ezra the teddiursa


Team Spring Seekers Hunters!  In a world where everyone’s after your skin (literally), Ezra the Shiny Teddiursa and Irving the Winter Deerling have to be extra careful, as they are confronted often.  Ezra is sporting a Seviper Halberd and Seviper Scarf while Irving has a Weavile Cloak to hide his coloration, but beware, he can slip his hooves into those claws and bring them down on you!

Team Reverie <Hunters>!  Frost the Oshawott and Azel the Poochyena are decked out in matching Bug-Type armor ~ Frost is sporting a Escavalier Javelin with a broken Helm that he can throw like a Captain America shield.  Azel is wielding a dual-edge Scytherang, the ends face opposites ways so he doesn’t have to 180 if someones behind him with a Scyther Skull shoulderpiece.