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dom is not only pulling a rob pattinson, but he's also pulling an ian harding kind of situation here, ian drags ez/ria 24/7 about how its wrong and statuary rape lmao, i love legends acknowledging how ugly their ship is, just like how dom is doing bless him (ps. he literally said matt is so gentle making love😩😩😩 someone stop him!!)

STOPPPP i didn’t keep up w/ pll once i dropped it, did ian rly drag ezria? i know troian never held back but lucy always tried to defend them (wow this pll tea!) how’s he gonna drag cl*ce like 3 days in a row now, its enough :( lmao someone stop dom because the romantic sherdarios are rising and i don’t need that. 


To @lowcarbmonster :), Koffin Kats - Graveyard Tree 


My buddies The Koffin Kats with their new music Video for GIVING BLOOD.  But more importantly my BORN OF THE MOTOR tour poster gets a handful of cameos….also liquor and shenanigans