eyo art

Here’s my half of an art trade with the ever-wonderful @empress-only-in-name: it’s Jaal from Mass Effect: Andromeda—which I found out is not just a real galaxy and a sweet new Gorillaz song, but it’s also a game with really sweet alien designs! I don’t play video games as much as I’d like to—drawing/schoo/life/etc. take a lot of my time—but after getting to draw this cutie I might have to try it.

BUT, I digress! Hope you like him as much as I do! :D

These two are easily the most brutal characters in the entire series and it’s amazing. Someone should probably tell Orga he grins like a super villain, though. 

So I started reading Ajin and it checks most everything on my list

1. Morally ambiguous main character  ☑

2. Freaky powers and weird monsters  ☑

3. Cinnamon roll best friend too pure for this world  ☑

4. Everyone and everything is messed up  ☑

5. Everything I love is probably going to die ☑

6. Dumb amounts of blood ☑

10/10 I’m super ready for this