Zap2it is going absolutely crazy with these episode listings. Four more episodes have titles, and the newest two are probably planned for Season 5.

The new episodes include:

Stuck Together
The Trial
Off Colors
Lars’ Head

While Zap2it is a reliable source, don’t take those air dates to heart. We have absolutely no idea when they’ll REALLY air, but it’s good to know that Season 5 is being worked on right now!
Prediction of Steven Bomb

Doug Out- CGs hang out. Onion goes missing. Doug has a stake out to look for him. Steven and Greg volunteer. They see some creepy gem stuff but nothing big.

The Good Lars- Sadie, Lars, and Steven go to a party. Lars is actually a good person and him and Sadie hit it off. Then we see small glimpses of the new gems and they do creepy stuff at the party. Sadie disappears and Lars is sad.

Are You My Dad- Full out panic in beach city as multiple people have disappeared. We see the new gems entirely. Multiple fight scenes. Garnet is taken by the new gems with the humans.

I Am My Mom- Steven goes to homeworld to get the humans and garnet. He fails and gets trapped in space with garnet. (Jasper or Bismuth possibly)

Stuck Together- Steven and Garnet are trapped in a jail cell. They end up fusing to get out. They get caught.

The Trial- Garnet unfuses and Steven, Ruby, and Sapphire are put on trial.

Off Colors- Holly Blue comes forward about the Crystal Gems. The ‘Off Color" Betas make an appearance and they sneak Garnet and Steven back to Earth.

Lars’ Head- Lars is injured from his journey into space? Not much to work with on this one




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