Madem ki, nur-u hakikat, imana muhtaç gönüllerde tesirini yapıyor; bir Said değil, bin Said feda olsun. Yirmisekiz sene çektiğim eza ve cefalar, maruz kaldığım işkenceler, katlandığım musibetler helâl olsun. Bana zulmedenlerin, beni kasaba kasaba dolaştıranların, hakaret edenlerin, türlü türlü ithamlarla mahkûm etmek isteyenlerin, zindanlarda bana yer hazırlayanların, hepsine hakkımı helâl ettim.
-Said Nursi

Aziz Üstâdım… Bu nasıl bir fedakarlık ruhudur. Vatan millet aşkına, iman davası adına çekmediği sıkıntı kalmamış. Ona zulmedenlere beddua bile etmemiş. Vefatının 57. senesi bugün. Rabbim mekanını âlî kılsın.

monsterfactories  asked:

everyone whos name starts with r-v


Rae’wyn: Who makes you happy? What’s your favorite kind of flower?

@monsterfactories and @merpwrites make me happy! My cat Duke also makes me happy. The entirety of the EZA crew makes me happy. My favorite flower is the Lily (obviously). 

Cloak: What is your deepest regret? Who makes you wanna be a better person?

My deepest regret is not taking the chance to streak naked across the hospital hallways while I had the chance during my 2 week (roughly two weeks in total) stay. My cat makes me wanna be a better person. 

Sylreth: What was the most embarrassing moment of your life? What was the proudest moment of your life?

My most embarrassing would be when Don told me “thanks for coming” and I replied with “thanks you too.” The proudest moment of my life was when Rae’wyn and Cloak got married. It was tight. 

Adrik: What is something you are super passionate about and would share unprompted to a stranger? What’s your catchphrase?

I am super passionate about my cat and cats in general. My catchphrase is “fight me”.

Alunda: Are you vertically challenged? Are you more street smart or more book smart?

I am 5′2.5″. I am probably more book smart than street smart. Although I might be an average of both.

Todd: How far would you go for a billion dollars? If you could be proficient in any musical instrument of your choice, what would it be?

I might shave my head for like 10 billion dollars. I wish I could be proficient in either guitar or violin.

Talone: What is your pet peeve? Who would you like to personally strangle to death with your bare hands?

My pet peeve is when people honk their car to get your attention/ the attention of others instead of calling/texting or shouting out the window.

Osros: What would be your first approach if you were accidentally locked out of your house? What is your best pickup line?

I’d try to go through the backdoor. My best pickup line is “Hi my name is Rae’wyn Everest Eveningfall, do you wanna be best friends?” 

Vimak: Are you the type of person to avoid fights or start fights? What’s the worst injury you have ever suffered?

Realistically and in real life, I would be most likely to avoid fights, but when I’m sassy and upset, I’m prone to trying to start fights. The worst injury I ever suffered is a slash under my left eye made by my swimming goggles that were forcibly pushed off when someone jumped on me while I was in the water. I had a prince zuko-like scar for about a year or so. 

Winteriron Daemon

Bucky and Tony arent together yet but their daemons are super cuddly with each other. Or anything to do with daemons. - Anonymous

Saw this unanswered prompt on the Imaginetonyandbucky blog and thought, why not? So here’s a fluffy, surprisingly non-angsty Winteriron oneshot!

“You gotta admit, that’s pretty cute.” Clint says, perched precariously in a frog crouch on the back of the sofa, waving a cereal encrusted spoon. Milk splashes everywhere, of course, and a droplet manages to catch Natasha’s cheek. A moment later, Clint yelps as he’s knocked backwards off the sofa. There’s an almighty crash as his bowl shatters and Captain Crunch flies in every direction.
“Aw, breakfast.” Clint whines, and is summarily ignored. Natasha blots at the drop of milk, perfectly composed, a tiny satisfied smile on her face.
“He’s right, it is pretty cute, Tony.” She says, gently. The genius in question looks up from his tablet at the sound of his name, blinking fuzzily until the room comes into focus.
“Huh?” He mumbles, and then follows Natasha’s gaze to the corner of the room. Barnes is curled in the lone armchair, trying to make himself as small as possible. Auri, Barnes’ Daemon is slumped against the side of the chair, head in the former assassin’s lap. Barnes has a hand curled into her thick black ruff, holding on like he needs something to ground him.

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I’m so rusty, but I just needed to get something out, and after reading some amazing Illegal Allies, I just wanted to try my hand at it.

“And why should I work for you, huh? What makes you better than any of the other gangs running heists, killing people?” Ian’s teeth were almost bared against their lipstick (a bright enough red that Ben had wondered aloud, briefly, if it was supposed to look like blood against their teeth. Everyone collectively agreed that it was probably the aesthetic they were going for.)

Jones raised a brow coolly. “Because I know your reputation, Hinck. You may look bloodthirsty, and you’re one hell of a grifter, but you’re no killer.”

Ian snorted. “And what, you guys don’t kill people? What is this, Batman? You planning on dying out there?”

 “We don’t kill people needlessly,” Jones stressed. “And we don’t take hit contracts. We only take down people we have to.”

 “Oh God, you’re one of those people.” Ian was clearly unimpressed, their face screwed up in a mocking smile. “Oh, we only take down the people we have to. That makes us better people blah blah blah. A killer’s a killer, Jonesie. And I’m going to ask again: what makes you any different?”

 Surprisingly, it’s Kyle who answers. “Jack McMillan. Know him?”

 The air in the room seemed almost to get a little colder. “He’s dead. What does it matter?”

 “I know,” Kyle said. “We did it.”

 There is silence as Ian considers. Ben considers too, wonders why this is the trump card Kyle decided to pull.

 “Why? What did he do to get in your way?” Ian’s hands are shaking, just slightly, and they are not quite meeting Kyle’s eyes. Ben hopes they don’t have this many tells when they are actually grifting.

 “Not a job,” Jones says. “We know what he did. What he was still doing. So we took him down.”

 Huber chimes in, breaking the tense silence that was forming, his voice solemn. “We live by a strict code.”

 The noise Brad makes in response is half a choke and half a snort. “Fuck that, no we don’t.” He moves over, sits down in front of Ian. His chair tips back jauntily. “We’ve been winging it since day one. Some days we’re better at winging it than others.”

 Surprisingly, Brad’s words seem to mean the most to Ian. The look on their face is almost savage now, and Ben can’t help but be impressed when that’s the moment they say “I’m in.”


The light catches on the edge of the shield as Tony’s hands fly up to protect his face. For a moment, he thinks Steve’s going to do it (oh god i’m going to die), bring the shield down on his unprotected neck. His senses go into overdrive; he hears Barnes panting harshly through the pain, the creak of Cap’s suit as he moves, the whistle of the shield moving through the air. He’s hyperaware of the cold, hard ground underneath him, the chill seeping through the armour. The shield hits the chestplate with enough force to vibrate through his whole body; the arc reactor goes dark, and Tony’s world whites out.

He wishes Steve had aimed for his neck, after all.

Their bond has always been this strong, bright thing between them; a glowing cord in Tony’s mind he can follow home when his senses threaten to overwhelm him. Pre-Steve, Tony had been one of the most dysfunctional Sentinels around (to the surprise of no one), constantly on the edge of a fugue and barely keeping himself together. Pepper was at her wit’s end, unable to pull him out of that dark hole once he’d fallen in, and barely able to keep him toeing the line. He was balanced on a knife edge, had been for his entire life, and then he’d been in the workshop and light had bounced off one of the Iron Man suits just right and he was gone.

He’d come back hours later curled up in Captain America’s lap, the taste of mint and safety on his tongue and a half formed bond a little ball of warmth behind the reactor.

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Yo: *En el YOI fandom(Un beso, una boda y una temporada nueva confirmada)* Baia tengo un buen tiempo sin entrar a la etiqueta «wigetta» ¿Qué habrá de nuevo? ¿Una boda en apm, momentos bonitos, frases, uno que otro dibujo?
Mientras tanto en el fandom wigetta:
«La novia de vegetta
Wigetta marketing
No lo dicen porque perderían suscriptores
Willy aburrido de Vegetta
Nos mienten
Nada es lo mismo
Van a dejar de vivir juntos»
INTP, INTJ: unbearable puns
  • INTP sent INTJ a video of a person wearing a bear suit dancing to Closer by The Chainsmokers
  • INTP: i seriously thought the bear suit was gonna rip it looked like it couldn't bear the dancing
  • INTP: then the person in the suit would be,, bare
  • INTJ: the bare truth would come out
  • INTJ: could the viewers bear the reality
  • INTJ: either they would leave the account, URSINE up to see more videos
  • INTP: oh shit that was an intelligent pun
  • INTP: i barely understood it
  • INTP: bear with me though, i'll get it it's not totally impawsible
  • INTJ: you just gotta use your cub-eza
  • INTP: tbh these puns are getting unbearable i'm gonna stop now

One thing I’ve always loved about country music is how it can tell a story unlike any other form of music with just the lyrics, so I love it when artists like EZA and Aaron Krause come along and cover those country songs and add their own flair to the track. Their cover of Burning House by Cam is quite magical with those glittering synths creating such a mellow and tender atmosphere that’s then contrasted by the dark house beats coming in later on. Its quite a contrast to the really stripped back original but one thing that both of these versions have is a high amount of emotion that makes you feel all teary eyed - Jakk

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want to get into dungeons and dragons? here are two campaigns run by easy allies (formerly known as gametrailers)

  • here’s gt tta (completed)
    • DM: Ben Moore
    • Lailia Meliamne: Ian Hinck
    • Pervince Tosscobble: Elyse Willems
    • Andry Highhill: Kyle Bosman
    • Hogger: Michael P Huber
  • here’s tteza (currently going) 
    • DM: Ben Moore
    • Therese Brightwood: Ian Hinck
    • Necator: Bradley Ellis
    • Yogalla Sagatarius: Kyle Bosman
    • Law: Michael P Huber