Is the Maserati 250F the best racing car ever? 

I would def expect an instantaneous and violent scream of “No’s” from all the gear head loyalists who know racing heritage or at the least assume they do. But, overlooking names like Ferrari, and Lamborghini, Shelby, and many many others that have lined up in the starting grid you look to the ones who has got to podium. 

The 250F competed from 1954-1958 in which it won a staggering 55 races, the first of which being the 1954 Argentine Grand Prix in the hands of Juan Manuel Fangio. The 250F was put forward by Sir Stirling Moss, who himself has won 194 of the 497 races he entered with 16 Formula One Grand Prix’s. 

Quoted by Sir Stirling Moss, who himself said:

“I have Great Affection for the 250F because it was

the car that gave me my first proper break in Formula One." 

With racing heritage and beautiful lines the 250F may not be the greatest race car ever to everyone. But to a few who look where this machine has brought racing to where it is today, we can say it just might be.   



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