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Top 6 reasons Forest Gump and Ezio Auditore are the same person

1. Feathers follow them around for their whole lives and carry symbolic meaning

2. Bitches they fuck end up dying

3. They’re both really good at running

4. Both ~just so happen~ to meet a lot of historically famous people (like, a lot)

5. Their intelligence is doubted at times

6. Both get a (at least semi) happy ending through their children

7. (Bonus) both are connected to a character of significance with at least one missing appendage


The Assassin’s Creed A B C….Z
Part One A-G
Text from Assassin’s Creed Wiki.com
Edits made by me :)

Ezio: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as
Eagle One.

Cristina, code name: Been There, Done That.

Sofia is: Currently Doing That.

Yusuf is: It Happened Once in a Dream

Leonardo, code name: If I Had To Pick a Dude.

Borgia is: Eagle Two.

Cesare: Oh thank God.

Me nominating AC characters for the Ice Bucket challenge.
  • Altair: what sorcery is this?
  • Malik: *pours icy water on Altair*
  • Altair: * DESYNCHRONIZED *
  • --
  • Ezio: I don't get it....
  • Me: just do it.
  • Ezio: *dips the bucket over* I still don't get it.
  • Me: now nominate someone.
  • Ezio: ...Cesare Borgia
  • Cesare: are you serious? You didn't have enough of me?
  • Ezio: :D
  • --
  • Connor: *the cold never bothered him anyway*
  • --
  • Haytham: *pokerface through the challenge*
  • Haytham internally: AGHHHH SHIIIIIIIT
  • Haytham: I nominate Hickey, that man needs to sober up.
  • --
  • Charles Lee: I will do it only if there is a fireplace and a hot bath provided.
  • Me: I can guarantee you being thrown into a fireplace after this...
  • Lee: D:
  • --
  • Aveline: ahhhhh that's good, can we repeat?
  • --
  • Edward: *dips the bucket* AH SHIT MATE! This is what my crew needs as a wake up call!
  • Edward: ..agh, I nominate Duncan.
  • Duncan: .....*rage* Bloody fucking pirates!
  • --
  • Shay: I don't give a fuck. *dips the bucket* see?
  • Me: why are you shaking?
  • Shay: I-I-I am-m n-n-not at all...*calls Gist* GET A FIRE GOING DAMMIT, DON'T JUST STAND THERE OR ELSE I'LL NOMINATE YOU!
  • Gist: D: God have mercy...
  • --
  • Arno: *dips the bucket, loud screaming*
  • Arno: D: this is a torture!
  • Elise: your face is a torture.
  • Arno: :O
  • Me: :O ohhhhhh buuuurn...
  • Arno: D,: I nominate you!
  • Elise: Psh, easy. *dips the bucket* AH! This is a torture!
  • Arno: ha, your face is-
  • Elise: *stare*
  • Arno: -is beautiful...I love you Elise....

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“To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic” [x