Skin condition (Batboys headcanon)

Request: If you’re still taking requests can you please write some headcanons about what if batboys’s s/o has some skin conditions(like psoriasis, ezema, veteligo etc) and kinda insecure of it? You are so blessed, thank you❤!

  • I think it’s safe to say they’d all be concerned
  • They want you to be alright
  • So they worry if you have all your correct medication and all that jazz
  • They wouldn’t think any less of you
  • and will always comfort you if you feel down
  • They’ll tell you all the things they love and adore about you
  • They want you to be happy so desperately
  • Also if someone talks shit, death awaits 
  • Also they’re all cheesy lil shits
  • so wait for very dramatic cheesy romantic gestures
  • Especially from Dick and Damian…..Like gurl, please. 


With love,

i actually hate junk food and love eating healthy

WHen i eat healthy, i feel exponentially better amount myself, my body feels better, looks better, i feel healthier and i generally have more energy physically an mentally. I feel like im a lot more social and positive and i can have better reltionahipss with myself and other people.

After a meal of junk food or chocolate , i just feel ill , i feel sick. MY body is rejecting it and honestly it gives me ezema and acne. its not good for me i can feel it and i can see it and it doesnt taste that great, i actually prefer eating a nproper meal that is halthy over some random junk food stash these days. Its basically only when im fucking anxious as hell from not eating for ages or emotionally unstable and scared that i feel the undeniable impulse to stuff my face and the cravings get so extreme i cant deny them. 

Oh and when i wake up the next day, i know im beyod bloacted but i have this hloow, empty feeling in stomach, like my blood sugar is low, begging me to stuff my body, like my hormones are all out of whack.. does anyone else expereicen this phenomenon? i feel it like everysingle time 

Mini Review: Dream Cream


Dream Cream is Lush’s #1 best selling product of all times! Why? Because it works! : This Hand and Body Lotion is packed full of extremly soothing and moisturizing ingredients, such as Oat Milk, Rose Water, Cocoa Butter and Extra Virgine Olive Oil. Slap this medium-thick cream all over after a shower or before bed (concontrating on your extra dry spots). Remember, a little goes a long way, so start with only a little and then work your way up.  I have also heard it does wonders for eczema when it is paired with Dream Wash; it has a nice calming affect, so it can even be used for and under eye cream. The scent is quite herbaly, but if you aren’t a fan do not worry, it does not last long after application :) Use this baby when your skin needs a little extra TLC!