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How AC characters study for finals
  • Altaïr: *stares at the stack of papers* DESYNCHRONIZED
  • Malik: *tries to get Altaïr's shit together by repeatedly insulting him* NOVICE!!!
  • Ezio: *sexts his girlfriend*
  • Ezio text: [hey come over I'm going to fail this anyways lol]
  • Connor: *studies hard the whole night, watches puppy videos to relax*
  • Connor: I'm going to die :,)
  • Haytham: *doesn't need to study because this ass is a smart ass*
  • Lee: *procrastinates because knows that he's gonna cheat from Haytham tomorrow*
  • Hickey: *doesn't give a shit, drops out the day before finals are over*
  • Aveline: *crams material that isn't even on the final, but just in case*
  • Aveline: Imma learn all capitals of the world for this math exam....
  • Edward: alright, after studying hard for an hour, I'm going to take a shot of vodka...lets go
  • Edward: *gets drunk in 30 minutes*
  • Adewale: *tries to help Edward, gives up and drinks as well*
  • Shay: *betrays his study group, skips finals, decides to become a sailor*
  • Shay: fuck ya'll, imma swim to the sunset.
  • Arno: *consumes a large amount of baguettes in 15 minutes because he's nervous*
  • Arno: Ah merde, there are no questions about me. I'm going to fail.
  • Elise: *tries to study while watching Arno sob about his sorry ass*
  • Elise: ....why am I dating you again?
  • Evie: *studies hard af a month before finals, takes extra classes, barely leaves her room*
  • Jacob: :D lel where da party tho?
  • Henry: *joins to study with Evie just because he has a crush on her*
  • Henry inside: *^* she is so concentrated, omfg I want her now.
  • Starrick: *joins Haytham on the Smart Ass train*
  • Starrick: idgf, I've got money, ya'll can suck my d-

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My favourite headcanons:

- Altaïr really hates the cold. ‘Cold’ is in this case any temperature below 30 degrees Celsius. He always forgets to pack extra blankets and extra warm clothes when travelling. Maria thinks it’s adorable. She always ends up bringing extra blankets “just in case”, but never uses them because she doesn’t mind the 'cold’.

- Ezio is bisexual. Not 50/50, I think, but more like 75% women and 25% men. There was definitely some attraction between him and Leonardo. Also, Ezio stayed with Leonardo when he was in Florence/Venice (in ACII). Leonardo would make sure that he ate and slept properly.

- Edward sings along with his crew, but he doesn’t know all the lyrics, so sometimes he’s just like “la la la”. Adewale doesn’t really know what to think of it.

- Haytham likes philosophy, especially the Stoics, but completely fails at being stoic (in the original sense of the word).

- Shay is afraid of heights after nearly dying by falling off that cliff. Viewpoints and such are alright, but he’s not going to jump off them. He climbs down.

- Aveline and Élise (Lafleur, not Élise de la Serre) became best friends, calling each other “ma petite amie”, which translates to “my girlfriend”. I don’t know whether they become a thing romantically but they call each other this.

- Connor’s really good at cooking. Ideally, he gathers the ingredients by himself, but he often has to ask people at the homestead for supplies if he didn’t have the time. Also, big group meals at the manor for Connor’s new family.

- When he was a child, Arno used to climb everything, driving everyone (such as that stupid butler) completely insane. Élise often joined him and dared him to climb things that were nearly impossible to climb. Arno always tried and often succeeded. This is how he got so good at climbing. 

- Jacob and Evie sometimes try to dress up as each other. When they do so, they parody each other. For instance, “oh I’m Evie Frye let me sit still and look at this boring book all day!” “Oh I’m Jacob Frye I’ll ruin the entire British economy in five seconds!” The first time, Henry had no idea what they were doing.

- Desmond, Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca were intending to have a party for the four of them, once they had the time. Then Lucy died and Desmond ended up in a coma. Rebecca suspected that there wasn’t going to be a happy end anymore, but Shaun kept hoping. When Desmond woke up, they initially thought that Shaun had been right.


Happy Lovely Assassin Valentine’s Day :D

 I don’t know why I started making these kind of season cards over and over, but actually I’m enjoying this lol Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

 And I’m so sorry if your favorite characters are not here :( Yep, especially feel sorry for Chronicles characters u_u I’ve been busy…

 Once again, have many sweets, (sweets are awesome) and happy Valentine!

Grocery Shopping: AC Edition

Altaïr: Gets lost and ends up buying hot dogs and wonder bread in a convenience store, and some weird seasoning that nobody can identify. He manages to spend less than $10 on everything.
Ezio: Heads down to QFC, and buys several organic fruits and vegetables, but forgets to refrigerate half of them. He spends $30 on all of this.
Edward: Skips the groceries and heads to a liquor store to buy drinks and smokes. He comes home with an armload of booze tht cost about $100, and refuses to share.
Haytham: Takes Connor to Costco, where he makes Connor push the cart. He gets some cheese and sausages and lots of juice, celery and chips.
Connor: Swipes all the free samples he can behind Haytham’s back.
Arno: Goes to Trader Joe’s and spends about half an hour trying to decide what coffee to get. Buys a bunch of raw ingredients like flour, almond paste, eggs, etc. he spends about $75.
Shay: Would go to a farmers market and buy about 20 pounds of potatoes off of some weird farmer for about five dollars. Also picks up several weird types of eggs from the same farmer for about $10.
Jacob: Goes with Evie to Safeway and fills the cart with ice creams and sugar cereals and junk foods. Pushes the cart and stands on it while going freestyle down the aisle before crashing into the bagels.
Evie: Spends a lot of time putting things back, and tries to select healthy fruits and vegetables. In the end, however, she pays for a lot of bagels.

Desmond: Looks forlornly at the half eaten weenie, loaf of wonder bread, unknown spices, miscellaneous fruits and vegetables (lots of eggplants), snack foods, cheeses, sausages, meats, flours and powders and pastes, strange exotic eggs, ice cream, TV dinners, the mountain of bagels, and the giant sack of potatoes. He figures that, in the future, he’s going to have to create detailed lists for everyone because nobody bought milk. He seriously regrets mentioning that they needed groceries.
Me and AC characters go to a Museum
  • Altair: Everything is so ancient....
  • Malik: just like you.
  • Altair: ....excuse me?
  • Malik: there is an empty box for display, signed "Novice" just for you
  • Altair: ...
  • Altair: ...fuck off.
  • --
  • Ezio: *looks under the skirts of manikins*
  • Ezio: They lied.
  • Ezio: they haven't applied "A Very Detailed Work" truthfully.
  • --
  • Leonardo: HOW EXCITING!
  • --
  • Connor: can...
  • Connor: can I...
  • Cannot: Can I ride that?
  • Me: ...that's a skeleton of a dinosaur...
  • Connor: where can I get one? I want a pet dinosaur...
  • -
  • Haytham: oh, Connor, I found your people!
  • Connor: :D !
  • Haytham: *reads* The Cave men.
  • Connor: D: oh fuck you!
  • --
  • Ziio: *finds the section of the Native culture*
  • Ziio: *starts dancing and singing in her language*
  • Haytham: o.o what the fuck did I fall in love with?
  • --
  • Charles: *has a sudden deep connection with ancient Egyptians*
  • --
  • Hickey: *always at the bar*
  • --
  • Aveline: *passes torture devices section*
  • Aveline: hehe, anus triangle...
  • --
  • Edward: IT'S A SHIP
  • Edward: what wench put 'boat' into a description of a ship!?
  • --
  • Shay: mmm...
  • Shay: ouuuuuu
  • Shay: Ahhhh...
  • Shay: ..... Penguins can be different...*listens to the educational video in the Arctic section*
  • Shay: *sea vessels section* lol, Morrigan is better.
  • Shay: Oh my god them rifles though... *weapongasm*
  • --
  • Gist: *has an adventure alone*
  • --
  • Arno: BAGUETTE!
  • Arno: *spits* It's plastic!
  • Arno: oh my god...
  • Arno: *gets emotional on every wrong detail, goes home sobbing*
  • --
  • Elise: lol he has a little plastic penis.
  • Elise: lol look she has smaller boobs than me.
  • Me: ....they are just manikins...
  • Elise: still small, hehe

Assassin’s Creed (Women) - Silent Running

The big Assassins Creed Panorama
Me showing AC characters "Titanic"...
  • Altair: People are dressed eerie, what are they drinking, what is that big thing they are walking into?
  • Me: oh..my...god.. Just watch!
  • --
  • Malik: They use both hands in dancing....both hands..two hands...
  • Me: *starts crying* Malik come here!
  • --
  • Ezio: *after the movie* are you Titanic?
  • Me: what?
  • Ezio: because I want to be your iceberg ;D
  • Me: I have no comments..
  • --
  • Leonardo: the name of the actor is awfully same to mine....*narrows his eyes* thief.
  • --
  • Connor: *the death scene* O.O no..no no don't die! I will save you! *grabs the TV, starts shaking it* come on, get out of the water!
  • Me: Connor it's just a movie!
  • Connor: no! He is drowning!
  • --
  • Haytham: *pokerface the whole movie*
  • Me: *sobbing on his shoulder*
  • Haytham: my jacket is more wet than his cloths in the water.
  • Me: ;-; you are heartless.
  • --
  • Charles Lee: he could've fit on the frame...
  • Me: yeah, but you could've been already dead.
  • Charles: why bring that up?
  • Me: both didn't happen because people need more DRAMA.
  • -
  • Aveline: this is just...disturbing *emotions on and off*
  • --
  • Edward: *gives a lecture in why the ship is bad and Jackdaw is better*
  • --
  • Shay: *laughs through the whole movie*
  • Me: D: you are so mean.
  • Shay: xD they..ahahah, the ship can't take an iceberg. Morrigan rammed those with no problem. Ahah..AHAHAHAHAH
  • Me: people died you know!
  • Shay: *pokerface* and?
  • Me: well...umm...they are dead....
  • Shay: thank you for clarifying. I was worried.
  • Me: ;-; shut up.
  • -
  • Arno: WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH *cries through the whole movie*
  • Me: o.o Arno?
  • Elise: don't mind him, he always reacts like that to such love stories.
  • Arno: Elise, baby, I love you ;-;
  • Elise: here we go again.
[No.7] I think the story should go this way by Aric Athesis

Title: 我觉得剧情应该是这样发展的 (I think the story should go this way)

Artist: Aric Athesis Weibo ArtStation

Pairing: All Characters

Language: Simplified Chinese

Shop Link: Sold Out

Interesting story of the leading roles from Assassin’s Creed I to Assassin’s Creed Unity.

I really like Aric’s mind-blowing storyline…_(:3」∠)_

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