One day I’ll meet you and I’ll be the one holding you close and giving you a kiss. I’ll be the one visiting you and surprising you with gifts. I’ll be the one giving you hugs & telling you how much I love you. I’ll be the one taking you to spontaneous trips on our dates. I’ll be the one telling you that you’re mine & want no one else. Lastly, I’ll be the one telling EVERYONE that you’re mine and that I want no one else.



EZA - Headlights 

❤ ❤ ❤

CHILLCITY [indie/electronic/pop]

EZA is Ellery Bonham, a singer/artist out of Nashville who recently began to publish her unique music. Citing her influences as Pretty Lights, Flume, and Policia among many other greats, you know she’s going to create some groundbreaking new music. This alternative electronic song highlights EZA’s pretty-sounding vocals. Her style reminds me of birdsong in a way; very light, higher pitched, and beautiful. Like something I’d like to wake up to. And her production skills are just as good as her voice. The instrumentals are catchy and detailed, yet stay out of the way of her voice. The breakdown in the middle of the song is killer, too. This girl could be the next Ellie Goulding.

Stay crazy, kids.