eyo art

EYO FOLKS! Long time no art. My July is busy, and today I travel to Transsylvania, without Internet for 2 weeks T.T 
I will work on various projects like fanarts and my own webcomic, so I may be able to start posting it in August! 

Stay turned, have fun, hope ya like summer MariChat! ;3
I came to love this AU of mine so much, Mari on vacation with Chat to protect her, and accidentally he run onto each other when Adrien is Adrien, and TROPICAL NIGHTS WITH MARI AND CHAT AND DEEP CONVERATIONS AND CAN SOMEONE WRITE THIS I BEG YOU, I WILL ILLUSTRATE IT

These two are easily the most brutal characters in the entire series and it’s amazing. Someone should probably tell Orga he grins like a super villain, though. 

So I started reading Ajin and it checks most everything on my list

1. Morally ambiguous main character  ☑

2. Freaky powers and weird monsters  ☑

3. Cinnamon roll best friend too pure for this world  ☑

4. Everyone and everything is messed up  ☑

5. Everything I love is probably going to die ☑

6. Dumb amounts of blood ☑

10/10 I’m super ready for this

So I’m really, really enjoying Iron Blooded Orphans so far.The first 4 episodes have been fantastic. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been into a Gundam series this much, so have some super quick Orga and Mikazuki doodles.

10 minute doodle :D

I wouldn’t put it past Saruhiko to fall asleep mid-work with a knife in his hand. Helps him keep a good radius of personal space no matter how adorable he looks~

Aaaand finished~ Super experimental, but super fun. I need to work on coloring a whole lot more in general. It’s rare I ever actually make it to this point, ahaha…Still, it’s too much fun to draw everyone’s favorite broody loser.