Things about EXOrdium last night

1: it was a sold out, no one thought we would make it
2: their shocked faces when they saw how many people were there, singing and screaming and supporting
3: Suho literally said they didn’t think we could sing all songs, they were really happy to see we did it.
4: there was so much love
5: you know, all those ships (kaisoo, chanbaek, etc) they are real. ALL.
6: of course the dancing… was f*cking everything.
7: how can they be so perfect and yet so nice?
8: Chanyeol in person… probably all the people there have a new bias
9: and if it’s not Chan, it’s Kai. HE IS GOD.
10: Sehun’s jaw is real people. I can’t…
11: they ate tacos before, they were so pleased!
13: when the sound in transformer crashed, they continued dancing and singing as all the crowd sang for them
14: so much support, so much love! Exo-l!
15: those vocals… are even more perfect live.
16: the silver sea… made me cry
17; in general all the concert made me cry
18: Kyungsoo was like a meter away from me people… I don’t know how but I fell even more for him
19: Everyone was screaming “Xang Yixing to show our support

About the exordium last night in mexico city

I’m posting the transformer part again :)
So here’s what happened:
So they were singing and dancing transformer as always ❤️ and at this part where they all walked to the front and dance, the audio cracked and we all (including them) were so confused but Suho (baby i love you you are the best leader) continued dancing and singing so the rest of the boys followed him WITHOUT MUSIC and all the fans were singing/screaming the lyrics so they would follow along. It didn’t last much because at the end they all laughed and were so happy we were trying to make the best of a bad situation but I swear that moment is when you realize you are in the right fandom.
That moment was the moment you see how amazing the fandom and EXO are, the love we have, the support and the care. It was just a mistake from the staff
Or whoever is in charge of the music, but they made a very magical moment.
At the end Suho said that the passion from Mexican fans (and also the international fans that were there) was so great that we crashed the audio xD and then he said we were lucky because we were going to see transformer two times (yes we were)
And we all know it’s a tough dance specially for Jongin and yet he danced it two times and he was soooo tired but he gave HIS BEST and we were all united screaming “Kim Jongin” supporting and giving him our love.
Maybe it’s not the same for other people that were there but for me it was one of the best moments of the concert because you could see that even in the hard times exo and exo-ls are united and there for each other.
It was amazing, it was the best concert ever. I’m so proud of them and proud of all the fans that were there. I’m sure that all who were there are going to agree with me and say it was one of the best concerts (if not the best) of the whole century. It was magical, perfect, amazing, out of this world, nothing can describe it.

I just wanna say I’m really fucking grateful to the tumblr w/w community for making me feel normal. 

I used to think I was the only one who would watch w/w compilation videos on youtube for hours from shows I didn’t even watch. 

I thought I was so freaking weird for wanting to just spend my time watching shows with w/w couples in them to escape all the heteronormativity around me. 

Thank you for making me feel less alone. 

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How will bendy look like if he were an adult?

One full grown imp coming right up!

Bendy: You know what this means, right?

Boris: ?

Bendy: I can reach the cookies on the top shelf without your help!

Boris: Right, because a hyperactive man-child is exactly what we need right now.

This is based off of @gayradwhitedad ’s drawing. It does The Boys™ no justice and it’s probably very ooc and it’s super short and silly and probably sucks a lot but w h a t e v e r.

Jeremy had no idea how it happened, or well, he did technically know how it happened. Much to his dismay, it didn’t work out with Christine with out the Squip coaching him on his every word. What he didn’t understand was how Michael ended up in his lap, their controllers set aside, their characters definitely being eaten by zombies. When Michael pulled away from the almost bruising kiss, Jeremy opened his mouth to complain, before Michael kissed down his jaw to his neck.

“Fuck, Michael” He groaned, hips involuntarily rolling against Michaels. Jeremy could practically feel the grin against his neck as wet kisses were sucked into his skin.

“F-fuck Jere, do that again.” Michael mumbled into his skin, loving the feeling of Jeremy’s fingers curling in the hair at the nape of his neck. Michael moaned into Jeremy’s neck at the second roll of his hips, grinding his own back down into Jeremy’s.

Jeremy felt his face pale as he remembered the fact that a week ago he bruised his hip from bumping the corner of a desk. Low iron levels cause bruises to form easily and right away.

“M-Michael as much as I am -hnngh” he trailed off as Michael pulled his hair to tilt his head more, he was sure that it was so Michael could have more access to cause his demise at school on Monday. Maybe he would get lucky and they would fade over the weekend. After the Squip incident, Jeremy didn’t think he could handle the embarrassment of being covered with hickeys.

“Michael I can’t have-”
“Jeremy! Michael! The pizza is h-” as if the whole world was against him, his dad barged through the door, slamming it shut as he stuttered out an apology, saying something about leaving for work. Jeremy pushed Michael off of him, a Michael who was currently laughing his ass off as Jeremy checked his neck in the mirror, his face turning bright red.

“Well they definitely look good on you.” Jeremy threw his notebook towards Michael, dreading the rest of the weekend.