Change of Heart

A second set of fics for my and @meldy-arts Hera takes in Ezra AU (family friends AU? Don’t know if it has a name yet xD). These two focus more on Kanan and how his interactions/thoughts on Ezra are different, because this is still A New Dawn Kanan sooo…he’s different too…

If y’all want to read the first fics you can read them here and I’ll hopefully be posting another one or two in the near future ^^

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A post-SWR fanfiction prompt for all of you...

“Ezra! You’re… you’re…“ The Captain sniffed as she threw her arms around him. 

“Yeah. I see this Rebellion has really grown.“ Her shape had really changed too.

“Are you-“

“I can’t stick around for long. You know I have to keep out of the Empire’s radar, being a Force-sensitive and all.“

Suddenly… there was a whimper from the other room, a cry. 

Hera suddenly gritted her teeth, her expression wrought with an unspoken confession.

“Wait here…“

She disappeared into the other room, the source of the cry. And when she emerged, she held a bundle with tearful pride.

“War was no place to have a child… but he was gone so soon, and finding out shortly after you left… I wanted him back, but I got her instead. I choose to have her.“


“Would you like to hold her?“

“Yes.“ He let her plop the bundle into his arms. He lingered his gaze at the child’s familiar eyes.

“Hera, I didn’t just drop by for a visit. The thing is…“ He let the child hold his thumb. “… Kanan, he’s alive. I saw him…“



WHATEVER “GRAVES” by Ezra Miller aka angry Credence
Confirmed: THEY ACTUALLY DID THE DINING SCENE but it was replaced by the alley scene in the final movie.  - 03.25. Flagstaff, AZ

Ezra is even cuter in person. 

P.S. Please don’t reupload it or cut off my watermark ;^;