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pll characters in 7b
  • aria: to a or not to a that is the question *puts on black hoodie* *fucks every a task up*
  • emily: ALISON! no wait PAIGE! no wait ALISON (again)! no wait PAIGE! OH SHIT ALI'S PREGNANT AND I'M THE DAD i mean MOM! WHAT'S GOING ON?!
  • hanna: *does sleuthy things with caleb* something about babies
  • spencer: *sluts it up with marco* *begins to hate marco* wait where's toby
  • alison: i'm pregnant but you have to have sex to get pregnant. fuck this is a lose-lose situation for me here
  • caleb: *pretends spaleb never happened* look at me being detective boyfriend of the year PLEASE FORGIVE ME FANDOM *is not forgiven*
  • paige: if you love something you gotta set it free *breathes a sigh of relief after dodging a messy ass bullet*
  • ezra: nicole? aria. nicole? no aria. fuck it all. cake? yes, cake. wedding cake. i'm engaged to aria. so i pick aria. #loveiswherethecakeis
  • lucas: so i used to be a nerd but now i'm a rich nerd please love me *still loves hanna* *pray for lucas*
  • marco: i love you spencer jk i h8 u u did the murder
  • mary: i'm trying to communicate with my daughter *never actually goes to speak to her daughter*
  • sydney: *is made to be somewhat relevant again at the request of NOBODY but the writers* *is vehemently hated by fandom*
  • wren: *shows up for two seconds and adds nothing to the plot even though everyone misses him* bye now mate

I swear to god if every single plot hole isn’t tied up in the finale I’m going to fucking riot

So who do you think is the baby daddy of Emison’s baby? I think it would make more sense if it is Noel rather than Lucas. I also think it would be more dramatic if it is Ezra. It would be really interesting if it was Caleb or Toby. It would make no sense if it was Wren or Furey. I don’t think it will ever be Elliot Rollins/Archer Dunhill. Maybe it’s Peter Hastings since he is the baby daddy king of Rosewood. Who is it gonna be?

Pretty Little Liars Boyfriend

Aries - Caleb Rivers

Taurus - Wes Fitz

Gemini - Andrew Campbell

Cancer - Wren Kingston

Leo - Noel Kahn

Virgo - Mike Montgomery

Libra - Ezra Fitz

Scorpio - Marco Furey

Sagittarius - Garret Reynolds

Capricorn - Toby Cavanaugh

Aquarius - Jason DiLaurentis

Pisces - Lucas Gottesman

Current ratings of PLL couples

based on the health of the couples and how forced it seems S

1. Haleb is perfection 

2. Emison (baby storyline is creepy af, but they’re so cute! ) 

3. Ezria  

4. Sparco (in an alternate timeline where Marco wasn’t investigating Spencer and she wasn’t lying so much they would be super cute)

three and four flif-flop a lot 

5. Spoby ( They haven’t been foreced back together where I am yet, but I don’t think Toby is ready for a relationship with anyone rn) 

Did “Spencer” conveniently fail to tell the girls that she met up with Wren at the airport or....?

She told Ezra she didn’t want Marco to find out about the meeting - which is somewhat (but not really) believable. However, there’s no reason why she wouldn’t share this with the rest of the girls! There was so much emphasis this week on ALL of the girls ensuring that Spencer doesn’t take the fall for Archer Dunhill’s murder, so I’m not sure why she would keep this to herself when she had so many opportunities? Even after confronting Lucas, wouldn’t this be important information to share in order to make some sense out of this whole thing!?

Twincer, is dat chu?  

Pretty Little Liars Review-Driving Miss Crazy

I’m still extremely confused by the inclusion of that random prison nightmare musical number, although Janel did an absolutely fantastic job singing. Other than that, how to sum up this episode? Great, not only because Mona had a substantial role throughout this episode, but also because Alison was completely absent. I loved that in this episode, Hanna and Caleb are officially together again. Not only does Caleb reveal the extent of his feelings for Hanna to her mother, they also practically decide to married, in a scene that reminds us of their first time together in a tent. I’m so glad that they are back on track, because they were always the best couple on this show. 

Living in Fear

Throughout this episode, Aria continues to live in fear, both of being outed as working for AD, and also of AD releasing the information on Ezra. This fear is epitomised through what I felt was a rather strange inclusion, the musical prison nightmare, in which Aria and Ezra wed in prison. Clearly this was simply a manifestation of Aria’s fears, although I’m still unsure as to why the writers felt this was the best way of depicting it. Either way, everything Aria now does is influenced by her inclusion in the AD team and her desperation to get her papers back, from dancing lessons in preparation for the wedding, to her reaction to Mona now being involved in the game. Unlike the other girls, when Hanna brings Mona along, Aria doesn’t contribute, instead, she seems more privately concerned by this development. After all, if anyone is likely to determine her new alliance, than it would be Mona. Aria is less concerned about a lack of trust in Mona than she is in Mona’s intelligence. Furthermore, towards the end of the episode when Aria obtains her papers hidden in the Brew, Mona is seen watching Aria carefully. This, combined with her rush to get away from Emily and into her apartment with to investigate, suggests that Mona is on to Aria. With very few episodes left, it’s likely that Mona will be the one to blow the lid off on Aria’s new alliance. Not only that, Aria’s fear is clearly affecting her relationship with Ezra. He can see that she is hiding something from him, that she has very little interest in their wedding preparations, and it’s no surprise that he thinks she must be rethinking their relationship. 

New Player

Whilst the girls are not happy that Hanna is including Mona in on AD’s game, there’s no doubt in the audience’s mind that this is going to enable them to start to get to the bottom of the identity of their stalker. Mona is not just extremely intelligent; as the original A, she has a better chance than most at playing the game and winning. I personally am very much looking forward to her proving to this AD that no-one beats the original A. I also really enjoyed Mona and Emily working together in this episode; this will allow Mona to be brought into the fray and and accepted by the others. Again, we are able to witness Mona’s cunning in how she gets the required information out of the doctor. By comparison, Emily (and hence, the other girls) looks completely incompetent. That’s exactly what they are compared to Mona. They are incompetent and ill-prepared to handle everything they are being faced with. Mona doesn’t rush, she lets things take the time necessary to play out exactly how she intends them to, and this is something that the other girls could learn from her. 

Of course, at the end of the episode, the writers try to persuade the audience into believing that Mona is part of the AD team; but this would be too obvious. It is much more likely that she is instead doing what Hanna had asked of her-trying to find a way to beat the game. Mona is not working against the girls, she is attempting to find out the identity of AD; she also protects Hanna by taking the shovels before someone else can, and thereby link them to the girls. I trust in Mona. After all, as Mona herself said, she is an accessory. So when Mona hurries into her apartment away from Emily, I believe it’s because she has work to do on the game-that’s why she took photos of the game in the first place. 

Murder, She Wrote

One of the most disturbing aspects of this episode, and even the show as a whole, is how Peter Hastings and Jessica DiLaurentis conspired to murder Mary, who instead turned it on her sister. This is completely messed up, and I feel so much sympathy for Veronica for being caught in the middle of all of Peter’s mess. When Aria sends the tape on AD’s behalf, it is not long before Veronica reacts by deciding to step down from her new senate position. It’s heartbreaking, given how much she wanted it, and Spencer tries to convince her otherwise. But is it any wonder that Veronica would choose to give it up, knowing that someone out there is after her and her family, and could easily publicly ruin them. I’m glad that Spencer has gone back to calling Veronica her mother, as much as I feel sorry for Mary. I also love Mary’s reaction to this. Whilst Spencer is immediately concerned with how Mary will feel after calling Veronica her mother, Mary is clearly so understanding about it, but also upset that this is something she missed out on with Spencer. I am so here for Mary not wanting to drag Veronica into the mess with Peter and her sister, I hope eventually they can get on in some way in the future. 

Look Who’s Stalking

Honestly I think Furey is going way too far with the stalking of Spencer and harassment of the other girls, particularly Hanna in this episode, in his obsession with closing this case. Yet again, the girls find themselves painted as villains by the Rosewood police, who refuse to ever accept the torturous events that they have all been through. These girls are never given any benefit of the doubt, and with all that was revealed when Charlotte was outed as AD, you would think that they might re-think how they approach the girls when suspicious events occur. Furey’s showing up at Hanna’s and questioning her and Caleb was weird, but not as creepy as his waiting outside of Spencer’s house for her to come out. Furey is approaching the kind of creepy territory that made us hate the rest of the Rosewood cops. I hated how Furey accused Spencer of deliberately seeking him out because she needed a cop in her corner. So I absolutely loved her response-that if he wants to talk to her it will be in his office under fluorescent lights and it won’t be her that it is embarrassed. I loved watching her stand up to him. 

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Adding to what i said about Ezra being AD.. When Marco said Archer was spotted in France, Ezra was in France too.(Nicole was found alive)



[EDIT] a mistake was made! remedied now haha.

and…. drumroll please….


the PB Fandom Demographics Chart from almost 200 responses!

much anticipated and my own fault for forgetting about it lol


Most of the fandom is composed of teens, the majority being 16-17 year olds.

Due to my own folly in organizing the charts and being too lazy to crunch numbers, the United States is majorly where people are from, followed closely by Canada, Oman, and Australia!

The most popular character in HSS is Wes, and the most popular in HWU is Thomas Hunt. We have a type.

The least popular character in HSS is Ace, and the least popular in HWU is Bianca (who had the highest majority vote for the characters ever. Yikes, Bianca.)

The other 3 top choices in HSS for your Fave: Julian, Ezra, and Nishan

The other 3 top choices in HWU for your Fave: Addison, Ethan, and Holly

Your other 3 least favorites in HSS: Max, Kara, and Autumn

Your other 3 least favorites in HWU: Jenni, Brian Ratzik, and Priya Singh

Suggestions-wise, I couldn’t exactly graph your responses, but I’m going to summarize the ones that were written down the most often:

  • More customization options: the addition of a hijab (which was, by far, the most popular response given to this question), more clothing and hairstyles for male characters, and hair/eye colors.
  • More dates with female characters in HWU.
  • Humble requests for Ezra (HSS) and Marco (HWU) to make more main quest appearances.
  • Decrease wait-time for leveling in HWU.
  • Lower prices, less dependancy on real money and an easier way to earn diamonds in HWU.
  • Gender-neutral clothing options.
  • Canonically trans characters.

OVERALL, this was a really interesting study and a chance to take a gander at who really were the faves and what we all seem to want/be concerned with. HUGE thanks to you guys for participating and for being so so patient haha.

Sorry, this is long, but it all fits so well together! I’ll cut it as short as possible. I think I’ve just figured out who killed Charlotte and Jessica, who is the second child, and who might be behind A.D!

At first, I think there was a Jessica/Mary twin switch like the Ali/Courtney switch in the novels, when the girls were fourteen. They hated each other. My guess is, it happened while Jessica was babysitting Teddy Carver. An example: Jessica realized Teddy Carver had died. She panicked and called Mary to come and stay with a whiny Teddy, so she could meet Matt Brooks. Surprisingly, Mary agreed, so Jessica called her parents and the Carver’s to inform them that Mary was now staying with Teddy. However, Mary never came. Instead she went to see Matt, posing as Jessica. The Carver’s returned early and freaked out about Teddy’s death. Because of the call, they thought Jessica was Mary. Jessica insisted on who she really was, but because Matt confirmed that “Jessica” was with him, the Carver’s didn’t believe her. (And her parents didn’t either, which means they can’t tell their daughter’s apart, but that’s exactly how it happened it the books so…). In fact, Mary played Jessica’s role so well, that everyone thought the real Jessica had snapped because of the baby’s tragic death, and tried to pin it on her sister. Jessica as Mary was sent to Radley, because of what happened to Teddy.

Mary and Jessica never switched back, before “Mary” killed the fake Jessica for stealing and ruining her life. Before that, “Jessica” married Kenneth and had Jason and Ali, while “Mary” was stuck at Radley and had two (possible more) babies: Charlotte and the baby Dr. Cochran delivered. I think that baby was a girl and (while I’m personally no fan of this), that baby was Bethany Young. Bethany was adopted by the Young family. Because “Jessica” (might) have felt a twinge of guilt for what she did to her twin (or she just pitied the kids), she adopted Charlotte and later sought out Bethany, which resulted in an affair with Mr. Young. She never adopted Bethany, because Bethany was already adopted, when she found out about her. Bethany caught wind of the affair and was sent to Radley for her violent outbursts. Because “Jessica” had joined the board, she could continue to watch over her and Charlotte. Charlotte and Bethany might, or might have not have known they are related. I’m not guessing on this one.

Bethany later had contact with “Mary” (who was possible at Radley at this time, too). She found out “Mary” was her birth mother, and then “Mary” told her the whole truth about “Jessica” and the twin switch. Bethany started to hate “Jessica” and her family by extension. She drew pictures of her aunt with devil horns, she drew another one with the word LIAR all over “Jessica’s” face, because she was lying about being the real Jessica. When “Jessica” took Bethany to the horse stables, and insisted that Bethany called her “Aunt Jessie”, Bethany threw the bucket at her. Because she knew that “Jessica” was really Mary and had ruined her mom’s life. Bethany snuck out that night to get revenge for her mom and kill “Jessica”. (Why else would she show up at the DiLaurentis’ in the first place?) However, Mona, confusing her for Ali and killed her before she could get to the house. Bethany’s drawings prove that she knew “Jessica” well enough to know what her house looks like. Unusual for an allegedly totally random kid.
“Mary” killed Charlotte, because she confused her for Ali. Her own daughter had died, so she wanted to kill her sister’s only daughter in revenge. Ali and Charlotte both wore a red sweater that night at the church. “Jessica” saw Ali go inside, but not come out. When she went in and saw Charlotte from behind, she hit her over the head, before realizing she wasn’t actually Ali. Charlotte’s corpse was thrown from the bell tower to make it look like suicide.

I think A.D’ is “Mary’s” third child. Dr. Cochran said, he delivered “two of her babies”, which implies there might be more. Now remember the dollhouse family. There was a brunette Mom (brunette like “Mary”, a dad who doesn’t resemble Kenneth, a boy, who doesn’t resemble Jason and a little blond girl.) The dolls are Charlotte’s true family. She is the blond girl, because she envisioned herself as a girl. The dark haired boy is her brother and they have a small age gap. Because the kids are still so young, and Charlotte and Bethany were born ca. five years apart, Bethany isn’t there yet. That’s why the doll woman is holding her stomach like she’s pregnant. Charlotte knew there was a third baby, but she might not have known it was Bethany. Eventually, I think the doll brother is A.D. PLL loves to pull a switcheroo, so I guess we’ll find out the “second” baby was a girl and then the Liars will assume she is A.D. But in the end, they’ll find out that the baby was Bethany, who’s dead, and the brother will reveal himself as “Another Drake” (A.D) or something. He is looking for Charlotte’s killer, not knowing it’s his mom. He was also the one who called Hannah as “Archer.” We all know it wasn’t really Archer, tho.
Bonus: Look at Bethany’s drawings again. A boy is being dragged away from her, who could be her brother. It’s not Toby and Marion, because Bethany killed Marion as a child and she never knew Toby existed. Based purely on the doll boy’s looks (which could have changed of course), prime candidates for A.D would be Ezra, Wren, Marco or Holbrook - age wise.

—  Reddit Theory.