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UM ????   BITCH  I’M  SHOOK   /    anyway   !    i’ve   had   this   blog   about   two   weeks   &   i’ve   already   reached   100   followers   .   it   might   not   seem   like   much   but   honestly  ???    i’m   so   honoured   &   would   like   to   show   appreciation   to   the   people   i   follow   !   

the    hall     of     fame     !

ANIA   (   @deceitbore , @wrathbred , @saucefound , @herluck  &   her  plethora  of  other  blogs   )   listen.   BITCH  LISTENNNNNN .   this   girl   right   here   has   followed   me   through   hell   okay  .   she’s  dragged  me  into  fandoms   &  i’ve  tried  dragging  her  into  mine  .  she’s  one  of   the  greatest  people  i’ve  met  on   this   site  and  i’m  lucky   to   call  her   my   friend   &   my   writing   partner   ,   wherever   you   may   go   !   you’ll   forever   be   the   person   i   talk   to   about   memes   and   about   killing   stalking   or   ava’s   demON   OR   WHATEVER   OTHER   FANDOM   WE   MANAGE   TO   FIND   OURSELVES   IN   .   ilysm  okay   and  y’all   should   give   her   a   follow   okay   bc   i   adore   her   and   every   muse   she   writes  .   *guitar strums*  I  LUHH U  BIITCHHHHHH

JADE  (  @estanima​  +  wHATEVER  OTHER  BLOG  YOU’VE  CREATED  IDK  U   HAVE  SO  MANY  BINCH  ,,,   )   okAY   SO   JADE  LOOK   YOU   ARE   SO FUCKING   IMPORTANT   TO   ME   ???   you  know  how  much  you  mean  to  me  because  i  always   try  to  tell  you  on   a   day  to  day   basis   /   even  though  sometimes  i  forget  to  text  you  aND  I’M  SORRY  I’M  A  GARBAGE  HUMAN  BEAN  ,   but  look  .  this   girl   has   been  there   for   me   through   a  lot  ,  and  vise  versa  .  to  those   10  minute  phone  calls  that   sOMEHOW   LAST   TWO  HOURS   to  just  texting  about  ,,,,,  sin   EYEZOOMS  U  KNOW  WHAT  I   MEAN  .    anyway  !   jade   is  such   a   beautiful   fucking   soul   and  i   am   so   fucking   happy   to   have   met   her   here   on   tumblr    (   in   the  ff   fandom   /   which   is   yucky  bUT   WE   WONT   GET   INTO   THAT   )    aNYWAY   ILYSM  OKAY  <3

BIRDIE  /   AKA  CODENAME  ONLY  I  KNOW   (  @gaearise  +   aLL  HER  OTHER  BLOGS  )  okay   so   i   won’t   get   into   the  deets   of   how  i   met   her  ,   bUT   HOLY  COW   AM   I  HAPPY   TO   BE   IN   TOUCH   WITH   HER   AGAIN   AFTER   SO   MANY   MONTHS   .   she’s   a   fucKING   BLESSING   OK   AND   I   ONLY   WISH   I   KNEW   WHAT   OTHER   BLOGS   SHE   HAD    bc   her  writing  is   so   amazing   &  so   is   every  other   character  she   writes   /   SHE  FUCKING  KILLS   IT  .  

ANNIE   (  @miyaiisms​ ,  @chasohra​  )   okay  lisTEN  annie  and  i  might  not   talk  all  that  often   anymore   but  i   still   treasure   this   girl  a  lot  ok  .   she’s   so  sweet   &   puts   a  lot   of   thought   into   her   characters   &   is  just   an   all   around  great   person   okay  .   she   dESERVES  SO  MUCH  LOVE   so  go  ahead  and  show  her   some  y’all  !!

&&   now  all  the  other  amazing  people  that  i   follow  !  either  we’ve  interacted ,  have  only  talked  ooc  ,  or   i   just   admire  your  blog  from  afar  /  YOU’RE  ALL  AMAZING  OK


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NOW  LAST  BUT  NOT  LEAST  /   ALL  THE  LOVELY  2/D’S  THAT  I   FOLLOW  !   i  enjoy  reading  all  of   your  portrayals  &  can’t  wait  to  see  more  from  you  guys !


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@theunielding came into MY HOUSE and grabbed hold of that starter–

Wendy carelessly tossed her now useless umbrella to the side as it rained harshly. She let out a tired sigh as she kept walking at her most full speed. First things first is dropping off some stuff to the other’s camp. Second thing is probably just lurk there for tonight since the dusk’s turning to night quite in a few seconds.

The girl seemed to notice someone not to far – or she believed it to be someone – on her way. Should she even try to approach? Her guts says no, but everything else stopped caring ages ago and just wants her to proceed. “A-Aye!” She called out. “Are y’ alright over there?–”