eytaraa replied to your post “Shot really well at 70m today, despite the constant drizzle. I’m very…”

It is really cool that you can shoot well at 70m. Keep up the good work ! :-D

Well, I probably should clarify: When people, who are actually good at archery (i.e. people who are not me) say they shot well, it means they had at least scores of 550+ or even 600+ (for Recurve of course).

When I say I shot well, it means I had something like 450+. Soooo… it’s not actually that great, heheh.

BUT: Before I started this whole I-am-frustrated-with-archery-and-myself-and-everyone-else-and-I-shoot-barebow-now-until-I-can-get-my-act-back-together, I was happy to get even 350, which means compared to that I’m doing really well right now :D

A little drawing of passerineart’s wonderful new OC, Chandrani Mishra.

I couldn’t decide which one of the magical girls I liked most until she was introduced, but now she’s definitely my favourite. A shy asexual magical girl who loves stars and is constantly sleepy ? And has georgous mermaid hair and a braid ? With a light blue magical girl outfit that includes roses, pearls and sheer materials ? How could I not love her.

… It doesn’t really look like her though, does it ?!

I bought my first bow today. I was supposed to get a SF Forged+ riser, but ended up choosing a Win&Win Rapido instead. It was happily one of their very few available left-handed risers, which means I did not have to order and wait for weeks like I thought I would have to. A very pleasant surprise.

The shop lent me a pair of limbs and a string to wait until they receive mine (in about a week). Even these should be much better than what I am used to. I am really looking forward to shooting on Sunday.


I received my ArrowSocks order this afternoon and finally re-fletched my arrows. Removing the old vanes was a pain, but now my arrows look really pretty. ☆
The new vanes look really fragile though, and almost like they are going to fall off. Is it normal with this type of vanes, or … ?

In other news, I scored 613 at my second federal shoot last Saturday, and recently found out that I might get qualified for the national championships. Now keeping a close eye on the national rankings.

Taking pictures of Halvi took me the whole evening and there’s literally one photo out of 60+ I’m actually satisfied with.
There are some others that are good as well (like this one, which shows her usual pouty face better), but I can’t manage to edit them the way I want.

May try again later.

This is the left half of what should have been my final entry for passerineart’s contest. Her character Tiri was on the right but she had a really awkward pose so, since I don’t really have to, I’m not showing it. I didn’t enter in the end for of a certain number of reasons (sorry), but I had great fun working on my magical girl form’s design and trying to imagine the relationship I/she would have with passerineart’s characters.

While I am still not sure what I think about this drawing (or the design of the bow) I definitely love the outfit.
I might use it for something else, actually.

My amazing clubmate won the qualifications she was participating in this week end, which means that she will be the compound woman representing France in the upcoming 3D World Championships !
I am so happy for her, she is such a great archer and I really hope she does well at the championships ♡.