an extensive guide to Getting Into Easy Allies

wanna know more about these mysterious ‘easy allies’? want some fresh positive vibes in your games media? tired of not understanding what the fuck i’m talking about most of the time? 

here’s one of several starter packs for the gang formerly known on the web as gametrailers, now easy allies, and your new best friends. they’re supported pretty much exclusively by patreon and twitch so check those out if you want to help out the crew!

*bolded videos are personal favourites of mine. italicized are gametrailers-era, non-italicized are easy allies-era.

STARTING POINTS: we all need a good first video, right? let these speak for themselves. test the gang out. see if you like ‘em!

e3 2015 reaction saga || tabletop adventures || tabletop escapades || easy update, ep.1 || fiasco, ep. 2 || fiasconauts (regina’s wedding)

more series and show recs under the cut!

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Artwork for Week 4 of Easy Allies “Brandon Plays Pokemon” series. It’s an in depth look at Brandon’s first time through a Pokemon game. And I’m chronicling his team, week to week.  Cleo not enjoying GrimGrin’s playfulness.

You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCNnzEWy-1w&index=1&list=PLwa6fmqvU-4FUdjSGiMq_3_V2UCbq9yQL


Tabletop Escapades - Episode 1

Hi everyone! Dungeon Master Ben here. Today we posted the first episode of Tabletop Escapades, a new show that focuses on a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It’s a spiritual successor to Tabletop Adventures, so if you’re familiar with that show you’ll know what to expect. However, Tabletop Escapades is set in an entirely new world with new characters. One of my biggest goals with the show is to keep things consistent, which is something I struggled to do with Tabletop Adventures.

I spent a lot of time building the world we’re using in the campaign and had a blast doing so. Because of that, I’d like to share more of the world with you outside of the show itself. Every Thursday at 12:00 p.m. PST I’ll make a post on Patreon called “Ben’s Lore Corner.” In the post, I’ll dive into greater detail about one particular aspect of the world. Tomorrow’s entry is going to be about dwarves and how they function very differently than what you might expect. I sincerely hope you enjoy the show and Ben’s Lore Corner. Please feel free to reach out to me with any feedback you might have. Let the escapades begin!



please. please if you like tabletop gaming and have two hours to spare, PLEASE watch this video.

it’s two hours of these guys playing fiasco and literally. it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had watching people play a game. holy shit. i IMPLORE you. it is so worth your time.

if you don’t want to watch the set up, skip to roughly 36 minutes in.

want to get into dungeons and dragons? here are two campaigns run by easy allies (formerly known as gametrailers)

  • here’s gt tta (completed)
    • DM: Ben Moore
    • Lailia Meliamne: Ian Hinck
    • Pervince Tosscobble: Elyse Willems
    • Andry Highhill: Kyle Bosman
    • Hogger: Michael P Huber
  • here’s tteza (currently going) 
    • DM: Ben Moore
    • Therese Brightwood: Ian Hinck
    • Necator: Bradley Ellis
    • Yogalla Sagatarius: Kyle Bosman
    • Law: Michael P Huber