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uh... im still really confused. i cant figure out tumblr! i see a bunch of anons leaving question and comments WITHIN each post. How do i do that? i really really care about the story and want to be part of it, but im just too dumb to figure it out! lol. SOS!!! HLP ME PLZ! before some flowers and skeletons get bitchslapped by some purple eyless people. i wanna HEEEEELLLPP!!!

this is how you do it, don’t worry 


Eyless Jack: Stalker

So…something. She was something indeed. There was something odd about her, I just felt…like I knew her. Much like the other Pasta’s I remember less and less about my past life everyday, but the night that I crept in through her window and I saw her sleeping I…I knew I couldn’t harm her. There was a power to her, drawing me in. I desperately wanted to talk to her, maybe getting to know her and figuring out what is wrong with me would fix it. I tried, I truly did, but every night I went to her house I just…watched. Id watch her shower, brush her hair and get dressed for bed. Before I knew it she was asleep and I had missed my chance. I tried to kill her, I thought maybe just killing her would make it stop but…it didn’t. The closer I got the stronger the feeling in my stomach was. Who the hell was this girl?

Odd couldn’t even begin to describe the past few days. You had a crushing feeling like you weren’t alone, like you were being watched. You tried to shake it off but it only got worse, you started looking over your shoulder more while walking home, you made walkthroughs of the house every night. You looked outside more, it was torture.

Peeking, she kept peeking. Tonight she spent most of the night glancing around the room, yanking the curtains back and staring out the window. Did she see me? She knew something was wrong, she knew someone was there. She knew I was there.

Last night was utter hell, you felt sick to your stomach all night and you didn’t get a wink of sleep. The feeling of being watched had quickly progressed to full on paranoia; it was ruining your life. Today, you decided to buy a video camera and set it up in your room. Every mediocre horror movie told you how bad of an idea this way but you didn’t care, you wouldn’t spend the rest of your life like this.

She defiantly knew, I can see that now. At the time I was so blinded by her that I completely ignored the obvious camera mounted on the wall. How stupid of me, I should have noticed it. I may be eyeless but I am far from blind, until that night. Desperate to continue my search for answers, I crept into her room once again. I sat upon the dresser, staring at her. Who the hell is she?

Fear. World shattering, gut wrenching, fear. That is what you felt the moment you re watched the tape. The next morning you quickly scurried over to grab the camera and you curled up on the bed, your eyes glued to the screen you watched. Atop your dresser so high, sat the man who had been haunting you. Not anymore, you would no longer be a victim to this sick mans game. Tonight, you planned a set up.

Stupid stupid stupid, I was so stupid. She was waiting for me that night; she was a damn fine actress. She played her night as usual, showered, brushed her hair, and went to bed. Only, her eyes remained open and her heart raced. Tonight she planned to corner me, to confront me. Stupid Stupid girl.


He’s here




Under the covers you gripped the butcher night tightly, fear and anger coursing through you.


“Who are you?!” You screamed, shooting up from the bed and holding the knife defensively. The boy visibly jumped, but then quickly recovered.

“Answer me!” You yelled, trying to conceal your terror. The boy stood in front of you arms draped to his side and his head tilted to the right, simply staring.

“Who…” You ask softly, your voice cracking. “Who are you?”

“Y/n…” The boy groans, his voice was so deep and so nonhuman. He knew you; he’d finally figured it out. He knew why he felt so close to you; he knew why everything about hurting you felt so wrong.

“Little bird…” He whispered, staring at you through the dark. The words hit you like a tidal wave, your body loosens and your voice chokes.

“Jack…?” You choke out his name, the name of your best friend all those years ago. Jack had been your only friend and you his, when he died you felt like you had lost everything. You never fully recovered. It took every bone in your body to not run up and hug him. You hand covers your mouth and you close your eyes for a brief moment before looking back at him. The room goes quiet, you two just string at each other before finally you speak up in a small broken voice.

“How long? How long have you…have you been here?”

He pauses, has if contemplating the question. Finally realizing who you are made him realize what that meant for him. It was dangerous, caring about a living person. He hated the idea of having a weak spot, even more than he hated the idea of killing her.

“Too damn long.”

Suddenly he jerked toward you, knocking the knife you of your hand. His left hand gripped your throat and slammed you into the wall, lifting you up a few inches. His right hand held something sharp, he pressed it into your side and you let out a weak whimper.
Your vision going hazy, you heard him groan out your name again. The scalpel pressed deeper into you, drawing blood. Yelping out as much as you could with so little air, he stepped closer. His leg press in between yours and his face barley an inch from your neck he groaned again.

“Y/n…So beautiful…so perfect…I…” He paused, drawing in a breath like moan. “I…Need you…To die.” With those words he pressed harder into your neck, you felt your face burning and your eyes watering. You desperately tried to speak but you couldn’t, you began to feel heavy and just as you lost all feeling he released you. He guided your limp body to the floor where he leaned above you. He watched as you choked out, your body trying to breathe through a crushed windpipe. You twitched slightly and this amused him, within a few second you were gone. And so was the feeling in his stomach.