“Your kingdom is burning, Lady Eyneen.”

So I just got FireAlpaca, so I thought I’d try it out by drawing XberilX’s Fantern Eyneen. 

*massive headcanon alert* So I guess the story behind this is that Eyneen is a warlord’s wife and that when the red lanterns, led by the newly-ring-slinging Razer, attack the warlord’s capital cities, Eyneen looks out at the destruction and knows the reign of her husband is over. The time of parties and lounging around being selfish and flighty are over.

She knew it couldn’t last forever. Now she must change, whether she likes it or not. 

Sorry if this is too headcanon-heavy, it’s just what I imagined.  

I drew this lovely Indigo Tribeswoman for XberilX just because she looks so amazing!

Have you ever had an “I MUST DRAW YOU” moment? Well I had one when I looked upon this character named Eyneen! She’s from Razer’s planet and was the arrogant wife of a warlord.

I had a lot of fun drawing her! She’s so sleek and refined with a touch of danger. (I hope you don’t mind me drawing her with her hood down. I wasn’t sure if under it was hair, or a headscarf like Ilana’s; but I kinda drew it in a way to go either way-ish.)