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With our ezLites, you’ll never have to buy bulbs again! We kept these lights simple and easy to use for our everyday glovers  You can choose from 20 different colors and 3 mode options, plus the lights use a quick on/off function. The 3 mode options include a 3 Color Hyperstrobe, 3 Color Strobe, and 3 Color Dops, and you can even choose to use only 1 or 2 colors if you want, too! You can get our ezLite Glove Set for only $49.95 at EmazingLights.com! For this kind of simplicity and ease of use, you can’t beat that price!


Have you seen the all new eZLite? Never buy bulbs again!

More info: http://www.emazinglights.com/ezlite-glove-set.html


In case you missed last weekend’s featured video with(Ayo?) Are You Ok? Stunna, here it is! Definitely a unique flow in this one.

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