These awesomely unusual pink grasshoppers owe their blushed coloration to a congenital condition known as Eythrism (previously featured here), which causes abnormal redness in an animal’s fur, plumage or skin.

Here’s how wildlife biologist and photographer Victoria Hillman explained it last year in National Geographic:

“It is called erythrism an unusual and little-understood genetic mutation caused by a recessive gene similar to that which affects albino animals. This mutation results in one of two things happening or even a combination of the two; a reduce or even absence of the normal pigment and/or the excessive production of other pigments, in this case red which results in pink morphs.”

Head over to The Huffington Post for additional images and to learn more about this unusual and beautiful mutation.

Photos by Tim Parkinson, Victoria Hillman, and Roeselien Raimond respectively.

[via Neatorama, National Geographic and The Huffington Post]