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Chasing the shadow || Part I

Summary: You’re Ezio’s friend. You meet him for the first time since many years.
Words: 1407
Warnings: none 
Author: Cass

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Ezio x Reader - Language Barrier

[Imagine that there is a language barrier between you and Ezio when you first meet in an arranged marriage scenario. (AU-ish) (And boy, am I going to try not to abuse google translator)]

The nervousness that raked through your body was enough to cause your palms to sweat as you gripped the reins of the horse you rode. You didn’t speak Italian…not much, anyways, as you were more familiar with English than any other language given your household and where you hailed from, but you had a translator with you, and that eased you a bit. The marriage had been arranged since birth as only you knew that his family was part of the assassins in Italy. Your ancestors protected their secret and aided them well, and when you were born down the line, an arrangement was made.

“You look so tense,” spoke your translator, as he rode closer beside you. He was a middle-aged man with a beard and short hair that was mostly gray. His name was Pierozzo Armonni, and he too worked for the Italian Brotherhood. Pierozzo wore the Assassin symbol with pride upon his belt, which kept his hooded attire into place. “You know he is a good man, so why stress your body so?”

A smile crept upon your lips ever so slightly as you looked at Pierozzo with an unamused look of sorts. “It is not his person that makes me ever so nervous…it is the fact I know very little when it comes to speaking to him, and, to my understanding, it will be the same for him.”

Pierozzo stifled a laugh. It was a good natured laugh, so you knew he was only trying to find the light of the situation.

“You will find this funny until you end up translating well into our honeymoon,” you jabbed lightly with a wicked smirk to accompany your words. If you were to be honest with yourself, humor would be welcomed about now as you were finding your heart beating loudly in your ears at this point.

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Requested by: @assassinofmasyaf

#15. “Clothes of injustice is a more accurate description.”

#18. “Ladies first.”

A/N: I am ashamed at how long this took, but hopefully it turned out well. If you like it, that sends me to another frenzy of happiness, if not, no harm done. Thank you for sending in your request. :) 

“Do that a bit longer and I’ll melt where I stand, Ezio.” 

The hooded man blinked, disbelief remaining to be present in his handsome features as he saw your appearance. Dark clothes that looked nothing like your noblewomen robes, a sword at your side, Hidden Blades around your arms, and the insignia of the Brotherhood. It was all beginning to make sense now, but before he could voice any of his many questions, a stern male voice cut through the silence.

“You are truly an insufferable evil, Y/n.”

A smug smile graces your lips as you avert your eyes to Niccolò, “And you are truly insufferable, my friend. I see your patience with me has not improved… fortunately.” 

“Similarly to your methods of annoying me, my tolerance is boundless.” the assassin responds, walking ahead with Caterina. You match Ezio’s pace, and share a fond smile with him before responding, “Though it must be noted that the same cannot be said for your fashion sense, caro.” 

Niccolò gestures to his robes, a motion you wish your eyes hadn’t seen, “My clothing reflects simplicity and modesty; traits that is difficult to see in an alleged noblewoman like yourself.”

Ezio expectantly looks back at you, believing in your competitive nature. You roll your e/c eyes, keeping the smile on your face, “Clothes of injustice is a more accurate description.”

Realizing he won’t win against your mood that easily, Niccolò opted to shut his mouth. At your side, Ezio shakes his head in amusement, “Shame… I’ve formed a grandiose and heartfelt apology for when we see each other again.”

You playfully hum, “One of our similarities is that we are both full of surprises, sorry to say.”

“Apology accepted.” you could hear the smirk in the man’s voice as his pace quickens a bit, making you narrow your eyes in feigned annoyance.

Much to yours and Caterina’s surprise, you only learned about the city being under attack on the way. As the rest of the group fought their way through, you opted to maintain yourself at an elevated point, able to minimize the number of the enemy while silently appreciating the skillful display Ezio provided. Just when you thought you couldn’t admire him more.

The Orsi were already inside the city, prompting you to find the secret entrance. Being acquainted with Caterina serves its purpose in times like these, where you were able to grin and wave at a gobsmacked Ezio as you ride away on a gondola. He shook his head in amusement, excusing himself as he followed you. However, by the time he reached you, you were sitting leisurely on some boxes, legs crossed and all. 

“How polite of you to wait for me.” he mocks, quickly running past as you spring to your feet, bolting after him, “Of course. The rule is ladies first, after all.” 

Ezio remembered why he enjoyed your company so much.

Charmed, I’m Sure.

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Y/N was an assassin from the “New World” who happened to travel all the way to Italy. Why? Well, first her mission started in England, but turns out she was needed to aid in Florence, Italy. Did she want to? Not really, but the Creed was the Creed, and they needed her evidently. 

She was able to meet up with someone who could help her. Leonardo Da Vinci. He mainly helped by upgrading her blades with some pages he had, which she didn’t ask where he got them. While said man was upgrading the weapons, Y/N decided to stick around this time instead of running off like usual.

“So how are things around here, Leo? Those guards aren’t giving you anymore trouble, are they?” Y/N asked from her spot where she leaned against a wall. Leonardo chuckled at that and shook his head. 

“No, no. I can assure they are not, not that you need to worry.” He finished up putting the blade and bracer back together before handing it back to her, a proud smile on his face. “There they are. Finito.” 

“Thank you, Leonardo. Grazie.” She smiled gratefully and took the weapons from him, fastening them to her wrists. Though Y/N didn’t speak the Italian language fluently, from the month she spent here she was able to pick up some words. At hearing the word being pronounced correctly, Leo grinned widely.

With the sound of a door opening, the exchange was over and both of them directed their attention there. Standing in the doorway was, what looked to Y/N as, another assassin. Leonardo seemed to know the stranger as he smiled and walked towards him.

“Ah, Ezio! Entra, come in! What do you need, my friend?”  As Ezio pushed back his hood to reveal himself, Leonardo greeted him with a hug. 

“Leonardo. I have come to talk with you.” The assassin glanced up to notice a pair of unfamiliar eyes that, in his opinion, belonged to a very attractive looking woman. With a grin, he started to walk over to her, a prideful aura surrounding him. “Ah? Who is your friend?”

“Oh? That is-” The artist went to introduce her, but she beat him to it.

“Y/N.” She said flatly, eyeing the new man with disdain. For some reason, she didn’t necessarily have a good feeling about him, despite him being an assassin like herself.

“Y/N.. What a beautiful name, belladonna.” Trying to be his usual charming self, Ezio grabbed her hand and went to place a gentle kiss on top it. He would have succeeded in doing so, if Y/N didn’t grab his wrist and flip him so his arm was pinned behind his back. 

“Leo, do you know this strange man?” She darted her eyes over to said man while Ezio squirmed. A sigh was his response as he nodded. 

“Si. That means you can let him go now.” With that being said, she did. He spun around to look at her with a perplexed expression, certainly not expecting that from what he was used to with other women. Though that perplexed look soon changed into a grin.

“Feisty then, bella. My name is Ezio Auditore da Firenze, so you know.” He smiled and looked her over, maybe lingering his gaze in a few places. “So you are an assassino, si?”

“Yes…” At his scrutinizing stares, she took a step back. Her brows furrowed as her jaw tightened. She finally figured out the bad feeling. It wasn’t that he could be an enemy, it was that he was too out there. He was no doubt the flirting type, and all in all he seemed to just be one that would draw too much attention.

“Perfect! We should work together some time, huh?” Ezio grinned and nudged her arm with his elbow, to which she immediately pulled away. “I think we’d make a good team, personally.” 

“I was sent here to help, not make friends.” There was the seriousness that seemed to bite into her. Y/N shot him a look and his brows raised. After a second though, he grinned at her. 

“Wonderful! You can help me then with some Templars I’ve been meaning to kill!” Leonardo, who has been listening in and out during the assassins’ conversation, finally looked up. 

“You two are working together so soon? Oh, how exciting!” A child-like grin adorned his face, and now Y/N was stuck with two overly happy men. One of them was a pleasure to be around, the other, whoever, would have to earn that title. 

Her job wasn’t specified on who to help, per say, as long as it was an assassin. If that meant that Ezio needed her help, well, she would have to do her job then. That thought brought a sigh out of her.