To @lowcarbmonster :), Koffin Kats - Graveyard Tree 


My buddies The Koffin Kats with their new music Video for GIVING BLOOD.  But more importantly my BORN OF THE MOTOR tour poster gets a handful of cameos….also liquor and shenanigans

01 Origins, Prequels and Beginnings
Hey there, how's it going? Got an hour to kill? Great. Listen to our new show, where we talk about movies and tv and stuff. This week we talk about origin stories like Wolverine, Better Call Saul, Spider-Man, and Wolverine and other stuff. Maybe there's a rant about Minions in there. Who can say, so listen, or don't or whatever.

I’m on this. So is Damian. And Kyle. And Romahlio[$ini$ta]. And Ian[DJ EZ]. And Zale[the whale].

Half of these losers won’t be in the country in a month. Another Half are musicians.