12 aired). She said “We saw him previously at an airport bar with Spencer where she saw Ezra, and I don’t know, it seemed a little fishy. It all seemed fishy. I think we’re going to find out there was a little more to that story of why he came to town.”

So why did he come to town? And the super weirdness between Ezra and Wren was purposefully included as confirmed by Marlene. So what the heck is going on?