Jade was curled up in her bed, trying to force herself to fall asleep. For some reason the air held a tension, like something was about to happen and it just needed a little push. With a small groan she shoved her face into the pillow, just wanting to rest.

Oliver was having no such problems in the rook beside his sister’s. He was fast asleep, lost in a happy dream. Although he spdidnt know that something was about to happen to him and his sibling.

dementedcorruptedmind-deactivat asked:

[text] I want so badly to sleep at the moment... what is it like? To sleep that is...

[text] To sleep?

[text] It is… strange. It is like meditating, though you awake more physically rested and there are the possibilites of dreams. Which can really be quite frightening if I am to be honest. I seem to have more nightmares than pleasant dreams.

[text] Would you like me to come over and help you stay awake?


this pretty baby arrived in the mail yesterday - she tends to get tired of levitating in midair and attaches herself to the magnetic top when she does, but it’s okay because floating all by yourself can be exhausting so i’m not mad at her. you just need to treat her carefully and she’ll fly just fine, even start rotating all on her own. 24 hours later i’m pretty in love with her.