otp tags

I love seeing all the cool and creative tags people come up with for ships in this community, so I thought I’d make a list to help people out. Here is a masterlist of #111 possible OTP tags – some are from songs, some are from movies or books, some are ones I made up. If people like this, I may do a part two. Please like or reblog if this helped you!

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Thoughts about Charlotte episode 11

Me before the episode:  I’m ready for this! maybe it’s not so bad… 




They have a traitor working with them …

Kumagami is seriously injured… and without teeth and nails

Yuu having a nervous breakdown

Yuu receives a cut on the eye

We have a beaten, kidnapped and topless Nao-chan

MeWell I think there’s not anything worse than all this






I Retract what I said…. there´s always something worse


How you dare, Jun!! You just want to see the world burn 

Where The Trouble Started

We turned away

From Father Sky

And Sister Moon

No longer listening

To the susurration

Of a gathering of leaves

And taking their counsel

As a wisdom

Older than that found

In an elephant’s eye

We turned away

Because someone shouted

That they understood

That they knew

That for some mysterious


A god decided it would

Be good

To cram itself

Into the contours

And stifling smallness

Of a human body

And speak through it

Being pleased with

The lies

And distortions

That pass the lips

Of this neurotic

And very anxious ape

This is where

All the trouble started

When humans


The words

Writ by other humans

Instead of the ones

Breathed upon

The surface of water

Infusing the deep

With love