ezio auditore da firenza

Ezio x Reader....dabble....

Ezio Auditore dabble….thing…

Word Count: 550

((This is like…my first EVER Ezio piece. I believe I wrote it…a year or two ago after stumbling upon a prompt list. Figured I’d go ahead and post it here cause…why not? Lol I know it’s short! I promise there will be longer Assassins Creed pieces in the future!))

“Just stay here, please.”

The words fell from your mouth before you could stop them, and once they were out you had no way of pulling them back in. Your hands shook in your lap and you were doing your best not to start crying. Again. You would be lying if you were to say that you weren’t scared for him. Of course you were scared for him. He could die. He was just a man, no matter how many times he had been able to escape. Eventually…eventually it would all come crashing down

Ezio Auditore da Firenze turned to you as he pulled his hood up. His golden brown eyes twinkled with understanding, his salt and pepper beard showing his age just as much as the wisdom that often accompanied his words. “Y/n,” your name on his lips made your heart ache, and as he reached out to take your face in his hands you cried softly, dropping your head against his chest. “There is so much that I wish I could tell you, but there is not enough time. When I return, I will tell you some and when I return again even more. And on and on, as long as it takes for you to know.”

“I do not care about your past, Ezio, I want your future. I want your now. I want us, together, forever. Not a day between us.” You dropped your head, “It feels like a life time when you are away. The gods punish me, Ezio, they make me angry…they make me resentful…and they punish me for these things by continuing to create evil and cast it into the world for you to fight off.”

“That is not the gods,” Ezio chuckled, lifting your head enough so he could place his lips to your own, “That just shows how much you care for me, and it is that which keeps me alive when I am away.” His hands brushed up your thighs, under the skirts of your dress, and to rest on your lower back.

“Just stay here, please.” You repeated, your breathing turning shallow at the feeling of his calloused palms on your skin. Your hands grabbed at his robes, your fingers clenching the fabric, and you shook your head. “I need you here, please Ezio. I cannot do this without you.”

He nodded, “You will…you must. You are the future, Y/n, our children are the future. You must protect them, no matter what. This is your part of the creed that you agreed to the moment you married me. You promised…”

“And I will not break that promise,” you spoke quickly, looking down at the straps across his chest. “Do not break your own, Ezio.”

“Never, mia cara.” Ezio stole one last kiss  from your lips before leaning down to place a kiss to your stomach, “My love is here with you and our children. You are always in my heart.” He moved toward the door, his steps slower than what they might have been even just ten years earlier, but he still moved with the agility of an assassin. He was still alive in that moment, and that was the last memory you would have of him until he returned from wherever the brotherhood had sent him this time.

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