I answered another one of these earlier, so I’ll copy and paste that explanation and then add a little. Also try to organize it some.

Nesting isn’t canon, actually. It’s something the fandom came up with. Like, birds have their mating/nesting seasons, right? So everyone figured ‘hmmm angels are kinda bird-like. They should have a nesting season!’

Birds gather comfortable stuff for their nests, like hay, strands of hair, grass, cotton, etc. Makes their nests nice and warm and comfortable for the babies. So even if angels don’t lay eggs(as far as we know, wonk wonk), they gather comfortable stuff and make nests. Well, gather meaning steal. They steal clothes and blankets and pillows and all that jazz from other people, usually people they know and are close to, and build a nest out of the stuff.

If an angel makes a nest and has a willing mate, they, well, mate in the nest. If an angel doesn’t have a mate, he or she will just make a comfort nest. No sexytimes involved.

Angels are extremely protective of their nests. You touch or enter a nest without the angel’s permission, they can get violent. You insult the nest, or tease the angel for nesting, the angel’s not gonna appreciate it. Another thing, their wings tend to molt during this time. Touch a feather, lose a finger.

Angels often compete, too, try to build the biggest, fanciest nest, the principle being that the better the nest, the better to attract mates.

Sometimes they decorate the nest and the space around their nest. Confetti, glitter, feathers, shiny things, etc.

Angels don’t normally sleep, but they are prone to drifting off under certain circumstances. One of these is when they’re nesting. So a nesting angel will often sleep when nesting.

I’m really not the expert on this, though. There’s been a number of informative posts that have gone around. I believe there are some good ones by askpsychocas and castielofthursday, though I could be mistaken.

Anyways. Hope this helps. //hides//

  • мαяк ρєℓℓєρσяησ: the doctor still wets the bed
  • мαяк ρєℓℓєρσяησ: pass it on
  • Capt. Nemo: the only wet that's going on in his bed are lady bits he brings in
  • мαяк ρєℓℓєρσяησ: OH SNAP
  • мαяк ρєℓℓєρσяησ: i literally lack a comeback
  • мαяк ρєℓℓєρσяησ: jesus christ
  • мαяк ρєℓℓєρσяησ: screw you man

For Robbie, A.K.A. eyesofophelia, here’s me performing ‘In All My Dreams I Drown’ from 'The Devil’s Carnival’.

eyesofophelia  asked:

I fee like this would be appreciated here. A little while ago on Facebook, I came across this profile of someone who had requested me and I was reading through their comments. I read like how they were saying Ville blew up the oven in the kitchen and then some blonde chick talking about Ville was her boyfriend and then a fucking Ville facebook person whatever comments and I'm like, "No bitch. You're not even real." And they told me I was jealous and like...what the fuck is wrong with people.

They can’t be Ville, I’m Ville.

And the only relationship I’m currently having is one with my bed hiding away from the world.

❝ Your h-a-n-d-s protect the flames
            From the ωιℓ∂ ωιη∂ѕ around you… ❞

ɪᴄᴀʀᴜs is f l y i n g too close to the ѕυη—
         ɪᴄᴀʀᴜs’ life; it has only just begun
                                    It’s j u s t begun…


“Oh, hey, y'mind if I ask you a few questions?”