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Hi there! This is part one of my Eyewitness icons - I couldn’t decide between doing bright icons, or pastel icons, so I’m doing both c: But I decided to break it up into two posts instead of posting them all at once. Below the cut are a variety of Philip, Lukas, and Philkas icons - some with doodles, some without. 

Feel free to use, just please like/reblog this post if you do! (also if you like a particular icon, but would like it in a different color/with or without doodles, please message me!)

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yes yes, another follow forever. i wasn’t going to do one but then i couldn’t think of anything i wanted to do for hitting 500 followers so i was like hey let’s jump on the follow forever bandwagon and now here we are!

special mentions:

@squidwithelbows: oh heath bar…my big foot enthusiast. you are the first friend i made on here and i am so grateful for our friendship <3 i love yelling at you about books i read and hearing you ramble about random book theories. i didn’t think anyone could be nerdier than me but boy i was wrong. i love your art so much and we need to read another book together! 

the foxhoes court: even though you pick on me a lot…*cough* syeda *cough* becoming friends with you guys was one of the highlights of 2016. i’m glad you tolerate my ramblings about my ocs and i love hearing about yours. did you know i adopted them? bc i did. anyway thanks for making my crappy 2016 and always being there to make me laugh and smile ily :)

@petalloso: i am so glad you decided to randomly message me about eyewitness a couple of months ago bc i cherish you my twin. sometimes i ask myself “what would i do without salami??” bc hello who would i torture with my oc angst ;) jk ily a lot <3

@jeanmoreos: i can never get over the fact that we’ve got matching urls??? it’s crazy. but hello you are my wife and the loml i love talking to you every day it makes me v happy and i’m so glad we decided to talk about ocs that one day bc if we hadn’t cabe wouldn’t exist and just!!! that’d be heartbreaking. thank you so much for tolerating me and always being there when i have breakdowns bc it means a lot

@wesnenski: pear good lord i am so glad i messaged you that one day bc hello i’d be lost without you. you are such an awesome friend and the greatest guru ever ;) thank you for introducing me to sid and the world of hockey and enabling my love for everything kent parson. LOVE YA

@reneewvlkers: al!!! you are my gal pal and i love u a lot (did you know i just recently found out what gal pal meant? yup i’m smart) i love bonding with you over chrimbus and occasionally arguing over things (maturely ;) ). i still cry over the fact that my sister thought you were my girlfriend when you sent the christmas card. anyway grilled cheese and ‘merica thanks and gnight

@richargdansey: laur you are literally the cutest ever and i love talking to you! can you believe we live forty minutes away from each other?? bc i still can’t.

@hemmicknicky: sur…you are the discourse king and i love that. also your drunk nights when you answer random questions are the best. we seriously!!! need to talk more!!!!! okay ily

@spaceboyandrew: i love screaming with you about skam and more specifically herman tommeraas why is he so pretty ;____; i’m glad we are Weak together it gives me life

@josteninski: yooooo you are my fellow fuck boi and sinner and wow that’s just too great. thank you for keeping my slow ass up with skam bc apparently i live under a rock

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thisisjamespaxton - The day has finally come! It’s #Eyewitness Sunday! Tonight’s episode 6 is called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and it honestly changes absolutely EVERYTHING. Philkas is changed forever and the whole direction of the show as well. If you love this show please tune in tonight on USA Network at 10/9c to keep it on the air. If you’re going to be out or watching something else then set your DVR and record it for later! We’re pushing for 1million viewers tonight and tomorrow to keep the show alive and get renewed for a second season so please watch on traceable devices and VOD sources such as Amazon and iTunes if you’re not in the U.S.! Join Tyler Young and I on our Facebook pages for Q&A’s on FB Live tonight after each airing of the East and West Coast feeds! Also catch us on Twitter for live tweeting during the episodes! Love is love and thank you for everything you do to support our little show and it’s incredible message!