CLOSED. Clandestine Bathearts GIVE AWAY! (again)

Description:These bathearts are 4,7 cm, made of polymer clay, painted with opaque stain and glazed with diluted resin. In some cases, they contain glitter.

The “Batheart” is owned by Pete Wentz. However, all the designs are mine. 

For larger photos visit: http://eyranne.artworkfolio.com/gallery/589711


My last give away was the little Stump-o-matic, which already arrived to the winner! But I know some people wanted the bathearts so, here it is! :)

This time I will be giving away three custom bathearts of your choice. They can be anything you want (new design, one of these or whatever). Just remember I work with clay, so don’t ask me to make transparent stuff :c



- Follow me (after all, if you like my work I guess you will want to know about future give aways)

- Reblog this! The more you reblog, the more oportunity to win. (I set a limit last time but everyone forgot about it so reblog as much as you like but PLEASE with common sense - It’s unfair for other people if you create a new account for it and reblog 1000+ times. Please? Thanks. DON’T REBLOG MANY TIMES  AT ONCE OR TUMBLR WILL EAT IT)

- Likes DON’T count.

- The winner will be selected randomly, and I’ll need at least 1 week to get their bathearts ready.

Deadline: June 15th

CLOSED-Clandestine Bathearts GIVE AWAY!

This batheart is completely handmade using polymer clay. After baking, the texture inside was carefully carved. It was painted using glitters gel and opaque stain, then it was glazed. It’s 4,5cm. Here you can see more of my work: http://eyranne.deviantart.com/


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- Likes DON’T count


I made this one a while ago and I’m giving it away to the winner also!

Merry Christmas and good luck!!!! :D


I’ll randomly pick a winner and post it tomorrow. The amount of times you reblogged will be the amount of times I include your name.

Why I don't sell Bathearts

It seems that more people are seeing my crafts lately, specially the bathearts (Thank you guys so much for the support!! C: ) and many of them are interested in buying them.

I don’t sell them because it’d be illegal. I know everyone sells fanart; actually I thought it was perfectly okay because of it, but with the boom of SOPA I read more about copyright and it’s not.

Big companies don’t mind about fantart being sold by small artists, I guess, but this is Pete Wentz we’re talking about and I don’t know, I’m loyal to him. He has been nice to me and I owe him a lot.

So yeah, that’s why! Recently someone asked if I’d do art trades for them and I would, for digital art. Like banners, buttons, backgrounds and icons for DeviantArt or Facebook or Twitter.

Again, thank you for your interest <3

Patrick used this guitar, with the “King Patrick” thing when he was on tour last year. He never said what it meant, but it looked so cool on his guitar!


Polymer clay, 9cm

I said I was making this guitar a while ago, but I hadn’t uploaded photos because the case wasn’t done. First time I make a case and I had to make it 3 times so it would look decent. But I’m not finished with it yet!

I made this for Pete.

When he told me I could use the batheart I took his “make me one!” as a joke, but a surprising amount of people asked me what I was gonna do for him and I thought “well, why not?”

I did this 3 times before I thought it was… decent. I didn’t want to try to make something he would like. Like, ignoring my own style. I preferred to do something I wanted, if he likes it, great! If he doesn’t, I guess he can at least appreciate the work haha.

That is, if he ever gets to see it x) I don’t know where to send him anything. I’d like to write a bit about how amazing it is that he exists or something and maybe make a couple of things more…

If anyone has a suggestion, let me know!

Anything but Crush Management. I have to leave them alone. Seriously.

ps. I swear I’ll try to ask him but I’m just so bad at bothering celebrities. I get tired, I forget about them, I start feeling like they’re gonna be mad, I go away and then I’m not in the computer when they come… Sigh. The times I have had contact with him had been because I happened to send him a tweet and he saw it inmediatly and yay.