Magic Color Associations

Black- Fertility, healing, hexes, repelling and reversing spells, solace, Dark Moon spells

Blue - Traditionally the most potent color of protection, anti-evil eye

Brown- Grounding and stabilizing effects during divination and psychic journey’s, justice spells.

Green - Healing, money, prosperity, growth and increase, fertility

Pink - Love, friendship, romance, a beneficial color when working magic on behalf of children

Purple - Sex, passion, power, commanding, domination, higher consciousness

Red - Love, sex, romance, luck, fertility, healing, death-defying, protection, anti-evil eye

White - Initiations, creativity, lunar spells, spells to allay ghosts, healing

Yellow - Love, romance, power, prosperity

…. okay, because I am unstoppable when I’m procrastinating on homework, I actually did go through the different portrayals of shinigami eyes a bit.

Until like.. yesterday, I actually hadn’t noticed that the lightly colored circle is not universal to all main media (excluding games and movies etc for a moment, I did not go through them here). 

This didn’t have any groundbreaking results though other than ‘in the manga the circle is always there, although judging by Obata art the stylized color of the eyewhites is not clearly set. Meanwhile in the anime the circles are sometimes there, sometimes not, surprise surprise. They’re not even the same circles in all shots either. The one consistency of the eyes is… being red’