As always I wanted to share some of the product that caught my eye (this time) at MRket Las Vegas.

While at MRket during casual conversation one brand kept being mentioned more than the others… Eynack glasses.  I finally made my way to the booth to view the product for myself.  It was a pleasant surprise, the reception was great and only surpassed by the product itself.  I’m constantly looking for frames that stand out without being “toyish”, these reading glasses have a flair and cool that make a statement.  For more on the brand visit their site at: www.eynack.com

The second brand that was refreshing was Lenor Romano.  One of the pieces that stood out from their menswear collection was their knitted denim shirt.  This shirt feels smooth while maintaining a rugged cool look. for more info on the brand visit their site at: www.Lenorromano-theshop.com.

and finally Pantherella socks. I’m a sock man and it takes plenty to move me when it comes to socks.  I’m moved!  This socks are golden, should I say every color of the rainbow.  The colors are amazing and quality is unquestionable.  More on their product visit their site:www.Pantherella.com

Bottom line:
If you know or heard of the 3 brands you’re ahead of the curve.  If not, visit their site and have a look for yourself.